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Life is Good in the Hood

27 Jul , 2015,
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What up what up

This week was pretty good. I just feel like I don’t have tons to report!

But ya, I found out my comp and I disagree on politics. On Tuesday night we were talking for like an hour and a half and it was just crazy some of the stuff he was saying. Wow. It was pretty memorable! Which made it especially great when I got a thing in the mail to vote for the mayor from dad. It was awesome!  Thanks dad made my week!

We met with a YSA kid this week who’s the sickest and he just like barely flipped his life around and is starting to do good and we were walking and talking with him and all the sudden this huge group of kids come up and stop us and their leaders and they ask us if we’re Russian and we said no but they said we looked Russian and so we told them we’re from America and they freaked out!! They took sooo many pics with/of us! Lolol the whole time they were just like “woahhh real Americans!!” It was way funny! Apparently they were some Christian youth group and it was actually kinda cool.  We talked to the leader about our religion n stuff.  It was pretty sweet. But it’s just so funny how much people love America over here lol.

Then on Thursday I was on a split and in the morning we went to a soup kitchen and served people their food! I was in charge of running around and pouring everybody their coffee. Lol It was sooo terrible. It was crazy how entitled these people felt. They were so rude and soooo bossy and I never once heard a thank you! They would literally yell at me. It got like way frustrating it was hard to keep on smiling. Like no one working there had to be there.  Everyone was volunteers and they were still sooo rude to everyone. Some people. Still good to help people though!

It was way sick on Friday we walked down around the main part of town to get to the place where Elder Ewing applies for his visa. Well it was closed and so we were waking back and I just felt like walking through the middle of town and so we were on our way to go drop by an investigator named Haggos but we didn’t know if he’d be home or not. So as we’re walking I just see this bald spot sitting on a bench and immediately I KNEW it was Haggos. His bald spot is unmistakable lol. And so we ran over and sat on a bench with him and had a really good talk with him!! It was soooo nuts! Idk how that happened but it all worked out so perfectly! It was so cool being reminded once again that this is God’s work and we’re just helping him out!

Life is good in the hood out here!!  Thank you all!


Henry and Elder Ewing Chowing Down

Henry and Elder Ewing Chowing Down

Back Cracking

Back Cracking


20 Jul , 2015,
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Man the weeks just fly by so fast! Like we’re already in week five out of six of the transfer! Woah! Crazy stuff.

Anyways, this week was awesome of course!

I had a crazy experience on Wednesday. So, every Wednesday night we have an English class. This one guy named Herr Schneider always shows up. He was an investigator. We taught him the first lesson and have him a BoM then he told us he didn’t want to learn anymore. But we kept on seeing him and all that stuff. So, Wednesday night he was the only one who showed up to English class. Normally we play card games and just talk English with these people and answer their questions. Well, we were considering leaving but then Herr Schneider asked if we wanted to stay and play a few rounds with him. I was hesitant cause I didn’t want to just waste time, but I got the feeling we should. Another thing about Herr Schneider is he hated lesson situations where he feels like he’s being taught. So we start playing cards and after a while I just finally asked “so have you read anymore in the Book of Mormon?” And he’s like “Ja the whole thing.” I kinda thought I must have not understood his German. I was like “Nayyy you mean 1 Nephi to Moroni?” And he’s like “ja” I was sooo speechless!! I asked him why he read in it. He said “cause you guys interest me. I wasn’t very nice to you and every time I saw you guys you still came up and smiled and greeted me. I just want to know what this church is about.” LOL We starting talking more and he said he didn’t tell us because he knows he’ll never be Mormon. He said he totally believes it could be true but he said he read on the internet that we can’t drink coffee. And he said he CANNOT give that up. So I committed him to pray and ask God if it’s true and then we’ll start from there on the whole coffee thing. But wow that was something I’ve never experienced before!! Lol

Ha, then on Thursday since we might lose our car, we wanted to get familiar with the public transpo here so we went on an assignment from bishop to a less active fam that took us 3 hours to get to. It took a train ride then a 6 kilometer walk there through like this forest road that was nuts and had tons of bugs and stuff. Then we had the appointment and walked the 6 kilometers back and missed a train then waited and got home at 8:30. Our whole day was taken up by one appointment! Crazy. It took soooo long and the walk was soooo hot! I did a lot of pondering n stuff but in the way back Elder Ewing got into a good convo about what we’ll do differently when we get home. Ah man I went on forever. He didn’t say as much but I just told him that’ll change for sure the longer he is out here. It’s crazy thinking so differently now than I did before my mission!

