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Henry is serving in the Germany Frankfurt mission along with his life long best friend, Elder Adam Webber. Henry entered the MTC on September 10, 2014.


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Henry is a full-time LDS missionary serving in the Germany Frankfurt Mission.

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Elder Morris is currently in Feucht, Germany.

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Letters from Elder Morris

Rock Im Park

Family, I am tired! So over the weekend there was this thing called “Rock im Park” and it is just a three day long rock concert! And it happened to be directly next to our apartment. And the main act this year happened to be the Red Hot Chili Peppers! Pretty crazy. So last night we were just chillin […]

6 Jun, 2016 admin

What Are You Afraid Of?

Family, On Wednesday we had a going away party at institute for the senior couple here. Their name is the Harts and ugh it is SO sad to see them go! They have been so helpful and so kind to missionaries. We had a great turn out at the party though and I think they […]

30 May, 2016 admin

Have You Ever Heard of Mitt Romney? LOL

Family, This week was amazing! The Mohrs were baptized!! It was so great I wish I could describe it lol But first omg Tuesday was so dope we had such a miracle! So we got a referral for some guy and we call him and he was down to meet us at the church […]

23 May, 2016 admin

Overcoming Stereotypes

Family, Whatuppppp.  This week was sick again! Lol just happy On Tuesday we had a big zone training which turned out really great! A lot of people got involved and I think had some fun! The main theme was for everyone to have a vision of where their area can and should be in the […]

16 May, 2016 admin

The Lifestyle of Discipleship is the Path for All of Us

Family, YOOOO one of the best weeks of my mission!!! So, Monday thru Wednesday I was on a split with one of my fav missionaries out here! His name is Elder Merkley.  He went to Skyline but I never knew him back home. He is so sick we just get along great and did some […]

2 May, 2016 admin

“It’ll Be Tough, But Life Changing”

Family, What a fun week! Just happy times here in Nürnberg! On Tuesday the sisters had a baptism of a girl names Zeynep! She has been wanting to get baptized for the past year, but her parents have always said no. She is just 23 and is seriously one of the coolest people I’ve met […]

25 Apr, 2016 admin

They Just Love Being Mormon

Family, Monday thru Wednesday was basically just spent organizing stuff for the transfer and we had two missionaries staying the night with us because they we leaving on Wednesday. It was a little stressful just cause we had a lot of new missionaries come to the zone and we were just trying to make sure […]

18 Apr, 2016 admin

Sickest Experience of My Mission

Family, WOW. This week was so good! Probs one of my fav ever! Ok I’ll just give a recap of the baptism and how it was the sickest experience of my mission. So Tuesday at 18:00 everybody starts showing up and Rick and Thomas are there and everything is going perfect. We actually had a […]

11 Apr, 2016 admin

“There is nothing good, unless you do it”

Family, “Es gibt nichts gutes, außer man tut es” lolol that shout out to Germans from Pres Uchtdorf was so sick! This week was great! Things are going so well! On Monday and Tuesday night we met with Rick & Thomas! Both lessons were amazing! Watching them just accept the gospel and live it has […]

4 Apr, 2016 admin

Happy Easter

Family, On Monday we had another lesson with Rick and Thomas! We mainly talked about smoking and how we can help him quit before the baptism. He is so determined! It’s so hard though cause he’s trying to quit but his wife won’t quit and she smokes in the house so he is just smelling […]

28 Mar, 2016 admin

Forgiveness is so Crucial to Living a Happy Life

Family, Omg my body is so beat up.  The other day I was getting in the shower and another elder had already gone before me so the ground was already wet, and as I took a step to get in my knee banged the door SO HARD I thought my kneecap was broken. It just […]

14 Mar, 2016 admin

First Week in Nürnberg

Family, What a busy week lol. So much to do and just like never enough time.  But I am really happy hear it is great I’m loving life!  So last Tuesday I took the 20 minute train ride with my suitcases and then went and said bye to Ad at the train station then we […]

