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Music to My Ears

27 Jan , 2015,
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What up. This week was good.  I’m good out here. No worries.  Anyway yeah, good week. We had some good lessons with our investigators. There is one like 86 year old lady and her son was baptized like 5 years ago or something.  Anyway we eat at her house and teach her once a week and it’s been going good with her. She is kinda talking about baptism. Elders have been teaching her for like 5 years but I think we’re getting close with her.

Then we talked with Willy the priest and he said he believes in the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. Man, hearing those words was just music to my ears. So hopefully we’ll progress towards baptism soon. He’s awesome.

I had a split in Aachen, with the district leader who was in the office being tech elder for the last 6 transfers.  Anyway, he’s super intense. And we were talking about the BoM one morning and he kept on bringing stuff up that I had no idea what it was or whatever. But it’s all good. I’m learning.

Talked to Ad last night. He’s doing good.

I’m doing good. Hope this transfer goes by fast.

Love you all. Thanks for writing and prayers.

Love, Elder Morris

Brooks Turtleneck

20 Jan , 2015,
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So after the hike and emailing you guys and talking to Asaad and almost meeting with a Taliban member, we got back to the apartment. The hike was all up hill and it got wayyy cold all of the sudden. But we got home and I iced my knees with our frozen dinners and just laid down immediately. I woke up and was literally paralyzed. I don’t recall ever having so little strength in my body. My throat was dead and killed way bad, literally every inch of my body was aching and I kept on getting the chills and I got a cold sore.  Whoa it was all pretty bad. I did, however, manage to get up and try and go out that day. That didn’t last long. I was dizzy and couldn’t walk cause my back, hips and knees were all broken from the hike and so basically from Tuesday to Thursday I wasn’t worth much. I did more and more each day, but we had to go home early and I was in pretty bad shape for the most part.

The worst part is, reflecting on how I got sick? I wasn’t wearing a hat on the hike. But don’t worry, whenever I was in the apartment, had my brooks turtleneck on to help me feel better.

But now, I’m all good. My throat is in the final stage and is basically good. And my body doesn’t ache anymore. My knees, well, they’re about the same. Can’t sit down with them bent for too long. Can’t stand for too long. Can’t do much of anything with them for too long.

We met with a few good investigators this week, but no good stories. The only good one is Asaad and that was last Monday when he wanted us to meet his friend. He said to take off our nametags and don’t mention we’re from America or Christian.  Hm. We told him that probably wasn’t a good idea.

We had a bday party for one of the sisters on Saturday. We made burritos and our investigators love them so much. Just like costa vida sweet pork ones. Anyway, we were sitting in the little gym and we found a bball and I was sitting there with one of the other elders at the free throw line and I was like “if I make 30 in a row you’re buying groceries this week” literally drained 33 in a row. Just came back so fast. I really miss basketball more than I ever thought I would. So sad.

But anyway, while the pork was cooking I was just watching some talks and I came across one from Pres Uchtdorf. He really is the man. Would love to hear him speak German. It just talked all about hating and judging and all that stuff. Really good. Really hit me hard after I watched it. That’s one of the positives of being on a mission. That like I literally can’t be judgmental out here if I want to see success. And that’s nice.

I’m all good out here. Just a weird week being sick and all. We did get a new guy living with us. He’s a Golden right out of Ogden. Good kid. Nice to have another Utahn for when I hear more of that “Utah bubble” crap and I hate it so much. Literally one thing out here that gets me going. So dumb.   Anyway this week should be good. I’m going on a split with the most annoying elder in the district on Tuesday. So pray for me then. Please.

I’m still here. And I don’t see a sign that says “you have to want to be here, to be here.” Thanks for all the prayers, they help a ton. I pray for you all too.

Loves, Henry


German New Years

5 Jan , 2015,
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What up.  So this week was just pretty good. German New Year’s literally kills Americans. Fireworks were going off straight from 12 to probably about 230. Just nonstop. The next day the streets are just black with powder and everything is dead because everyone is asleep. Pretty crazy.  But the rest of the week was ok, too.

Worst part was when we met up with Asaad on Saturday.  He is the one that was begging to get baptized a month ago then went on vacation and now we just met up with him and he said he doesn’t wanna talk to us anymore. Seriously just was dead. After we just kinda sat on the curb looking at the sky like “what just happened.” I don’t know if I was mad or sad or both. But I was just in shock. Just don’t really know where we went wrong. So we’ll see if anything changes. But for now it just kinda sucks. Bad. Just kinda like a different heart break than the other ones, you know. Just really hit me when he said that. My stomach just kinda dropped.

But anyway, it’s all good. I guess that stuff just happens.

Today we went bowling and it was awesome. I bowled a strike. And tonight we’re having an American night at my fav family’s house so that’ll be fun. Spoke a ton of German on Sunday. Like all day I was talking German. So that was good. Transfers are on Saturday, and danger day is on Friday. The first time where I’m actually nervous to see if I’m leaving. Cause this one will determine my next two transfers. So I’m excited. But nervous. I’m happy to be with Elder Henderson, and could for sure do one more. But yeah I’m all good. Thanks for the prayers. And all that stuff. Love you all.  Be safe, and have a good week.

Love, Henry