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Zack has Arrived

17 Aug , 2015,
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It was a good week!

Last Monday we had another family home evening with our investigator family and the cool member family! We just like sit down and play some UNO and maybe some soccer and eat then at the end we always have a lesson. It’s sooo cool! I love having members with us when we teach! Their testimony adds so much to the lesson! But it’s always hard when people get caught up on these little things. Like the dad of the family could not get past the question about us having a Heavenly Mother. We spent like half the lesson talking about it. People just need to stick to the basics and get a testimony, THEN they can go deeper into stuff. But he’s looking for answers like that before he gets to the basic surface of our doctrine! Kinda annoying, but I have to work with it. It’s just another testimony builder for me because this gospel brings so much peace to me that like I just trust that in the end it’ll be ok.

Then on Thursday we had Zone Training and I got to see Zack! It was so sweet! He seems like way mature but we had a good old chat. It was awesome! Sometimes I still catch myself being surprised like wow him and Adam are out here. Crazy. But at zone training they came out with a bunch of new rules n stuff. They will be super hard to follow but it’ll be a great opportunity to receive blessing for doing what we’re asked! I’m excited! I was just thinking about like the Romneys and Money giving me a shout out and stuff and every week mom and dad telling me how proud they are. And I thought like, if everyone actually saw me out here every day, would they be as proud as they were? And so it’s like a whole new motivation factor to work like all my friends and fam are watching me every day! I heard something great at the beginning of my mission, “Be the missionary your mom thinks you are.” I just loved that. Really just gotta like be my best!

The best part of the week was for sure when we set a baptismal date with Marian!!! The 5th of September we will hold a baptismal program!!
SooOoOooOoo pumped!!! It’ll be great. We had a wonderful lesson on Friday talking about the plan of happiness and we added the baptism with it and we invited him and he is way excited!! He kept on saying “es musst klappen” like “it’s gotta happen” lol it’ll be awesome!
Please pray for Marian as he prepares for his baptism!!

And now with the bad news. Direct chatting is no longer allowed. That means we can’t like get on and email back and forth anymore. I was just gonna blow it off and not care, but I didn’t wanna rob you/me of the blessings that will come from following it. As long as there’s a rule I might as well follow it. Sheesh. The list is really piling up here.

And the cherry on top of this week, was on Sunday I was just chilling at church and all the sudden I see the Steins (my main fam from Bonn) walk through the door!! Ahhhh it was soooo cool! Such a great reunion!
They totally surprised me. They drove 2 hours just to come up and see me! It was cool cause I could actually understand them now lol. Back when I left I was fairly new and couldn’t understand them too well. Oh man I haven’t stopped smiling! Lol

But ya I’m good out here. Time is going by fast.

Love you guys thanks for everything!



Henry and Zack

District Leader

3 Aug , 2015,
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K to start off I’ll tell such a terrible story. On Monday night we were over at a family’s house for family home evening and they have a HUGE backyard with like a few horses. Well, this little kid filled up some water balloons and we were having a little war. And we were wearing our shirts n ties! Well, I chuck one at elder Ewing and it nails him in his stomach and it didn’t even pop. So it drops and he picks it up and starts chasing me across the field! Well I’m like legit on a full sprint cause I’m wearing my fav J Crew tie and I didn’t wanna get it wet. Well eventually he misses and I walk up and I just smell something terrible so strong. First, naturally I check my shoes. Covered in horse pooh lol. Then, I check my pants. Covered in horse pooh lol. Then, I check my shirt. Covered in horse pooh lol. Then, I check my arms. Covered in horse pooh lol. I was just running through this field of straight pooh and it was just flying up everywhere lol. The miracle, however, is that throughout all of this, my tie remained spotless!! So ya I ruined like a whole outfit so that kinda was a bummer but it was a good memory!!

Then on Wednesday we had another crazy experience. We ran into this lady who is an excommunicated member from the branch that used to exist here but then they all got excommunicated because they went all apostate and we’re doing polygamy and giving women the priesthood. Pretty wild stuff and a super sensitive subject for members here. So we ran into her and we started just lightly chatting with her and it was wild. Eventually we just got into the whole story of how all that crazy stuff happened. She told us exactly what was going on and how it started and she was just really opening up to us and how bad she felt about the whole thing. It was so fascinating I feel like a documentary needs to be done about that whole situation it would be awesome. Weird weird stuff went down. But at the end, we were saying goodbye and she was like “danke for talking and listening to me. That really helped!” I felt so good walking away! Some people just need someone to be friendly to them.

But a great experience on Friday. So like two weeks ago we were just going through his book of numbers of people that investigated the church at one time or another. And we called this guy and he said we were more than welcome but to call in two weeks. So we called him Friday morning and he said we can just come over that afternoon. So we do. We know nothing about him. So we go over and start talking and asking questions and he thought that a ward member had sent us to him or something. Apparently the day we called, was the first day he went into the hospital and we were THE ONLY people to call him all day. Not one other person called him except us. But we just told him we felt like calling him even though we never met. Anyway, apparently this guy has a history with the church. He was an an investigator a number years ago and was literally walking to his baptism, when the elders drove by and waived and didn’t give him a ride. He got so mad (he has asthma) he just turned around and went home. But even though he hasn’t met with elders for a few years, he still has been reading in the Book of Mormon. His favorite song is “I know that my redeemer lives” he just kinda has a problem with some of the people and the rules. But at the end of him telling this story, I just kinda paused and was like, “well do you have a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ?” And he was like “naturally” and I just told him then it doesn’t matter what other people do, that important thing is that we do what we know we should. We are meeting with him and Thursday and he said he for sure wants to get baptized this time!! I’m so excited! Hopefully this week we can set a concrete date!! His name is Marion!! Yay!

Then on Saturday I got a call from Pres and he asked me to be the district leader out here so that’ll be something new I guess! Change and new things are always good! Just pray for me!

All is good!