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Luckiest Boy in the Whole World

27 Apr , 2015,
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Well first off, I’m not writing this on an iPad. The shipment was late, and we won’t be receiving them for a few weeks. Just not surprised. But that’s not the important part.

Oh man. Elder Bednar. Soooo dope!!! That guy is so awesome. Friday was one of my favorite days of my mission. We had to wake up at 3:30(and we even went on a run because he wanted to keep our regular missionary schedule.) ME on a run at 3:30. Crazy stuff. Anyway, then we drove down to Frankfurt. Then I was just waiting and waiting and waiting and then Ad showed up. And it was awesome. We literally just got to spend all day together. We sat front row right in front of Elder Bednar. And so before the meeting started, Ad and I were just kinda bitter. Just didn’t really love our situation and we were just complaining to each other and all this stuff. Then we had to be quiet for like 15 minutes before Bednar walked in and during this time, Adam turned to me, put his arm around me and smiled and leaned over and said “ya know, we’re sitting here in Frankfurt Germany, on our missions, together. I’m not sure we should be complaining too much” and we both just couldn’t stop smiling after that. It was really great. When he said those words a huge burden was just like lifted off my shoulders. I wasn’t filled with all this negativity and stuff. And that has really changed my outlook on stuff in the past few days. I’m the luckiest boy in the whole world. I should be complaining A LOT less than I do.

But ya Bednar was sick. He didn’t have anything scripted. He just would talk with us and he had such great answers for everything. Really cool. I turned to Adam during the middle of all this and I said, “Just listening to him, how could all this not be true?” like just the spirit that was there as he simply talked to us was nuts.

But anyway, this week was another busy one. I’m just trying to stay busy lol cause I hate being in the apartment. Oh man drives me nuts. I just wanna be out doing stuff.

We had a few rough spots throughout the week and stuff but that’s life. I had a really profound experience, that was really unexpected and taught me a great lesson. I just had to realize that I make mistakes too and that everything I do isn’t “the right way” to do things. I’m still learning.

I did have like a mini miracle on Saturday. The clouds were like pitch black and just like soo threatening to thunder storm. And we didn’t pack our coats or anything and we parked like a mile away from where we needed to be and we had to walk back. And this whole time were just thinking “how is it not raining?” like it just looked like it was about to pour down, and we didn’t have any rain coats. Then, we finally get to the car, and literally the second we get in the car, the down pour just starts. Like crazy. Could hardly see it was raining so hard. And that was such a miracle. That that storm waited for us to get back inside our car. It was way cool. Cause that would’ve made that day so much worse lol.

Ah. I’m good out here. Life is life. Happens. We’re already in week 4 of the transfer so that’s nice. Time is moving. Just nervous to see if were together for another. We’ll see I guess. The only way out, is through.

I love you all and hope you have a great time at the wedding. Should be tons of fun. Really sad to be missing out. But I send my love from Deutschland!   Elder Morris


20 Apr , 2015,
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I am so tired.

We certainly worked hard this week! Every single day we at least had like 2 appointments to go to and people to meet and all this good stuff. All I had to do was freaking call the people and they were excited to meet with us. Especially with less actives. I just play the “I’m new here idk if you’re less active but I just wanna meet the members here” card. Works like a charm! Elder Watts yesterday turned and said that this is the busiest he’s been on his whole mission. Gave me a good feeling!

We are driving around a ton. Hour to an appointment, hour back. All this stuff. He’s driving. And boy does he love it.  There’s a mission rule that when backing up, the other person has to back the driver up. Well, he even makes me do it when we are in a freaking empty parking lot with nothing around. I’m like all buckled in, and he’s like “can you back me up” I just feel like slamming my face into the window. So I get out and stand there staring at the nothingness around us, then he backs up 4 ft and I hop back in and off we go! Lol

Elder Watts. Man. He’s from Roy. I might have made it sound like he’s a mean guy or something. He’s not at all. He was trained on how to be obedient, but he was NOT trained on how to do missionary work. He is so so so so worried about breaking a rule that he’s like always calling for permission to our leaders, and our leaders are just like “….ya….why did you call and ask for that?”

Ya see here’s my mindset. I would literally, literally do anything; break any rule, to help an investigator or member or really anyone. Like legit I just like helping people now. Now, I don’t break rules or anything, but I totally would just to help them. And that’s what I’m trying to help Elder Watts to see and feel. Are just that desire and the want and will to do anything to help peeps out. Yeesh. Hard work lol.

We get along fine. Don’t talk much. I relate it to the Michael Scott and Toby Flenderson from the Office, except it’s all in my head. Toby is a nice guy and all, but something about him just drives Michael nuts. And that what it is for me. But I just do it in my head. Like the other day he asked if I was willing to wake up a half hour earlier and go on a run with him. Well in my mind, I threw him through the window. But then all the sudden I heard my self say “ya, sounds good” and now we’re just waking up early and running. Like ugh. Just a struggle. He plays the guitar a ton. He sings way loud. And he eats lie 30 apples a day. Pretty crazy. He has a gf that he was gonna marry right before his mish but then they both decided to go on a mish. He’s like 20 years old he graduated in 2012.

