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2nd Week

27 Sep , 2014,
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By all accounts I should be miserable right now.  But I’m not.  My bed is uncomfortable, the showers make you smell weird, the food messes with my tummy, I wake up at 6:30 every morning, I miss my friends, family, and SpongeBob.  But the gospel in my life makes me so happy.  I was sitting at my desk on Sunday and just said a prayer to the Lord to help me find a scripture that would change my life.  And that’s exactly what I got.  I just was scanning through all the pages of my scriptures of my BoM and I stopped on Alma 32.  It legitimately changed my life.    If you take away the gospel from the MTC, it is a boot camp.  But add the Gospel and I don’t even think about all the terrible stuff here.  Last night we had ANOTHER apostle come talk to us! M. Russell Ballard came.  He didn’t even have a talk written!  He just got up there and talked.  He talked about how missions change lives and affect people at home and how he didn’t know anything when he went on his mission and how a mission is gonna be so worth it.  Literally exactly what I needed to hear.  So awesome.  ANNDDDDDD I’M SINGING AT PRIESTHOOD SESSION IN THE CHOIR!!!!!!  So blessed.  So they had us fill out surveys about our singing experience and I was honest and was like none.  But so many kids lied and wrote how good they were and were in their high school choir.  So there was like 1200 applications and only like 380 were being selected.  Then like 20 left over just to fill space.  And I was one of the 20!!  I can’t believe it.  So now you guys have to get tickets and come watch me sing.  I’m singing Bass.

Thanks for everything and keep the packages coming!  I love them.  And also the quotes.  Those are the best.  And if you guys find any scriptures during your personal study please send them to me!  It would be much appreciated!  Love you!