On Saturday we had another cool experience! So we had a white day and so we started to do some doors! The funniest part was when we knocked on this door and this lady opened and Elder Ewing was so nervous he accidentally said “hey, we are two missionaries and we believe that we can live with YOUR family forever” lolol the lady just slammed that door sooo fast!! Anyway after a while I could tell Ewing was hating life. So I stopped after the next slam and was just like “alright well that’s enough of that” so we started walking back to the car not really knowing what we were doing for the rest of the day. Just as we get to the car another set of elders call us with a referral!! They met a guy who just gave them his address and he has a BoM already and said he would read!! We are really pumped to meet him! We are going by him tomorrow! We had to spend the rest of the night looking through phone books for his number lol! Still a great experience!!

Man the Autobahn is such a treat to drive on I don’t think I’ve been appreciating it as much as I should! I don’t think too many missionaries get to say they can do that! Like the other day we got going soooo fast we were up at like 175 kmph which is like 110 mph lolol and cars were still flying past us! Way crazy. It’s so fun!!

All in all I’m doing alright. I got no major complaints. Way jealous you’re all in Newport obviously that kinda stinks to miss out on. Great memories. Especially Disneyland. #DrakeBell

Well that’s it for this week! Enjoy the sun! And pray for me

I’m in right now but just to send this email I’ll be on later

Viel Spaß mit alles!!



Elder Morris and Elder Tanner

Elder Morris and Elder Tanner

I Really Do Love Life Right Now

13 Jul , 2015,
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Another solid week over here! Things just seem to be rolling right along!

On Wednesday night I was on a split and we were with Clayton. So every month he gets 300 something euro from the government, he told us the his sister needed to get to school and had no money so he sent her ALL his money. He had nothing to his name. I asked him if he had ANY money and he showed a little plastic plate with pennies on it. So we taught him and while he was praying I slipped out $20 and silently placed it on the plate behind him and then we left. I felt so bad. He literally had nothing for food at all. He was eating his roommates food without them knowing lol. He is such an inspiration. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to meet with him and be his friend and learn from him!!

The stress of training is slowly taking its toll on me. I know plenty of people go through it and I’m no different of course, but boy am I tired. All day just answering questions and translating. And I mean none of it is his fault, he’s been in Germany for 3 weeks it’s hard for him too. But wow I’m just pooped! Lol

Elder Ewing was sick two days this week so I did a lot of studying, cleaning, and pondering lol. It was great but kinda frustrating cause I hate just sitting there all day knowing there’s so much to be done. So it’s all good.

Then Saturday was a great day! We had no appointments, no nothing. It was a completely empty day. So we’re sitting there after studies and so our phone has like 100 contacts in it of people that either were investigators or potential investigators. And so I just pulled out the phone and started going down the list. It was great practice for Elder Ewings German and we only got through about half the list but we got 6 appointments laid out for these next two week!!! SIX! 6 out of 50 might not seem that good, but out here that’s literally amazing. Usually when a German can’t understand you on the phone they just tell you you’re an idiot an hang up. But oh man it was soooo sweet!! Then after that we went and met with an investigator named Ephrem and another guy just happened to be there and as we were teaching Ephrem his friend asked questions and now we’re giving him a BoM tomorrow!! Just a day filled with miracles!!

Then yesterday was just such a wonderful day. We spent the afternoon with our bishop and his family. He lives in such a beautiful part of Germany!! I love going down there! The whole afternoon we chatted and ate and played UNO and just had a great time together. Really awesome family and just really relaxed!!

I think it is sooo cool how every mission is so different. Like I read my other friends emails and it’s awesome to see the success they have and the frequency of baptisms in other parts of the world and how many people my friends find and teach. I know Germany isn’t “harder” but it just crazy how different peoples missions can be! Really amazing!!

All in all, I really do love life right now. Words do fail me to explain how much I love my mission. Heavenly Father is far too nice to me and feeling his love every single day is something I couldn’t be more grateful for!

Keep me in your prayers please! We all know I need them!!

Love you all with everything I have!!



Elder Ewing Knocking his First Door in Germany

Elder Ewing Knocking his First Door in Germany

Hot Hot Hot

6 Jul , 2015,
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IT’S HOTTTTTT. I am just wet allll day. Just soaking wet! I feel like I’m back in Brazil. Like literally just damp all day. Crazy.

