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Frozen for Christmas

28 Dec , 2015,
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What a perfect week! Literally everything went so perfect I am so happy! Christmas is the best!

K so I’ll just give you guys a recap of the 3 days of Christmas. In Germany the 24th, 25th and 26th are all “Christmas” and it’s sick.  24th is the main day though, like every body opens presents on what would be our Christmas Eve. Pretty weird but cool.  So on the 24th, we got invited by a member to meet him at the church for a little lunch! His name is Bruder Bopp. I had always seen him at church and nobody ever really seemed to talk to him. And so Elder Vorimo and I went by his apartment earlier last week and I gave him a little tie that plays music. He wasn’t there but I just put it in his mail box. He showed up to church last Sunday and was just holding the tie in his hands and was like “I can’t tie a tie, will you tie it for me?” But anyway, then Thursday he invited us to the church and we ate with him! Then afterwards we had a little Christmas program at the church and that was great I loved it! The spirit was mega strong. Then my fav part of the day was going over to a member family’s house for the night! Their name is the Schwabs and they are so great! We had an amazing dinner and then we watched them open up presents! But the BEST part was after. So for the Christmas days our president said that we could watch a movie with a family…so we watched FROZEN!! I was SO pumped it was amazing. Easily my fav Disney movie it was just so sick. Then after we left their house, we just went back to the apartment and had a sleepover in our living room lol it was pretty funny.

Then Christmas Day was so much fun! We woke up and immediately just opened up our presents! Mom came through so clutch this year! Also dad did great at picking a Brooks tie. Then we went to a member’s house and he is from Salt Lake and she is German and they are one of my fav families out here for sure. We had some enchiladas and ice cream and had just great convos.  Then skyping was sweet! Ugh the time just flew by wayyy too fast I felt like it was like 10 minutes long. I could have just chatted with all of you for an hour each. I think it’s a dumb rule that it has to be so short. But it was so great just to see everyone I love you all so much! Then we hung out with the the family a little bit more then came home! Just a perfect Christmas Day!

The last day of Christmas was again just perfect. We went over to one of my fav members house and we watched 17 miracles with their whole family! It’s actually not a bad film.  I thought it was pretty good. It is so nice to be thousands of miles away from home and still have a home somewhere. People here are so kind!

So ya this week was awesome. And this upcoming week will be amazing again! New Years here is just wild we have to be inside our apartment at 6:00 lol cause the streets just blow up with drunk people and fireworks even in like the small neighborhoods. Way fun! It’s crazy  2015 is over and now it’s almost 2016! So weird to think all of 2015 I was on my mission. What a roller coaster year lol it was so fun

Well that’s it from me this week. I love all of you and hope you are all happy.




I Bought Some Lederhosen

21 Dec , 2015,
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Wowww I can’t believe Christmas is on Friday!! It has come SO fast!  But this week was sweet!

Last Monday I bought some Lederhosen and they are so sick! We are all wearing them to the Christmas market today so I’ll make sure to send some pics! Then Tuesday I was on a split with another Elder! It is always great just to work with someone else for a day! I always learn so much and feel like I walk away a better missionary.

image1 (1)

Then Wednesday we had our Zone Conference and that was awesome! The spirit was really strong all day! We had Elder Johnson from the Europe Area Presidency come and talk to us! Way cool! We talked about blessings, faith, and obedience. I heard some stuff that I really need! Then that night a ton of missionaries and YSA kids went caroling in the city and that was soooo fun!! We got some good crowds haha.  Towards the end we were singing and I just saw this guy out of the corner of my eye and I just got a feeling I needed to talk to him. I tried to deny it cause we were in the middle of a song but he started to walk away and I got an even stronger impression so I just walked away from the choir and caught up with him. He was SO sick! It turns out he is originally from Finland, but has lived in Germany for almost his whole life. He has been to SLC before and he actually lives in Feucht! So crazy! We talked a little and he was really friendly. He wouldn’t give up any of his info unfortunately,  but he knows where our church is and has our number! He said he might come by on Sunday sometime. I was so grateful that I was able to receive a spiritual prompting and follow it then have it turn out so perfect! No such thing as coincidences in missionary work! Lol

On Friday we had a really sweet member lesson with one of my fav families here! We talked about families and why they’re so important and the member said the main reason is “Teamwork” and that made so much sense to me! Families really are exactly like a team. Just always covering for each other and supporting each other and everyone doing their part to make something great! It just rang really true to me as he said that and I am just so grateful for the solid team I have!