7 Mar, 2016 admin

Off to Nürnberg

Family, Ok well I’M TRANSFERRED. I am actually way sad n stuff. I loved this place with all my heart. But the plus side is I literally got transferred 20 minutes away! Lolol my new city is Nürnberg!! I am way pumped. I’m going from a town of 40,000 to a city of 500,000 people […]

29 Feb, 2016 admin

Follow Your Heart’s Desires

Family, Ok so last pday I was just chilling and emailing and I got an email from another missionary up near Unna where I served last. So idk if you guys remember but back like 7 months ago I was on a split in Dortmund and I contacted this guy named Richmond. Then they thought […]

22 Feb, 2016 admin


Family, Lol I feel like I was just writing yesterday.  The days really do just blend together! So fast! Anyways this week was solid of course. I’m a happy boy. From Tuesday to Wednesday I was on a split with an Elder in the district who is pretty new.  He’s a pretty interesting guy. I […]

15 Feb, 2016 admin

“President, This is a Good Missionary”

Family, The weeks just go by faster and faster! But they’re so good I am so happy right now! This week was sick.On Tuesday we got to meet with this old woman named Frau Heberlein! She is SO nice and open but she just doesn’t seem to be making tons of progress. She read a […]

8 Feb, 2016 admin

The Holy Ghost Can Calm All of Our “Nagging Worries”

Family, Yoooo hey this week was actually pretty sick again! The weather here is so bizarre it was like fairly warm this week it was kinda nice to walk around in! But lol I won’t talk about weather. I promise my week wasn’t that boring. On Wednesday we got to go over to a member’s […]

1 Feb, 2016 admin


Family, Lolol what a funny week. But I’ll get to that part later lol Actually this week we had TONS of appointments fall out it was so frustrating! Like freal Monday-Wednesday every single one of our appointments fell out! But that’s just how it goes sometimes I guess.  Made some great time to go out […]

25 Jan, 2016 admin

I Want Heaven Again

Family, Lol this week was so sick again! We got DUMPED on with snow it makes says so much better K story time so on Monday we were waking to the train station from our church and we were just chatting and we pass this guy and he’s like “hey, we’re in Germany. We speak […]

18 Jan, 2016 admin

What a Great Time of Life

Family, Oh man k so last Monday evening I started my split with Ad and it was great! We went to a part member appointment that night and it was just so cool. Usually the member is like “so where are you from?” And I’m like “salt lake” and they’re like “elder Webber aren’t you […]

11 Jan, 2016 admin


Family, Such a sick week life is too good! On Tuesday I was on a split with an Elder and we went to a far away place called Teuchlingen and it is about an hour away but we had nothing planned and I felt good about going exploring a little bit. So we did. We […]

4 Jan, 2016 admin

Frozen for Christmas

Family, What a perfect week! Literally everything went so perfect I am so happy! Christmas is the best! K so I’ll just give you guys a recap of the 3 days of Christmas. In Germany the 24th, 25th and 26th are all “Christmas” and it’s sick.  24th is the main day though, like every body […]

28 Dec, 2015 admin

I Bought Some Lederhosen

Family, Wowww I can’t believe Christmas is on Friday!! It has come SO fast!  But this week was sweet! Last Monday I bought some Lederhosen and they are so sick! We are all wearing them to the Christmas market today so I’ll make sure to send some pics! Then Tuesday I was on a split […]

21 Dec, 2015 admin

New Companion – Elder Vorino

Family, This week was pretty solid! I feel good. Well Tuesday I said Tschüß to Elder Wiley and then just gotta chill with Ad in Nurnberg for a while! We contacted this guy wearing a Dallas Cowboys jacket and it turns out he is from New Jersey and now he is meeting with Ad and […]

14 Dec, 2015 admin

Röthenberg and #Pray4Tina

Family, This week was so fast! But good! Last Monday was great! We went to a way famous town in Germany called Röthenberg and it was so sick! It is like a Christmas town all year round so this time of year it is just wonderful. And Ad came with us so we just kinda […]

7 Dec, 2015 admin

Splits With My BFF

What a week! W🙀W Lol so on Monday night and Tuesday I was on my split with Ad! It really was one of the favorite times of my mission! We had a member appt. on Monday night and that was just a blast of course I loved it! So crazy just going into these members […]

