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Just a Happy Kid

28 Sep , 2015,
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Hey you (dad voice)

Another happy week out here in Germany. Sometimes I forget I’m even in Germany.  It’s so great here I love this place. Life is just good right now. Kinda gives the feeling that something terrible is coming. But that’s a silly way of thinking. I don’t think God gives us blessings just so we can anticipate something to ruin it. So I guess I’ll just enjoy it while I can.

Anyway, this week was way good. Lots of meetings, though. Not as many opportunities to go and talk to people and teach, but still a solid week. We had 3 out of 6 days this week taken up by meetings!

On Tuesday we had a big zone conference and that was way special! The theme was the gospel of Jesus Christ. All the presentations were just on point! It’s funny that sometimes I just get caught up in all the fancy bells and whistles of the Church. But in the end, what really matters is our faith in Jesus Christ and his teachings. Without that faith literally nothing productive could ever get accomplished in the church. It’s nice to finally have that one place where I can go for any question. I feel like for my whole life, the places I would turn to for advice is mom, dad, friends, but never God. And now I still go to them for advice, but I added Heavenly Father to that list and have seen such a change in the way I view trials and changes! Just feels good.

Then Wednesday we went to go by an inactive member named Bruder Gross. He’s actually a way cool guy and loves Cowboys and America. But as we walked in his house was filled with a cloud of smoke and a bottle of whiskey on the table. Way sad. We tried talking to him about his conversion and stuff but he wasn’t really having any of it. It’s hard to help people some times but everyone makes their own decisions. I’m just here to try and help.

Thursday we had a sweet young men’s activity at the Lipke’s house! We only have like 4 young men but it was still pretty fun. We just played cards and chatted about life and all the good stuff. I just love the youth of the church in Germany. They are so different from the rest of the kids here. It’s so cool to see! Like they just don’t act the same. I love seeing kids being faithful at such a young age cause I just like wasn’t like that and it makes me so happy knowing how much better off they’ll be for sticking true to what they believe!

Then Friday was way sick. We had no appointments planned or anything so we just got to go hit the streets for the only real solid time this week! We talked to some way interesting people. Some had like already investigated the church like 30 years ago and some are refugees! It’s sad though cause we aren’t allowed to teach the refugees until they have a permanent home in Germany. So we got a lot of potentials so we’ll see what comes out of it! Then Friday night a member wanted to take us to a light festival! It was soooooo dope loved it so much. I’ll send pics.

Then on Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference… And you all know how that goes lol. So ya life is just great. Can’t really complain a bit. Just a happy kid.

Well thanks for all the love you’re sending over here. I love you all a lot.

See ya soon enough


Playing Nurse

21 Sep , 2015,
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Well another solid week out here in Unnnaaaaa.

Forest Gump indeed said it right when he said, “you never know what ya gonna get”

Our weeks are always just so different. Every week we just have different experiences and new trials and learn something new! So cool.

Well on Tuesday I got to play nurse! Elder Ewing was pretty sick. He was way clogged up on both ends lol it was bad. So it was kinda rough I just sat at my desk all day listening to talks and writing stuff down. Woulda been a good opportunity to write a poem, but it didn’t come to mind sadly lol! Anyways, I thought a lot about happiness. And just how what made me happy before my mission has changed a lot till now. A lot of it is the same, but a lot is different. As I was studying and thinking about happiness, I came to the discovery for my self that being happy is a gospel principle. There is promised blessings if we remain cheerful and happy. And that is such a sick promise. Happiness has been the biggest blessing this past year! I know the decision to be happy is ours! No one else can make it for us!

On Wednesday we had our little English circle! And this daughter of this family we’re teaching told us that her fam got enough money together that her and her three brothers are all going to the temple!! Just like a temple trip with a temple tour n stuff! If I could put my money on anything to help someone feel the spirit, I think the temple is a safe bet! I’m so pumped they’ll have the opportunity to go! Jealous!