Saturday we had a street display! It was pretty sweet I got to talk to a lot of people! I even talked to this one lady who said she could totally see herself being Mormon but just like won’t meet with us or anything like that…UGH. It has definitely been hard this past little while. I feel like I am pushing harder than ever to find investigators and talk to people but we are just seeing next to no success. But I mean the only thing that would make it worse would be to stop lol.

And yesterday was one of my favorite days in Feucht!! We had a ward eating party (I have zero idea what that’s called in English) after church and then after that we went to a member’s house and talked a ton about missionary work and what they think we can do to gain trust in the ward! We are way pumped to work here and do our best! It’ll be a great time!

I hope you all have such a Merry Christmas! It’s the best time of year! Just enjoy every second of it. It is always a hard time of year to be away from home but it there is nothing like feeling the love from home out here! I am grateful for family and friends that I miss!  And I am so happy that I miss you guys cause it just shows how wonderful you all are. I am grateful for the love I get to feel every day from heaven. I’m grateful for the birth of Christ and all the miracles that followed!

I love you all with my heart!

See you all on Xmas!



New Companion – Elder Vorino

14 Dec , 2015,
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This week was pretty solid! I feel good.

Well Tuesday I said Tschüß to Elder Wiley and then just gotta chill with Ad in Nurnberg for a while! We contacted this guy wearing a Dallas Cowboys jacket and it turns out he is from New Jersey and now he is meeting with Ad and his comp! So that was sick. Then I went and picked up my new comp Elder Vorimo! He’s great! He is from Virginia just right outside DC and he has been out on the mission as long as me. It is SO nice! Like we were just like contacting underway to the church and we were already just bouncing off one another! So nice to be with someone who can speak some German! He is a pretty big goofball, but it’ll be fun I think. He is a happy guy and wants to work hard so I can’t really complain. I think it’ll be a good transfer!

On Wednesday we were just walking around and for some reason we kinda stopped in our tracks and I see this black guy. And it was just one of those classic feelings you hear about where like I just knew I had to talk to him. Like I just knew it. So I tried making eye contact but he wasn’t looking so I just decided to keep on walking past him and forget it. Lol but like immediately it just started eating at me and I knew I had to turn back. So I did and i went up and talked to him and it turns out he is a former investigator! He is from South Africa and is awesome! He said like 1 year and 1/2 ago he was meeting with missionaries and was way close to baptism but things just went wrong and it all fell out. But he was pumped to see us and we are hoping to meet with him this week!! His name is Vusi!

Saturday was a crazy day! We called the sisters in the morning to check and see if they cleaned the baptismal font and they didn’t so we went over to the church and scrubbed the font and made it look as nice as we could. Then they called and told us that the person who was gonna give a talk was sick and asked if we could write a talk really quick and give it. So we had to do that and so one of spoke German and the other stood beside and translated in English for Tina. It was pretty funny! Then the sisters called right before the baptism and were like “hey could you guys fill the font with water too?” I was just like OMG but we did it and everything turned out great! The baptism went down! It was awesome to see Tina glow! Made me way happy. It was really cool to look back just 6 weeks ago there was nothing going on in this area at all, and now there is a new member here! Way blessed!

The other days of the week we just spent out in the work talking to people! I really like it we have a lot of fun together! I really hope I can just stay this happy! But that’s my favorite part about the gospel! It’s not just there for us when we’re sad and miserable. It’s there for us when we’re at our best and happy. The gospel will always make us happier no matter how we feel!

So just a little bit more about Elder Vorimo. Like I said he’s from Virginia just right outside DC. He went to BYU-I for a year before mission and he’s been out just as long as me on the mission! So I know him from my MTC group! He LOVES soccer but never played in high school or anything. But he knows all about the euro soccer teams. And his dad is from Finland. Lol but he is just a happy pleasant guy to be around so far. He is really hard working and that’s all I mostly care about.