30 Nov, 2015 admin

Grateful for Second Chances

Family, Another week gone. I can’t believe November is coming to an end soon! Time has been so weird lately. Like my days feel really long but the weeks just fly by. Idk but ya this week was another solid one!  Just like trying to smile everyday and be happy. On Tuesday I got to […]

23 Nov, 2015 admin

It’s Possible to be Happy in Hard Times

Family, Thanks for the prayers, I need them. This week was decent and I’m just trying to make the most out of it! On Tuesday was just great! I just loved it. I called the sisters on Monday night and I told them that tomorrow we’re gonna go talk to people! And we did!! It […]

16 Nov, 2015 admin

Just Be His Friend

Family, I’m losing my mind lol. Like I think I really am. My companion apparently has nightmares. One night I was just dying and was praying to know what I can do to make things better. And the answer that kept comin’ was “just be his friend” and then two days later after we were […]

9 Nov, 2015 admin

The Humble Shower

What a week! Wow. So, this week was pretty long just cause a lot of change took place and different stuff is happening! It’s all ok though! So Monday through Wednesday I just spent saying goodbye to the best people ever up in Unna! Love those people so much I’ll never forget them! It was […]

2 Nov, 2015 admin

Leaving Unna

I have some good news and some bad news..the bad news is..I’m leaving Unna! I have met such life changing people here and will never forget my 7 months here. I made a lot of growth here and will always be grateful for ugly old Unna! But the good news is…I’m leaving!  I am going […]

26 Oct, 2015 admin

Wanna Know Why I’m Smiling So Big?

Family, IT SNOWED THIS WEEK!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  It was so crazy we had a blizzard. It was just one day, it was so much fun! All the snow is gone now but it was pretty sweet while it lasted! Germans don’t have Halloween really and don’t have Thanksgiving so people really are like already preparing […]

19 Oct, 2015 admin

Thank You That the Sun is Shining

My family, I heard such a great line in a prayer this week. The guy said, “danke dass der Sonne scheint.” That’s just “thank you that the sun is shining” idk I just loved that. Always good to be grateful for the everyday things. The happiest people in life are the ones who are grateful […]

12 Oct, 2015 admin

One of the Best Days

Hey!  Just another sweet week out here. I’m just loving life rollin’ with the punches takin’ the lemons I’m getting.  I just like don’t have a lot to complain about. Just a great stage of life! Well, anyway on Tuesday I was able to go on a split to a city called Hagen. It’s actually […]

5 Oct, 2015 admin

Just a Happy Kid

Hey you (dad voice) Another happy week out here in Germany. Sometimes I forget I’m even in Germany.  It’s so great here I love this place. Life is just good right now. Kinda gives the feeling that something terrible is coming. But that’s a silly way of thinking. I don’t think God gives us blessings […]

28 Sep, 2015 admin

Playing Nurse

Hallooooo. Well another solid week out here in Unnnaaaaa. Forest Gump indeed said it right when he said, “you never know what ya gonna get” Our weeks are always just so different. Every week we just have different experiences and new trials and learn something new! So cool. Well on Tuesday I got to play […]

21 Sep, 2015 admin

And like I try but ugh

Well, another 6 weeks…at least. Elder Ewing and I are staying together. I’m petty happy about it. Things are going well. I’m happy to be here. It’s just weird I’ve been here since April. Life is just sweet! That was so sick to see that pic of Dad and the Lipkes. He saw them right […]

14 Sep, 2015 admin

Elder Morris and the non-Taufe

Heyyooo K this week was pretty good. I had a good time.  I went on a split with our Zone Leader to Dortmund! It was pretty sweet but he is kinda weird. But he probably thought I was weird so it doesn’t really matter we’re all different. Anyway he didn’t really have a whole lot […]

7 Sep, 2015 admin

Zack has Arrived

It was a good week! Last Monday we had another family home evening with our investigator family and the cool member family! We just like sit down and play some UNO and maybe some soccer and eat then at the end we always have a lesson. It’s sooo cool! I love having members with us […]

