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Splits With My BFF

30 Nov , 2015,
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What a week! W🙀W

Lol so on Monday night and Tuesday I was on my split with Ad! It really was one of the favorite times of my mission! We had a member appt. on Monday night and that was just a blast of course I loved it!


So crazy just going into these members homes with my bff as missionaries lol. Then Tuesday we woke up and just had such a wonderful day! We had our district meeting and then we just went and talked to people!! We found like 5 or so new potentials! I loved it!  We would just be walking down the street talking about life and stuff then see someone, stop them and talk to them, then just continue on on our conversation. We literally didn’t stop talking the whole split! On Tuesday night we got invited by this guy from Monday, to come to this bar and talk about Christ with him and his friends. We walked in way nervous cause it was kinda scary, but they told us to sit down, and we just chatted with these guys about the gospel! They were all pretty stubborn and didn’t wanna listen too much, but it was still just so awesome to be side by side with Ad doing work. Freal Monday and Tuesday were just an indescribable experience! I’ll never forget it!

Wednesday we were out in the street and we stopped this black guy and his family. He is from Nigeria and his wife is from the Ukraine and they have a daughter! It turns out he is technically a member! Like he was baptized in Nigeria but then went to Ukraine for like 10 years and never went to church and now his wife and kid are here and he was just so pumped to see us! It was way cool that we just found them by chance!

Then oh man Thursday. Thanksgiving was just amazing! We went out and did some doors for the first time in a week or two and it felt pretty good! Doors are just tough stuff lol we got one person to carry on a conversation with us lol. But then that night we were invited up to Nürnberg and we had a big thanksgiving with a few members and investigators and Ad was there too! It was pretty sweet to spend thanksgiving with my bff! We were really grateful for that! We all went around the room and all said one thing that we are grateful for and the spirit was strong! Way cool experience!

And Saturday was too good! We had this member fam invite us over for another Thanksgiving! It was so great! They have TEN kids and all of them are like 17 or older and completely inactive but it was way cool!

The parents are from America but have lived in Germany for like 40 years and it was just exactly like a normal thanksgiving I loved it!  Just way good food and convos and laughs. And right before we left the dad got a call from the daughter saying she was driving home and nailed a deer so he took us and we just saw this dead deer laying on the road so that was insane lol I’m just glad we didn’t have to touch it. But everyone was safe just a crazy random experience lol

But ya like I said I will found out this Saturday if I’m getting a new comp….LOL I don’t even wanna think about it! But I do know that whatever happens will be for the best. Everything will work out!

But I gotta go I love you all with my heart!



Grateful for Second Chances

23 Nov , 2015,
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Another week gone. I can’t believe November is coming to an end soon! Time has been so weird lately. Like my days feel really long but the weeks just fly by. Idk but ya this week was another solid one!  Just like trying to smile everyday and be happy.

On Tuesday I got to go on a split with an Elder that I used to live with like a year ago! It was pretty cool! Especially cause back then I like couldn’t speak and now we were just like walking around on the streets chatting with people it was pretty great! It also was cool to me just cause like I hadn’t seen him forever and now he’s in my district and I totally had an enjoyable time with him! It was cool for once just to love him for who he is!

Then on Wednesday we had our district meeting and this Elder was like way into karate and he had this analogy lesson with breaking wood boards. So I told him he could do it and so he brought these boards and we talked about our limits and where we are and where we wanna be and like lolol.. our sisters were crying and stuff it was awesome we just like punched these boards and snapped them.  I’ll send you guys the vids. It was way funny! Hanging with missionaries 24/7 kinda dulls my sense of how weird some people are but sometimes like I just think about how odd some of the people I am around are and it is just so great! There are some really sweet people out there.