I’m alive. That’s what matters. Life is still a struggle lol, but I’m all good.

We be gettin iPads on Friday!!!! Sooooo sick!!! And Facebook and all this junk. Gonna be soooo nuts.

I also had a super good convo with Ad on the phone last night. He and I are just on the same page about everything. Like we just talked about life and love and all the goods. I love that guy.

Well that’s all for this week, guys. I’m still enjoying life the best I can. Cause what else can I do?

Love you all.

Oh ya and I have homework. I need any pics of me ever and any pics of us ever sent to me through email. Cause now I’ll have my iPad so then I can just have all these sick pics of us everywhere I go. So I know that will take a while, but please just send me tons of pics over email.

Elder Morris

The Winds

14 Apr , 2015,
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The winds. They are a blowin’.

Monday through Wednesday was spent saying goodbye to some of my favorite people ever. That was rough.

Then…Thursday came. Transfer day.

I get up at 5 in the morning and take 4 trains to get to Frankfurt with one of my least favorite elders in the mission. I finally get there, wearing my suit jacket and my coat, and realize how much it has heated up. Then I chat with a few missionaries. Then, I catch a bus from Frankfurt to Dortmund. A 4 hour bus ride. I get to Dortmund and I meet my comp, Elder Watts. We catch a train to Unna. Only 20 minutes or so. Then, we have to walk back to the apartment. After a few minutes, I realize that my big suitcase, which is connected by a strap to my next biggest suitcase, had become really hard to pull. I heard a noise and I examine the wheel and it had hit a rock and basically bust completely off. My suitcase was now dragging on rubber. No wheel to roll on. It had become so hard I reached down to look at the rubber, and I touched it and it burned the crap out of my finger. It had become so hot from rubbing on the pavement it began to melt. Then we get back to the apartment, finally, and I take off my jacket and my shirt has become completely see through I was sweating so bad. Then I unpacked and just planned everything.

The next day was a “normal” day.

Saturday, we helped with a move for about 6 hours. Then I had a bright spot. There is this kid in the ward that is 20 and is just barely becoming active again. And we just sat down and started talking and he was just talking about how his whole life he just thought church was dumb and he didn’t need all these rules and he just wanted to go have fun. And I told him that I was the exact same way. We are really similar in that way. Then I started talking about a mission with him and told him what it’s done for me so far and so we’ll see where that goes. He’s cool, though.

Then Sunday. I get to church. There were a total of about 30 people there. I’m used to one of the best wards in Germany with 100+ peeps every Sunday. I get here and most people are pretty old- friendly, though. We get to their second hour and two of our investigators are there. One of the sick members picks them up every Sunday. Anyway, they don’t speak German. And I’m sitting there in this Sunday school class, in German, and I’m thinking wait there’s supposed to be an investigator class. Well I asked my comp if we had one and he said no, we just want them to feel the spirit even if they can’t understand. After cleaning up my vomit off the floor, I pulled out this sick member and the two investigators and we taught them for a little. Good lesson. Then after sacrament I got up and bore my testimony and promised this ward a baptism. A ward that hasn’t had baptism in 15 years.  Then after church the sick member, Brüder Lipke, and his family invited us over for lunch. Then we had a great lunch and then he gave us some sweet referrals and we gave the sacrament to his old parents. That part was cool.

We then got back to the apartment. We were sitting there that night and I just got so overwhelmed I went and took a shower. Before, I was on top of the world. I was in the sickest ward ever with people I loved, living with 4 missionaries, seeing success and I was generally happy. Then I come here and everything gets flipped on its head. Ha, funny how things happen like that.  I kept on thinking that there’s no way I’m really supposed to be here. No way. But, as I was sitting there, I said a prayer and asked if I was really supposed to be here. If I really HAD to be. And, of course, I got my answer. As much as I would lie to deny it, I know I’m supposed to be here.  So I have a few options, I can become the lazy elder that doesn’t do anything because he doesn’t like his situation and just hate life and not get anything done.


I can become the kid I’ve always wanted to be, but haven’t HAD to be until now. I know there are some great challenges here. But it’s not like I can just run away from them.  I’m gonna be ok out here. I love you all with my whole heart. I’m trying really, really hard.

Good Timber does not grow in ease.



