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A Week of Miracles

24 Feb , 2015,
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A week of miracles. Oh my.

I don’t think I have ever worked harder in my life. We were out of the apartment for like 13 hours a day. Traveling and teaching and all that. I was just pooped all day and could hardly keep my eyes open. But somehow I got up every day and did what needed be done! It was great!

Monday was sick by the family Stein. Played UNO with them and taught their less active daughter who we didn’t even know was gonna be there. So much fun but also petty spiritual before UNO and all that. That was a miracle!

Then Tuesday, we taught 7 seven lessons. Soo tired. We were just leaving teaching one of our investigator in his apartment complex and realized there was a less active in the near. So we started walking and literally out of know where I just see this old lady standing at the door. And she’s like “come on in. I’m Frau Wertz” and we are just like what the crap. We get inside her apartment and we don’t know what is going on. This lady doesn’t know who we are or anything. She just like told us to come in. She just said she felt like she should invite us in. She started telling us how her husband died last year and how lonely she is. She really misses him and she was just like almost in tears when we started telling her that she will see her husband again. And we set up another appt with her and we brought the sisters with us so they can teach her just cause she lives really close to them and stuff. But she has a BoM and now she’s a really promising investigator! That was a miracle!

Then Wednesday we taught another 6 lessons. That was another crazy day. Anyway, sickest part of the day. We go to meet Willy the priest in the Catholic MTC place. And we walk in the room and there’s just a room full of catholic priests. And one guy who already is one. And were just like “oh my” but we were really friendly and we sat down and all the sudden they just start asking us what we believe and before we knew it we were just preaching to all these priests. We only had one BoM on us but we gave that out and next time we return we are bringing a ton with us cause now they all want one. And they all took our pamphlets and it was just so sick. That was a miracle!

Thursday we taught 6 lessons. We met with this guy Nathan from Louisiana who’s a student and his bff is a missionary in SLC. And we had a little farewell lunch with him just cause he’s leaving and stuff and so is Elder Henderson. And it was awesome! At the end of the meal he just like told us how much we meant to him and how we were an answer to his prayers and that he’ll never forget us and just all this nice stuff. It was really nice to hear and made me way happy! That was a miracle!

Then ugh. Friday hit and everyone just started bailing on us! We had 5 lessons fall out! So bad! But we still managed to teach 3. Friday is the day that all the newly called trainers get called and told they’re training. And we’re living with a kid who’s just finishing up his first transfer and so we switched this other elder’s name to “president” and had him call and do an impersonation and tell him that he’s been called to be training. He was like freaking out and dry heaving he was so nervous! Ha-ha it was sooo good! We had to tell him shortly after that it was just a joke. So because all our appointments fell out we just decided to call the really lonely guy in our ward and see if we could meet him. We met with him and of course he insisted on playing UNO again. No complaints! I literally dominated. I won like 5 straight rounds. That’s what happens when you get as much practice as I do I guess. Idk what it is but Germans love UNO! That night was a miracle!

Then Saturday was when we found out where everyone is going. Since Henderson is going I’m getting a guy named Elder Brown. Who actually was Elder Henderson’s comp right before me. He’s just coming off being Heidelberg ZL, just like Henderson. Pretty odd, but I’ve met him before and he’s really cool and I’m way excited! I think it’ll be a lot of fun! Then we went and taught this fam of a daughter and mom and they’re way sick. the daughter is like 5. and they bought one of these crazy real looking babies and they named it Henry! Ha-ha so funny! The baby is freaking hideous but it was really sweet.

Then Sunday we finally taught enough lessons and we actually broke our mission record for lessons taught in one week! 31! I was so dead every night but Heavenly Father really blessed us with energy every day and we did it! plus one of the guys we taught in the catholic MTC called us and said that he went on and chatted with a missionary and read 3 Nephi 11 and loved it and has questions and now he’s our investigator! Soooo sick! Then Sunday night we taught the kid named David. He’s so legit.We went through the baptismal interview questions cause he just wanted to know. And after we were like “there’s a baptismal date for the 4th of April” and he’s like “for who?” and were like “for you” and he’s like “ok” IT WAS SO SICK! So everybody pray that he will continue to prepare for it please! That was a miracle!

I talked to this guy on the street and he was immediately just like “I’m happy I don’t need religion” ha-ha! and it just made me think. A cool thing about this church is that it isn’t just for the hard times! Ya it helps a ton when we’re sad, but even when we’re happy it makes us even happier! So great!

Adam got transferred and now he’s like wayyy far away :/ but I should see him at Thursday in Frankfurt! So I’m excited for that! And we still call a lot so I love talking to him and talking about old times! But even when we think we’ve changed a ton, we still find ourselves making dumb jokes that no one else thinks are funny and laughing so hard! Some things never change!

Thanks for everything! Things here are good.

Bis nächsten Montag!  Elder Morris


19 Feb , 2015,
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What up

First, holy shiz Zack Jones! That is seriously the tightest thing ever. I am so happy right now you have no idea!! Just like amazing stuff. Who woulda thought 3 childhood bffs would all go to Germany!!

Germany is getting so freaking nuts it’s crazy. Especially Bonn. Just google Germany Carnival and you’ll see what it looks like over here. Pretty nuts. It is just a weeklong celebration. Carnival just started on Thursday and it’s like 24/7 crazy party drinking and costumes and man it is literally just nuts. One tradition is the girls go around and cut off ties and kiss you. So we have to like bundle up and wear scarves and cover up our ties. Pretty exciting stuff!! Everyone is just happy and partying all day and all night. Everything is closed and all of Germany is just one giant party!