Saturday was just another fun day! There was a street display in a town called Ansbach and we went and Adam and his comp went too!! So Ad and I just got spend some more time together talking to people! We actually found this guy and we literally were talking to him for like an hour he was so interesting he had so many questions! It was just another indescribable feeling I just like took a step back and realized that I was sitting there in a random town in Germany with my bff talking about the gospel in German. Just like the coolest thing I can ask for. Another bonus of the week, I contacted this guy on the street last week on the way to visit a less active, and he said we could come by. Well we found out later that it is in Adam’s area so I gave Ad a call and Ad went by and taught him and his wife and now they are Ads investigators!! Soooo cool I really really hope they can progress! I trust them in his hands though.

Oh ya and the sisters set a solid baptismal date with a lady named Tina for December 5th! Way soon I know but she is way prepared! She’s the one we found when we were out and talking to people! I am soooooo happy I can’t even describe it! Just like such immediate success and blessings for this area!! We had church yesterday and we picked her up at the train station and rode with her and walked with her! She’s so legit! I am really excited to see her be baptized! Everyone keep Tina in your prayers! Ps her son is named “Marvelous” isn’t that sick?

And the best news of the day is……TODAY I’M GOING ON MY SPLIT WITH AD. I am so pumped! We are splitting around 5:00 then he’ll come to my area and we have a member appointment and then we’ll go try and find some people to baptize then we’ll wake up and go try and find more people! Ahhh I am just too excited we’re gonna have a blast together!! And this Thursday we get to spend Thanksgiving together too!! I am just smiling really big.

And since thanksgiving is this week, I’ve been thinking about what I’m grateful for. Of course I’m grateful for family and friends but I’ve been trying to think of something not too obvious. And I thought a lot about how grateful I am for second chances. I have just had an endless supply of second chances in my life. And I think I take it for granted a lot which is bad lol. Like for all the mistakes I’ve made I have always just been given another shot. And that makes me happy. I hope you all have such a happy Thanksgiving this year. You’re all great so I already know you’ll be gr(e)ateful (yes!) for what you have!

I love you all dearly and pray for you sincerely. Just always remember at around like 2 or 2:30 pm (10:30 here) that someone is praying for you to be happy.

Bye until next week!


It’s Possible to be Happy in Hard Times

16 Nov , 2015,
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Thanks for the prayers, I need them. This week was decent and I’m just trying to make the most out of it!

On Tuesday was just great! I just loved it. I called the sisters on Monday night and I told them that tomorrow we’re gonna go talk to people! And we did!! It was so refreshing! The sisters didn’t have 1 investigator but as we all went out separately on the streets and we came back and they had found TWO potentials!! It was such a miracle! I know it sounds so tiny but that is just such a miracle. Then on Saturday the sisters were able to meet up with one of the ladies they found and they actually set a baptismal date with her! Ah it is just so sweet!! Elder Wiley didn’t talk to anybody but it was still good for him to see! We didn’t get any potentials that day but I knew that we were working hard and I was just happy. I loved it!

Friday was awesome! We had a zone training and I got to see Ad! We both gave little training lessons and it was just awesome to see each other in action. I love Ad.  Sunday we had stake conference and that was pretty normal. But I got to see Ad again so I mean no complaints!  It’s been funny these past few weeks lol. Like for some odd reason I kinda thought that the tough times of my mission were over. Like everything was going so well I just thought I had a smooth ride till the end. But these past few weeks have probably been the hardest weeks of my life. The beginning stages of my mission don’t really compare to this lol.  And every night I kinda lay down and look at the ceiling and recount the day and just think for a while. And a lot of the time I just kinda smile and realize how happy I am. I really am just a happy boy. I am so happy that I’m happy. It’s just such a relief! To just know that it is possible to be happy in hard times. And that is something I’m not really sure I knew before my mission. But it’s a great lesson to learn, and a lesson that can only be learned in hard times lol. So I am really grateful for this situation and now know even better that Heavenly Father knows me and what I need. He really does have a good sense of humor. Sometimes when Elder Wiley says something ridiculous, and I kinda smile/die inside I feel like He is just kinda grinning along with me lol

I listened to a talk this week a lot of you probably know called “Come what may, and love it” and it was so perfect for me to hear right now!
Learning to just love whatever comes my way has been such a blessing.
Just learning to laugh in tough situations and to stop asking “why me?” when I feel sad makes me so much happier. Time just goes by too fast to sit here and complain when it will all be over so soon. Cause I know that all of this is “but a small moment” and I just have to enjoy it till it’s over!