On Friday we went down to our bishops house and split wood for THREE hours. It was insane he had so much wood and we still only got like half of it done! But the coolest part was after when we were eating dinner. They have a little foreign exchange student with them from the Czech Republic and we were eating dinner and she just started asking us sooo many questions. Well luckily we knew she would be there so we brought a Book of Mormon in Czech lol and we gave it to her and she seemed pretty pumped! She’s leaving like this week but who knows what will happen! Pretty cool experience!

Saturday was great too! We went and mowed the Lipkes lawn that morning which was way cool cause it looked like it was about to just down pour forever. Ha I wish you guys could see the size of this backyard it is so massive. But anyway, literally like the second I finished the last strip of grass it just started to come down so hard! It was so sick. This lawn needed to be mowed so bad and Heavenly Father just let us finished before it rained lol. So nice.

Well like lately I’ve been trying to change my mindset and be good inward as well as outward. I feel like I’ve been doing well lately of being outwardly kind to the people I meet, but in my mind I often slip up and I still judge and think bad things about them. But I found the biggest source of comfort in the Book of Mormon!! I was reading one morning and as I was reading this passage I just got a feeling from head to toe! I knew what I was reading was for me.  In Mosiah chapter 4 verses 11-13, it talks about when we truly love the gospel and center our lives around it, Truly, we “will not have the mind to injure one another..” How sweet is that? Like we literally will not have the mindset to think of others in a hurtful way! Oh man. So sick! Such a confidence builder and such a boost that if I want to stop judging and hating inwardly, I just embrace the gospel. Idk why I thought I would find the answer anywhere else besides the Book of Mormon lol. There is so much more than acting kindly outwardly! If we are kind on the inside, our natures will change and we will be who we want to be! Golly the Book of Mormon has the answer to everything.

Well I’m just great out here. Happy boy. That’s about all I have to say about that. Love you each individually and am grateful for everyone. Keep me in your prayers, and I’ll do the same for you.

Bis nächste Woche

Viele liebe Grüße


And like I try but ugh

14 Sep , 2015,
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Well, another 6 weeks…at least. Elder Ewing and I are staying together. I’m petty happy about it. Things are going well. I’m happy to be here. It’s just weird I’ve been here since April.

Life is just sweet! That was so sick to see that pic of Dad and the Lipkes. He saw them right before they left and we were at their house waiting for them when they got home! Way way special. I love those people so much! They said he looks like Elder Uchtdorf which actually kinda is true once I think about it.  LOL

On Wednesday Elder Ewing and I actually had a really long good convo. Probs like one of the best of our time together. We just talked about basically what I talked about a week or two ago. Like how we both have this person in our heads that we want to be. And we try and get there, yet we keep messing up along the way. And some times like I don’t get why! We talked about how things that seemed important to us before, aren’t as important now. We talked about how we just want to be known as a nice guy. Like really if I had one wish it would just be like when people think of me they would think like “hey Henry is a nice kid” like literally I don’t want anything more. And like I try but ugh. Anyway sorry to rant but I just think a lot.

Anyway on Thursday was my year mark!! Soooo sweet! We went over to a members house and the parents were gone and it was so sweet! The parents asked us to go over and see what was up! They have these 2 less active kids and they’re always quiet around missionaries. But we just sent him a text and asked if we could come over. He said ya and at first it was a little weird but it ended up being so sick!! He like totally came out of his shell. He had an American football and we were just bombing it in the backyard. It’s so funny how impressed Germans are if you can like throw a football. We played some UNO and then we even finished up with a little spiritual thought. It was so great!

Oooook then Friday was dope as. We met with this guy. He’s a referral from other sisters near us. His name is Alex. He’s black. He has a job. He has a car. He speaks German. He has a wife and 4 kids. And we set a baptismal date for the 17th of October! He’s soooo cool! We didn’t get to meet with his wife or kids yet, but we will! He said he just feels a light when he talks to us and there just isn’t that light in any of the other church’s! He’s so legit. He works some Sunday’s which will be a bump to get over but I know he’ll be blessed!