17 Aug, 2015 admin

District Leader

K to start off I’ll tell such a terrible story. On Monday night we were over at a family’s house for family home evening and they have a HUGE backyard with like a few horses. Well, this little kid filled up some water balloons and we were having a little war. And we were wearing our shirts […]

3 Aug, 2015 admin

Life is Good in the Hood

What up what up This week was pretty good. I just feel like I don’t have tons to report! But ya, I found out my comp and I disagree on politics. On Tuesday night we were talking for like an hour and a half and it was just crazy some of the stuff he was saying. Wow. […]

27 Jul, 2015 admin


Heyyyy Man the weeks just fly by so fast! Like we’re already in week five out of six of the transfer! Woah! Crazy stuff. Anyways, this week was awesome of course! I had a crazy experience on Wednesday. So, every Wednesday night we have an English class. This one guy named Herr Schneider always shows […]

20 Jul, 2015 admin

I Really Do Love Life Right Now

Yooooo Another solid week over here! Things just seem to be rolling right along! On Wednesday night I was on a split and we were with Clayton. So every month he gets 300 something euro from the government, he told us the his sister needed to get to school and had no money so he sent […]

13 Jul, 2015 admin

Hot Hot Hot

IT’S HOTTTTTT. I am just wet allll day. Just soaking wet! I feel like I’m back in Brazil. Like literally just damp all day. Crazy. K first off sick story of the week. So, last Friday we drive to this guy’s apartment to meet him and hopefully give his friend a Book of Mormon. So […]

6 Jul, 2015 admin

My Golden

What a week! So crazy. Busy busy busy! So, on Wednesday I took a 3 1/2 hr bus ride down to Frankfurt. It was great. Frankfurt is awesome! Then I saw Ad at  president’s home! We ate dinner there and all that stuff and had a meeting. Then we went to the hotel and got […]

29 Jun, 2015 admin

Sent from my iPad oh yes

Hey everybody Lol feels sooo good to be using emojis again!!! Lolol loooove it!! Anyway this week was pretty interesting haha! Soo on Tuesday we went to a zone conference and there we received our iPads and I gotta say they’re pretty sweet. I’m liking them so far! Like it really is pretty cool to […]

15 Jun, 2015 admin

Mama’s Boy

Yo yo yo This week really really flew by! Pretty great! Sadly, I just don’t think there’s much to report! Nothing crazy exciting happened this week. Elder Watts and I are just kinda pushin along! Clayton is still doing well, but he is just like kinda depressed. He has no job and no friends and […]

8 Jun, 2015 admin

Broken Window

This week was pretty alright! I have been able to laugh a little here and there and it feels pretty good. So, on Thursday we are just studying and our apartment is on the first floor and our windows are right next to the sidewalk n stuff. Well, this group of like 6th graders n […]

1 Jun, 2015 admin

Clayton’s Baptism

Well, we did it.  I am so pooped. This week was one of the most stressful of my mish for sure.  Just stressing the whole week that Clayton would make it to his own baptism. We did the program, the treats, the setting up, all of it. But he came.  The program on Saturday went […]

25 May, 2015 admin

Tied the German Record

So ya transfer calls were on Saturday and they announced that we’re staying. This week was pretty good.  It consisted of a lot of driving but on Thursday we went and had a ward day down by this lake and all day we were just chilling by this lake and there were sailboats (couldn’t ride […]

18 May, 2015 admin

Mother’s Day

Well it was pretty sweet to talk to you all. Sad I didn’t get a chance to talk to Jordan and Adam though.  You all looked and sounded great and happy.  I don’t have much to report this week just cause I already told you guys everything. But this upcoming week should be pretty good. We […]

11 May, 2015 admin


Well another week down. Not much else to say. This week was busy and filled with some cool stuff I guess. Probably my favorite miracle of the week was on Friday though. So we get this referral for this guy named Clayton. He comes out of Nigeria. He is so sick. But his English is […]