I am a really lucky boy.

Sorry there’s not much to report this week! Just lots of trying to get Elder Wiley talking to people and finding! I’ll have more next week!

So yes I’m all good I just need some extra prayers out here lol I’ll survive

Love you guys so much!


Just Be His Friend

9 Nov , 2015,
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I’m losing my mind lol. Like I think I really am. My companion apparently has nightmares. One night I was just dying and was praying to know what I can do to make things better. And the answer that kept comin’ was “just be his friend” and then two days later after we were talking in companionship study and he kinda opened up and said how he hasn’t really found a real friend in his mission and he is happy that we’re comps. I felt the spirit really strong it was such a testimony builder that the Holy Ghost is real and gives us answers when we listen. As long as I keep on doing what I’m supposed to I gotta believe that it’ll all work out lol. Tough times are always great opportunities to learn and love! I hope one day to be able to look back at this time and laugh, but it might just take a while for me to find all of this funny lol

But actually this week was….good! So basically I came into an area where the work was nonexistent. Which is a shame cause this ward is way sick and wants to help, but the missionaries here have been pretty sloppy. Ugh. This week was a lot of member appointments just because I wanna get to know the ward. And now I don’t have a car so getting place to place takes A LOT more time so we accomplish less in a day but it’s all great.

On Last Monday night we went to a Ukrainian families house for family home evening! It was awesome. They are so sweet! But they live kinda far away and it gets way dark way early here now so after our appointment with them Elder Wiley and I had to ride back to the train station in like this pitch Black Forest omg I was dying. It was such a perfect set up for a horror film lol and it is so cold over here now it was pretty terrible lol. But way worth it cause that family was so cool and I just love meeting all these great peeps!

Thursday it was so sweet! So every Thursday our ward has a sport night and like half of the ward shows up and we play volleyball and just have a great time! We had an investigator come too! It was just so nice to finally do something sporty again lol and this ward actually keeps score and gets kinda competitive so it makes it even better lol!

On Friday night I was reading from the Book of Mormon right before bed cause I’ve started to try and go to bed with a nice mindset n stuff, and it was at the end of kind of a rough day lol. Just no success and I didn’t want to be there and idk I just felt like burdened down! But right before bed I read Alma 34:41. I’ll let you guys look it up. It struck me so hard I had to read it like 15 times over, just pure peace and comfort! I went to bed that night and for the first time since I’ve been here, I slept through the whole night without waking up! Lol I was so happy. Such an answer to my prayers and just another testimony builder that God cares and has my back lol.

On Saturday night Elder Wiley made dinner for 50 minutes lol and we only had like 10 minutes to hurry and eat and he just assumed that we would take like an extra half hour to eat and he was like mega mad we left but like c’mon that sounds terrible just to sit there and eat in guilt lol. But anyway ya I told him we should probably just leave and we went and tried to find some people and saw 0 results, but I totally felt at peace the whole time just cause I knew I was out working on time instead of eating pasta lol.

Then yesterday was actually just great no downsides lol. The ward had a primary program and they killed it! This ward actually has a pretty big primary and I just loved it! Made me just smile so big the whole time! Then after we had a potluck lunch that they do every month and it was just great! This ward is so loving it is awesome! They make me feel right at home.

But ya idk guys it’s a little tough right now, but I guess I just need some tough times to learn something! The opportunity of a life time lies in these next weeks of the transfer and I really don’t wanna miss it by having a sour attitude lol. So times will get better! They always do!

Thanks for the prayers, I can literally feel them over here. Love you all!



The Humble Shower

2 Nov , 2015,
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What a week! Wow.

So, this week was pretty long just cause a lot of change took place and different stuff is happening! It’s all ok though!

