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5 Months

9 Feb , 2015,
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Another great week here in Bonn.  K so Monday night we had our French night with the family Stein and they really are the sickest. They are so funny and like all my nights there are some of my fav nights in Germany. So that was a great start to the week.  Then on Thursday we had Zone training in Düsseldorf and that was fine. Elder Henderson gave a lesson and I made him drop a Mitt Romney quote and it was so sick. Like literally 10 heads just turned right at me right as he said it. Then we showed the clip of Bruce Wayne climbing out of the pit (with permission of course) and everyone loved it it was sick.

Then after we met with Frank, the guy who removed his records and all but now is wayyy sick. He just like stopped drinking coffee all on his own and man he’s so awesome. And since his whole thing is about God and all that, we shared such a wonderful story with him. And it worked and he really liked it and felt the spirit. Then after that we met with Sister Adams and man she’s tough. We talked about temples and she was saying how cathedrals are cool too and all this stuff and it was cool I got to use all my experience from all the cathedrals I’ve seen and tell her like “look, I’ve been to a lot. And there is just a difference when you’re in the temple and when you’re in a dome. Cathedrals are just something nice to look at at” and she really was like silenced and liked what we were saying it was cool.

Then Friday we met with the Luna Victoria’s. The family with triplets and none of them are baptized. The mom is the only member and I think the dad is gone somewhere. Idk. But we also had David, the 17 year old kid who’s way legit and interested and we brought 2 young women from our ward to help us teach and to make friends with the kids. It was so productive. So many aspects of missionary work in one sitting. Anyway, we were teaching David the Plan of Salvation and we just asked him what his thoughts or theories were about what happens after death. And he’s like “I don’t think there’s just heaven or hell. I think there’s like different levels of places you can go.” And our jaws just dropped. I was so pumped. So then we just kept on teaching and obviously he loved that.  He was like basically right, and he came to church and said he wants to be baptized, but first just wants to learn more about Jesus Christ and what he did here. And obviously we can help him with that.

So ya it was a good week. Busy busy. So many missionaries are asking if Elder Henderson is trunky and it’s bugging us so bad, were gonna try and break the mission record (22) of lesson taught in one week, his very last week here. We´re like planning it all out and getting home teaching splits lined up and all this stuff. It’s gonna be sweet. We’re goaling for 30, but we’ll see what we end up with. Should be fun.

Weird that I’ll be hitting 5 months tomorrow.  In a way it’s gone by fast but in ways it’s gone by slow. Seriously feel like forever ago I was at home saying goodbye to all my friends that one night. Man. But I’m all good out here. I hope Elizabeth had a great Bday party. Sad to miss it.

I just finished Mark and am starting Luke.

Anyway that’s it. Love you all. Elder Morris