4 May, 2015 admin

Luckiest Boy in the Whole World

Well first off, I’m not writing this on an iPad. The shipment was late, and we won’t be receiving them for a few weeks. Just not surprised. But that’s not the important part. Oh man. Elder Bednar. Soooo dope!!! That guy is so awesome. Friday was one of my favorite days of my mission. We […]

27 Apr, 2015 admin


I am so tired. We certainly worked hard this week! Every single day we at least had like 2 appointments to go to and people to meet and all this good stuff. All I had to do was freaking call the people and they were excited to meet with us. Especially with less actives. I […]

20 Apr, 2015 admin

The Winds

The winds. They are a blowin’. Monday through Wednesday was spent saying goodbye to some of my favorite people ever. That was rough. Then…Thursday came. Transfer day. I get up at 5 in the morning and take 4 trains to get to Frankfurt with one of my least favorite elders in the mission. I finally […]

14 Apr, 2015 admin

Follow the Train Tracks Home

What a crazy week.  Holy cow. So, on Tuesday, we are at the church and just finished a lesson. And we look to see when our train comes, and every single train all day is cancelled. The wind and the rain storms were so bad they didn’t want the trains to like tip over or […]

6 Apr, 2015 admin

A Mom in Germany

Things are just rolling right long here! So last Monday after emailing we had probably one of my fav appts of my mission. It was this black fam of just this mom and daughter. The daughter is like 20 and we go over there and they were super nice and all and we just start […]

1 Apr, 2015 admin


What up. Things are just kinda moving along here. Pretty sweet. Just a few stories though. So this week Elder Brown and I were just kinda frustrated. Like we had been working way hard and talking to sooo many people and handing out sooo many cards and we just felt like it was all worthless […]

23 Mar, 2015 admin

Making the Decision to Be Happy

Sweet week! We’ve been doing a lot of contacting lately just cause we want more investies and stuff. I just hate talking to people. But like I know I have to. So all week I’ve just been struggling just cause like Elder Brown is wayyy good at talking to peeps and I just like don’t. […]

16 Mar, 2015 admin

6 Months

Life is so sick. I really do love it. Can’t believe I’m really out 6 months tomorrow. Just like crazy 6 months ago was the worst day of my life. I’ve just been reflecting over the past little bit and I thought about what John from Brooks Bros sent me in the MTC. He said […]

9 Mar, 2015 admin

Elder Brown

What up. Not too much to report this week. Monday thru Wednesday was basically spent preparing for Henderson to go home. Pretty boring but I stayed sane. Ha-ha Then Thursday we took a bus from Bonn to Frankfurt and I picked up Elder Brown. What a guy. He’s so dope. I saw Ad there and […]

2 Mar, 2015 admin

A Week of Miracles

A week of miracles. Oh my. I don’t think I have ever worked harder in my life. We were out of the apartment for like 13 hours a day. Traveling and teaching and all that. I was just pooped all day and could hardly keep my eyes open. But somehow I got up every day […]

24 Feb, 2015 admin


What up First, holy shiz Zack Jones! That is seriously the tightest thing ever. I am so happy right now you have no idea!! Just like amazing stuff. Who woulda thought 3 childhood bffs would all go to Germany!! Germany is getting so freaking nuts it’s crazy. Especially Bonn. Just google Germany Carnival and you’ll […]

19 Feb, 2015 admin

5 Months

Another great week here in Bonn.  K so Monday night we had our French night with the family Stein and they really are the sickest. They are so funny and like all my nights there are some of my fav nights in Germany. So that was a great start to the week.  Then on Thursday […]

9 Feb, 2015 admin

Music to My Ears

What up. This week was good.  I’m good out here. No worries.  Anyway yeah, good week. We had some good lessons with our investigators. There is one like 86 year old lady and her son was baptized like 5 years ago or something.  Anyway we eat at her house and teach her once a week […]

27 Jan, 2015 admin

Brooks Turtleneck

Yo So after the hike and emailing you guys and talking to Asaad and almost meeting with a Taliban member, we got back to the apartment. The hike was all up hill and it got wayyy cold all of the sudden. But we got home and I iced my knees with our frozen dinners and […]