Like he is literally one of the goofiest people I have met in my life.  He is quite a character, but it’s still awesome to be his friend. I’ve learned on my mission that it is a ton easier to be friends with people by taking interest in their interests instead of trying to make them like what you like. Like I have learned so much about Euro soccer this week lol and I feel like we’re already just getting along great!

So ya I’m a happy boy right now! Life is good! I hope you’re all enjoying Christmas time! For as magical as it is over here in Germany, it still doesn’t touch Christmas at home! I love home!

Thanks for all the love I feel out here! You’re all continually in my prayers. I love you guys.

Röthenberg and #Pray4Tina

7 Dec , 2015,
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This week was so fast! But good!

Last Monday was great! We went to a way famous town in Germany called Röthenberg and it was so sick! It is like a Christmas town all year round so this time of year it is just wonderful. And Ad came with us so we just kinda wandered off together and talked about life and just how lucky we are lol. Then that night we had such an amazing member appointment. We talked about weaknesses n stuff and why we have them (Ether 12:27) and I just left feeling really uplifted. Then Monday night was interesting lol. It was 10:30 and I had just kneeled down to pray and I heard the phone ringing so I went to go pick it up and it was president calling. So I went into the kitchen and we just had such a nice convo. He is such a great man! He told me that my ward had even written him a letter.  Lol well we ended up talking till like 11:30 it was so weird but so cool. He was so nice to me and made sure I didn’t feel like I was under pressure and he started talking  “Elder Morris, I am aware of your situation. Thank you so much for maintaining a good attitude throughout this transfer. You have gained nothing but my respect. Bless your heart.” Lol I just wanted to cry it was so sweet. So ya that was just a great start to my week!!

Then on Tuesday we taught a sweet old lady named Frau Heberlein. She is so sweet! We just kinda talked about the Book of Mormon and what that means if it is true. She said she totally believes it could be true, but doesn’t quite grasp the significance of it yet. But she will! Then at the end I just asked if there was anything I could do for her and she kinda paused and looked out the window and started to get teary eyed. She said just to pray for her and her family. Then we left the appointment and before we even turned the corner, she called me and was just like “thanks for being there”. I just got such a warm feeling I felt so good! She is such a nice lady with so much potential!

Then Wednesday to Thursday I went on a split to a city called Regensburg! It is so sick I loved that place! There is so much to see!  We talked to lots of people and I also ate at the oldest restaurant in the world! Sounds crazy I know but it’s true. It’s this place that sells Bratwurst and it has been around since the 1300’s! Way crazy and way good too! Lol I’ll send you guys a pic!

Also I read 4 Nephi like 3 times this week it just kept on hitting me hard. It talks about the people back then being the happiest people on earth (4 Nephi v. 16) and all just because they were righteous and obedient. Like literally the happiest people on the planet. And then it was all just destroyed cause they were wicked and bad people and all their happiness went away. Just like way sad. It makes me just wanna cry these people really did have all the happiness in the world, and they blew it. All just for worldly prideful possessions! Sometimes I think I just need to realize and focus on what makes me happy in life. Cause I just wanna be happy.

Then Saturday came. So normally we find out transfers by just having a huge mission conference call and they announce everything. But this time they just had the assistants call us if we were getting transferred. So all day I was just on pins and needles wondering if a call was gonna come. And all day time just kept passing and passing I thought we weren’t gonna get one. But then at like 8:00 pm the assistants call and told us that Elder Wiley is leaving! Crazy! I don’t really know much about my next comp but I know that his name is Elder Vorimo and that he is my age on the mission so that’ll be nice to be with someone who can speak German and stuff so that’ll be great. But ya next week I’ll give you all details on him and all that!  I have learned a ton in my time with elder Wiley I’m way grateful I was comps with him.

But ya life is great. One of the sisters also got transferred so the area will be getting a new sister and a new elder! And on Saturday this week the sisters have a baptism!!

Lol it’ll be great I’m super excited!! #Pray4Tina

I’m all good out here I’m just trying to be happy and enjoy life!

Hope you all have a wonderful week filled with love!