Then ugh Saturday we went on a go-by to this inactive member and he let us in and immediately asked for our help to leave the church. There’s a specific term for it in English but I forget the phrase. Like he doesn’t wanna be a member anymore. It was way sad. Like we tried talking to him about it but he was just like “nope decisions is already made” :////// ugh so that was sad. But that’s just how it goes sometimes!

Haha oh ya and this week I saw an interesting looking guy and I just decided I’d go talk to him and lol he recognized us immediately the first and only this he said was “you guys are the ones who can’t have sex! I’d rather have sex with a dog than no sex at all!” Lol I just kinda stood there in awe for a few moments. Some people are so peculiar.

Thanks for the love everyone. Love you so much.

I know Christ can make us who we need to be! Matthew 4:19!

Ich bin sehr froh, dass ihr meine Familie seid und dass wir für immer mit einander Leben Können. Wie schön ist das??

Viele liebe Grüße


Ps we built a fort in our room with sheets and tape


Elder Morris and the non-Taufe

7 Sep , 2015,
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K this week was pretty good. I had a good time.  I went on a split with our Zone Leader to Dortmund! It was pretty sweet but he is kinda weird. But he probably thought I was weird so it doesn’t really matter we’re all different. Anyway he didn’t really have a whole lot of stuff planned for us so we literally just went out on the street and we probably talked to like 200 people it was so insane. We talked to this one guy and he’s like rolling this cigarette looking thing and he looks wayyy paranoid. And then I kinda look a little closer and I see some green stuff and I’m just like “hm” and he keeps on telling us that we should leave. Then he tells us that it’s weed and that the cops are on their way to get him lol we bounced so fast. We talked to some pretty interesting peeps lol

But anyway, Marian did not get baptized this weekend. He didn’t pass his baptismal interview cause of some problems with what the church teaches that he didn’t tell us before. Then he got super offended that we said no, and said he doesn’t really want anything to do with us anymore. When I got his text my stomach just kinda fell through my pants and everything just like kinda went quiet. It’s really sad. I watched someone make so much progress and come SO close, then just give it all up. Elder Ewing and I fasted on Wednesday before the interview, and we both felt after that everything would work out in the end, and after Marian sending the text to us it was kinda hard to believe. But I know that somehow everything will be ok!

This week I learned a very valuable lesson. Because I’ve been like down lately. I’ve been praying a ton for comfort and stuff. I have been on my knees praying a ton these past few weeks just to have those feelings of comfort. Then, on Wednesday night this past week, I got the coolest impression. I was sitting there praying and I got the strongest impression, that I wasn’t going to get my comfort while I was on my knees. Rather I was going to get it while I was on my feet, out serving the Lord. And that is exactly what happened. The more I just put my head down and went to work this week, the better I felt. It was so sweet! Something I had never felt or thought of before!  I think I’ve learned that the best way to get through the hard times is to remember the good times! Things will always get better. I always get so down and act like things will stay the same forever. But I’ve had some of the best times of my life out here. I know there will be more to come! Some of the best words in the scriptures, “And it came to pass”.

So wild this Thursday is my year mark! It’s way weird to think back a year ago like I was in New York and Maine then just like came home for a few days then bounced! That was a whole year ago. I just can’t believe it! So much has changed! But all for the better lol!  So I found out that our bathroom window has been open my whole time in Unna. Like it can’t close but it just looks closed. We are on the bottom floor and our window is right next to this back courtyard place where tons of peeps hang out and grill and stuff. Well I always showered and heard people laughing while I sang my playlist of songs like “bleeding love” “hey now you’re an allstar” “what does the fox say” and “bartender” among others. Then a guy who lives in our apartment saw us walking out and asked us who was always singing and that they like all know what song comes after another. I ran in and looked and ya the window is just like open so I could sing loud and clear. So ridiculous.

But ya I’m all good over here. The transfer call is on Saturday so I’ll write you guys next week with what’s happening! Exciting stuff. Can’t believe I’ve been here since April.


2 Corinthians 4:8-9!!

Ps joke why were the Lamanites legs so sore? Because of the knee fights! (Nephites) lolololol