Anyway this week was pretty good!

But sooo many of our appointments have been falling out lately! People just always find an excuse to bail on us. But that’s just the way it goes I guess.

On Tuesday this old single guy in our ward invited us over for dinner. (Lasagna and chili con carne).  Weird combo, I know. And he’s like a pretty weird guy. But super lonely and invited us over so we just said yes. But we get over there and there’s this other lady whom I had never seen before but apparently is a member but is inactive.  This guy started telling us his story and he said back like 20 years ago he was living just a super bad life. Alone, no job, just a real loser. And he was way depressed. And he had picked out the day and the spot on the train tracks that he was going to kill himself. And on that day he was standing at the train station waiting for the train to jump in front of, and then along came two missionaries and contacted him and gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet and he turned around and went back home and was later baptized. Isn’t that nuts? Literally minutes away from dying, and he was literally saved by missionaries. Then after dinner we played some Uno and everyone was so into it and he just had soo much fun. I was so happy just to help this guy have a good night in his week!

Also, somehow I forgot to mention last week that I was going to the temple on Saturday.  So, I went to the temple on Saturday.  Elder Henderson taught this guy a year ago and now he got sealed to his wife and so we got to go see it! We woke up at 4 am and took a train to Frankfurt then went and did a session. It was in English cause the guy spoke English but when I got to the veil I did it in German. Man, that was a trip. Frankfurt celestial room is dope. Then we went and saw them get sealed. That is like one of my fav temple ordinances. Soo sick. The room is way cool then just like what actually goes on and what is said. So sick. I did notice that it was done in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. That and baptism are the only things that I can think of that are done in the name of the three. Just an observation I thought was cool. And bonus, the video we saw was my favorite. Anyway, the sealing was way strong and powerful and just made me way happy.

then that night the sisters had a baptism of an African lady and it went really well! the girl’s whole family was there and it was just a really nice service.

I thought a lot about that and what mom said in her talk. About how we can pray to be the answer to someone’s prayers. I had never thought about that before. Like that would be so sick to be that person that someone has just been waiting for. So I’ve started to do that. As long as I’m ready and willing I’m sure that person will come along!

I’m doing great here. Pretty happy! The next time I write we will know if I’m training or who’s coming here or whatever is happening! I’m a little scared just cause I don’t want some odd duck for a comp, but what happens will be what is needed.

Thanks for everything. I love you all so much! Keep praying for me!


5 Months

9 Feb , 2015,
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Another great week here in Bonn.  K so Monday night we had our French night with the family Stein and they really are the sickest. They are so funny and like all my nights there are some of my fav nights in Germany. So that was a great start to the week.  Then on Thursday we had Zone training in Düsseldorf and that was fine. Elder Henderson gave a lesson and I made him drop a Mitt Romney quote and it was so sick. Like literally 10 heads just turned right at me right as he said it. Then we showed the clip of Bruce Wayne climbing out of the pit (with permission of course) and everyone loved it it was sick.

Then after we met with Frank, the guy who removed his records and all but now is wayyy sick. He just like stopped drinking coffee all on his own and man he’s so awesome. And since his whole thing is about God and all that, we shared such a wonderful story with him. And it worked and he really liked it and felt the spirit. Then after that we met with Sister Adams and man she’s tough. We talked about temples and she was saying how cathedrals are cool too and all this stuff and it was cool I got to use all my experience from all the cathedrals I’ve seen and tell her like “look, I’ve been to a lot. And there is just a difference when you’re in the temple and when you’re in a dome. Cathedrals are just something nice to look at at” and she really was like silenced and liked what we were saying it was cool.

Then Friday we met with the Luna Victoria’s. The family with triplets and none of them are baptized. The mom is the only member and I think the dad is gone somewhere. Idk. But we also had David, the 17 year old kid who’s way legit and interested and we brought 2 young women from our ward to help us teach and to make friends with the kids. It was so productive. So many aspects of missionary work in one sitting. Anyway, we were teaching David the Plan of Salvation and we just asked him what his thoughts or theories were about what happens after death. And he’s like “I don’t think there’s just heaven or hell. I think there’s like different levels of places you can go.” And our jaws just dropped. I was so pumped. So then we just kept on teaching and obviously he loved that.  He was like basically right, and he came to church and said he wants to be baptized, but first just wants to learn more about Jesus Christ and what he did here. And obviously we can help him with that.

So ya it was a good week. Busy busy. So many missionaries are asking if Elder Henderson is trunky and it’s bugging us so bad, were gonna try and break the mission record (22) of lesson taught in one week, his very last week here. We´re like planning it all out and getting home teaching splits lined up and all this stuff. It’s gonna be sweet. We’re goaling for 30, but we’ll see what we end up with. Should be fun.

Weird that I’ll be hitting 5 months tomorrow.  In a way it’s gone by fast but in ways it’s gone by slow. Seriously feel like forever ago I was at home saying goodbye to all my friends that one night. Man. But I’m all good out here. I hope Elizabeth had a great Bday party. Sad to miss it.

I just finished Mark and am starting Luke.

Anyway that’s it. Love you all. Elder Morris