20 Jan, 2015 admin

German New Years

What up.  So this week was just pretty good. German New Year’s literally kills Americans. Fireworks were going off straight from 12 to probably about 230. Just nonstop. The next day the streets are just black with powder and everything is dead because everyone is asleep. Pretty crazy.  But the rest of the week was […]

5 Jan, 2015 admin


So yeah not much to report this week. It was good to talk to everyone and wasn’t like as terrible as I thought it would be after saying goodbye. Hard, but I managed to keep it together. On Saturday we felt kinda worthless and weren’t doing much but then we felt that we should go […]

29 Dec, 2014 admin


I had a good week this week.  But yeah on Tuesday I played the violin for an hour cause I found out I’m playing it on Christmas Eve for the whole ward party in a duet with a girl in the ward. We’re playing Greensleeves. I actually kinda got the hang of it again. The […]

15 Dec, 2014 admin


OK week. Again nothing too bad. We set another baptismal date with the pro soccer player which was dope. We’ll see how committed he is. But the biggest part of the week was when I went on a split to Aachen. I was with this kid who’s been out 3 months longer than me and […]

8 Dec, 2014 admin

Pray for Walter

Yo, So we set another baptism date this week. Which sounds cool n all but it’s with the guy who says he has devils following him around and we went and blessed his house and cast out all the demons from each room. That went in my journal. Quite an experience. And idk he’s just […]

1 Dec, 2014 admin

What a Week

What a week. First off, the German Police are looking for us. We’re fugitives. Legit. We get a call from our bishop telling us to be aware of cops and stuff cause they’re looking for us. Apparently there is this lady in our ward who’s like 80 and the elders usually bring sacrament to her […]

24 Nov, 2014 admin


We had a solid week. We were talking to a lot of people and stuff and it was so sick. We found this guy and he’s black and we were just talking, then we call him a few days later and we go over to his place and he legit lives in a Catholic MTC. […]

17 Nov, 2014 admin

Good Timber Does Not Grow in Ease

Another good week. Nothing to complain about really. Kind of. So on Tuesday we had a zone meeting and we needed BoMs and so they gave us a box of some that weighed 40 lbs. Freaking ridiculous. And that was at like 12:00. So for the rest of the day I was stuck carrying this […]

10 Nov, 2014 admin


Bonn! Way sick and way lucky. This place is awesome. I’ll tell you guys all about that later. But first I have an awesome experience that happened 5 minutes into Germany. K so I just got off the plane and am waiting for baggage claim. So as I got off the phone before takeoff I […]

3 Nov, 2014 admin

The Will of God

I watched a Mormon message that has like changed my life. It is called “the will of God” and it is crazy powerful. You all need to go watch it right now. Everyone always talks about how God gives us trials to help us become better people. Which is true. But I never hear about […]

22 Oct, 2014 admin


BEDNAR. Holy cow. “And I invite you to come and see” *mic drop* *walks off stage* soo sick. That was probably my favorite talk. Did anyone else think some huge announcement was coming after that first session? I was freaking out it was so scary. And Monson didn’t crack one joke all weekend. Things were […]

11 Oct, 2014 admin

MTC Week #3

Another week in the books! So crazy it’s been 3 weeks. And really? Lip syncing dad? My voice was made for bass. Our choir sounds so good, and our main song is gonna melt the faces of everyone at Priesthood, it’s so sick. This week went by pretty fast actually. We fasted on Sunday and […]

1 Oct, 2014 admin

2nd Week

By all accounts I should be miserable right now.  But I’m not.  My bed is uncomfortable, the showers make you smell weird, the food messes with my tummy, I wake up at 6:30 every morning, I miss my friends, family, and SpongeBob.  But the gospel in my life makes me so happy.  I was sitting […]

27 Sep, 2014 admin

First Letter

Well I’m here.  The food is fine.  I don’t have problem with it but my companion wants to lose 20 pounds while he’s here so he hardly eats anything.  My companion is Elder Demass.  He went to Murray High and I actually played him in bball freshman year.  Pretty cool.  We have two roommates and they’re […]

17 Sep, 2014 admin