Follow the Train Tracks Home

6 Apr , 2015,
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What a crazy week.  Holy cow.

So, on Tuesday, we are at the church and just finished a lesson. And we look to see when our train comes, and every single train all day is cancelled. The wind and the rain storms were so bad they didn’t want the trains to like tip over or something. And we live a good 50 mins away from the church by train. So, we have to take a bus to this faraway place, and by now it is pitch black outside. And we are about 5 miles from home. And we have no choice but to walk. We don’t know our way around, so we have to hop down on the tracks and just start walking. And I think that was the closest feeling I’ll have to experiencing hell lol. It was raining so hard and the wind was blowing so hard that when the rain hit my face it felt like sandpaper. It was so bad. We got home and we looked like we had just gotten out of a pool. We had to wring out our clothes and everything. And they weren’t dry till the next night. I did, however, learn a lesson. It’s that sometimes the surest way to get to where we want to go might not be too easy! We knew that the train tracks would get us home, but walking on the uneven train tracks instead of the nice paved road in a bruatal storm was not ideal. But in the end, we arrived home safe and didn’t get lost once, even though it felt like it sometimes. All we knew was to follow the train tracks home! And that’s all we gotta do!

Then the next day, we had to go up to Düsseldorf and had a conference. I gave my talk. And I told the story about me meeting Mitt Romney. It was so sweet. I didn’t have anything written down at all lol I just got up and talked. One elder said, “elder, don’t you want to rehearse it a few times before you give it?” I said “Elder you don’t understand, I’ve been practicing the past year and a half telling this story.” I just talked about that experience and related it to me reading the Book of Mormon and stuff. I think it turned out well!

Then Friday we had the baptism! It was one of the sweetest moments of my life. Stepping into the water was something I won’t ever forget! He’s such a shy kid but kinda a punk. Before he was baptized he was just like “whatever” but after he was just glowing! I gave him one of my ties cause he didn’t have one and he loved it! Not a brooks brothers one obviously lol. But ya everything went smooth and it was so sweet! Really happy time!

Then Saturday, was when we found out where I was going! They were going through all the areas and they announced that another missionary was replacing me, so then I was just on pins and needles waiting to hear my name called! Then they finally came to a city called Unna. (It’s like Tuna without the T) it is a city right next to Dortmund. To be honest when I heard I was going there I was pretty disappointed. All day I was pretty bummed. But then I sat down at my desk that night and I looked at my wall that has pics of people at home and my New Year’s Resolution for 2015 on it. And it’s “Be Happy” and I just started thinking about  how I have no reasons to be sad! I have just become really optimistic about the next adventure that awaits me up there in Unna! And I found out that I will have a car up there. I’m gonna be driving. That’s pretty scary. And I’ll be with a kid that is just barely getting finished with training and so he’s still really young so that should just be interesting. It’ll be good though!

Then conference was so awesome! I haven’t watched the Sunday afternoon session yet but the rest was really awesome. We watched the Sunday morning with the Familie Steins last night then we had dinner, then I had to say goodbye to them. That was one of the toughest things on my mission. I love that family so much! The daughter got all teary eyed. But I’ll be seeing them again someday! It’ll all work out!

I haven’t watched all of conference yet, but one of my favorite lines of the whole thing was

“T´was I, but Tís not I.”

That was awesome. Was really great to hear. It doesn’t matter who I was back in the day. I am just trying to be better!

Wow this was a really long email! I love you all! Thanks for the prayers and love! My last email from Bonn! Next week I’ll be up in Unna!


A Mom in Germany

1 Apr , 2015,
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Things are just rolling right long here!

So last Monday after emailing we had probably one of my fav appts of my mission. It was this black fam of just this mom and daughter. The daughter is like 20 and we go over there and they were super nice and all and we just start into the lesson and stuff. The mom is “African Muslim” and she said that means they’re a lot more lax. lol. Anyway with Muslims they usually always disagree that there are prophets on the earth today, but with her she like brought it up and is like “why would God stop sending prophets?” it was soooo sick. Anyway she about cried when we gave her our Book of Mormon she was so touched. Then she said that since our families are in America, that she is our Mom over here! She said if you ever need food or a place to stay or literally anything that she would do it for us. It was sooo sick. She really touched my heart how welcoming she was to us. And now were going to meet with the again tonight!

Oh ya and ya know how last week there was that guy who just came up and talked to me? Ya he’s getting baptized on April 10th! He’s sooo sick! He is just loving the gospel and all of it! He came to all 3 hours of church and loved it! Which is rare, and he can’t wait to get baptized! His name is Julian!

AND I get to baptize David this Friday! It was supposed to be on Saturday but he couldn’t then, so the ward wanted to move it to next week, but there’s a high chance that I won’t be in Bonn then so he said that he wanted to do it on Friday so that I could do it! I’m soo pumped! I can’t believe it’s actually happening. And last night we met with him and we were talking about baptisms for the dead and the temple and stuff and he’s wayyy excited for that and he even brought up the idea of a mission. We’ll see how that goes but that would really be something else if he ended up serving a mission! Wow.

Things are just like so sick right now. Everything is just like going so well!

We find out on Saturday what is happening so we’ll see where I’m going. Pretty nervous. Just have no idea what president is thinking.

Anyway not much else to report on. The work is just really picking up here. We’ve even had a few peeps call us back from handing out cards, and that’s just nuts. I’m just pretty happy. Still miss home obviously, but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy to be here.

Love you all so much! Have a great week