So Monday through Wednesday I just spent saying goodbye to the best people ever up in Unna! Love those people so much I’ll never forget them! It was pretty hard but I know I’ll see them again in a short time!

Then Thursday, I woke up in Dortmund, then took a 3 hour bus to Frankfurt, then chatted with a few old friends I’ve served with which was great! Then took a 4 hour bus ride to Nürnberg which was also just kinda long. Then we got there and Ad was waiting for us so I got to see him really fast!! Hehe. Then I met my new comp! His name is Elder Wiley. He has lived quite a few places but for most of high school he lived in Arizona. He just graduated in 2015. He is a pretty interesting guy! He is nice. He is REALLY into the card game “magic”, like he’s spent lots of money on it lol. He likes to cook which is good but he also likes a cold apartment so that’s a bummer. But omg my new apartment is ok but the shower is CRAZY! Lol I’ll have to show you a pic. It’s called the “Demut dusche” which means the “humble shower”.  All we have is a little tub and a slanted ceiling right above it with no room to stand so I have to get on my knees and spray myself with a little hose and we have no curtain or anything. Just crazy. But it’ll all be good.

Saturday I was definitely blessed it was so sick! So Friday night I got a call from Ad and he was like “hey tomorrow we have a street display you wanna come?” And I was like “oh yes” so Saturday morning we went and it was some other missionaries and me and Ad just talking to people! It was sooo cool just to be side by side with Ad talking to people about the gospel in German. It was a dream come true!! We were both just so happy to be there together it was the first time we’ve really seen each other in action! We had a ton of people listen to us this time too! Way crazy we just felt on fire! We got so many addresses for Adam and his comp to go share the gospel with! I felt the love of God for sure lol it was great!

And then yesterday was really good actually. This ward is really great I really felt welcome there everyone was really friendly! The coolest part is ok so most of you know this but in German there is “Sie Sprache” and “Du Sprache” and Sie is used as proper and for people you don’t know very well. And Du is used for people you’re comfortable with and stuff. And most people in Germany will always use Sie with missionaries. But this ward like only uses Du it’s so cool they were all telling me right off the bat to use Du with them it felt so cool!!  It sounds small but it really does make a difference. Anyway this ward will be great to serve in.  Everyone is so nice!

And in Feucht I am riding a bike…and it’s terrible. I really don’t like it. Lol my bike is about 50 years old and the brakes squeak SO loud anytime I break and everybody jumps and turns their head its sooo bad lol. And it’s freezing and my helmet is so goofy  and I’m sore in the wrong places and I just feel bad on it.

Elder Wiley just finished with being trained. I have just had the youngest comps recently. For the past 7 months I have not had a comp who has been out longer than 6 months lol sheesh. He kinda treats me like I’m new to the mission lol like he explains the most obvious stuff. It can be frustrating. He is trying to get me into the card game “magic” but that just ain’t me lol. He talks about mythical creatures and casting spells and apparently has hideous nightmares every night. Haha Life.  Man, just crazy.

And just a little about my new area. So ya it’s called Feucht but technically I’m living in a town called Neumarkt and the sisters are in Feucht. They aren’t very big towns but they’re pretty and really old. It’s colorful here I like the look of stuff. And we are just 20 minutes south of Nuremberg!  It’s been such a testimony builder that God hears and answers prayers.  In the past little while I’ve been praying to know what I need to become, who I need to be and over and over I’ve heard the answers “love and humility” and a week or two ago I said a prayer asked for a lesson in love and humility. I was pretty scared and lol well here I am. But that’s the beauty of life.  I’ll have many happy times here in Feucht I can already tell. So ya. I’m kinda struggling but only kinda. I’ll live. Idk I have felt pretty lonely and scared so far but I think that’s the same with all new areas. It’ll just take some time.

But ya I’m all good. I will be ok. All tough times pass! Thanks for support just remember to pray extra hard for Hen these next few weeks. I need some help lol.

Loves loves loves