K first off sick story of the week. So, last Friday we drive to this guy’s apartment to meet him and hopefully give his friend a Book of Mormon. So as we pull up, across the street I see his friend riding by on his bike. I thought to stop him, but just let him go by. Then we went and knocked on the door and he wasn’t even there. I didn’t tell Elder Ewing what I saw. I felt so terrible for not stopping him.  It was eating at me for a while. Such a missed opportunity. Then, it happened. On Monday night after P day we wanted to go by him again and see if he was there. So, we drive over there and guys it was déjà vu. Right as we pull up, that guy was riding by in the exact same spot wearing the same thing. I turned to Elder Ewing and was like “you’re seeing a miracle right now, you’re seeing a miracle right now!” So I hopped out of the car, flagged him down and we went inside, gave him his Book of Mormon, had a really good lesson.  Then the first guy we were trying to go by on showed up and he came in for the lesson! It was crazy! It was literally a second chance! And it all worked out so perfectly! It was such a great testimony builder that I really am in the service of the Lord and this is His work! And when we need to do something he needs done, he will give us the opportunity to do it, even if he needs to do it twice! LOL their names are Ephrem and Haggos!!

On Tuesday, we were driving home from an appointment out in the middle of nowhere and I had a great moment. The view was amazing, driving on the autobahn with just ginormous open fields with big wind towers, sun shining way bright, windows down, I’m wearing my Brooks Brothers Ray Bans, our EFY music is blasting, and a phrase just kept running through my mind. As I looked out the window I just kept on thinking, “I am so lucky” I had the best feeling of love and peace in that moment. I felt so good. Such a great feeling.

On Thursday, we did a lot of driving! We were on our way to go by a less active and I got this feeling to go by the Family Maloku. They’re from Albania. I argued with myself for a little cause they live 80 mins away, but I just wanted to follow that prompting. So I did. We drove all the way down there and I get up to the door, and I ring the doorbell. At least 5 times. Just waiting praying praying that I didn’t just waste that much of the Lord’s time. Well, I rang it one more time. No answer. I started to walk back to the car. I hop in and put it in reverse and I just looked back at the house one more time. And there she was! The daughter Ana was standing at the door! I slammed it in park and ran up. Apparently I was ringing the wrong doorbell. I was ringing the one under them but they could hear it form up stairs and she said she just felt like she should go down. It turns out just a few days ago they were praying that the missionaries would come by and pray with them! They are so faithful!! We had a short lesson and prayed with them and are going by to eat with them on Thursday. It’ll be great!!

On Friday we had a great meeting with Clayton. He is having a rough time, but he shared with us a story. He had just barely gotten back from telling a guy, who was willing to pay him 100 euros on Sundays, to come and fix watches(apparently he’s good at fixing watches) and keep in mind that literally the only reason Clayton is here in the first place is to get money for his family. Clayton told the guy he had to say no, because he would not work on Sundays because it would interfere with church. It was so cool to hear him tell that story. Then he said a great line that I wrote down. He said “today was not my day, but maybe tomorrow is.” WOW!! What a great attitude to have!! He just had such a crappy day, but he has the faith that everything will work out! It was awesome to promise him the blessings that will surely come from this great trial!!

Then on Saturday we mowed a lawn and the grass was literally up to my shoulders. And all we had was normal lawn mowers and a HUGE lawn. Like farmland type stuff. It was awesome!! It took us all morning and I haven’t sweated so much in a long time but my watch tan line is getting pretty good lol! Then Saturday night the Famile Lipke invited us over for the 4th of July!!! Soooo cool. We had apple strudel and sang “proud to be an American” people love America so much it’s crazy. The dad got kinda teary eyed saying how cool it would be to say he was born in America. He looked at us and said “you don’t know, how lucky you are” in broken English lol. Then we had a few fireworks!! It was a great night!! Made me miss home and the CC and all of you!!

Then yesterday was a great day! It’s been sooo hot and the buildings are sooo warm inside that they cut church to only an hour. And we didn’t have to wear suits lol. It’s that humid. Anyway, Clayton got the priesthood yesterday!! It was so great!! Really awesome experience to see someone keep growing in the gospel! Then last night we had a great lesson with our investigator Kai with the family Lipke!! Really spiritual lesson and I just loved it!!

Anyway I’m all good in the hood over here! No worries just keep me in your prayers! Love you all so much!