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6 Months

9 Mar , 2015,
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Life is so sick. I really do love it. Can’t believe I’m really out 6 months tomorrow. Just like crazy 6 months ago was the worst day of my life.

I’ve just been reflecting over the past little bit and I thought about what John from Brooks Bros sent me in the MTC. He said his mission wasn’t the best two years OF his life, but the best two years FOR his life. And that’s exactly what I feel like my mission has been so far. I’ve obviously been happier in my life and have had a lot more fun before, but I’m learning so much and I think I’m just becoming a better person. It’s just cool to look at me 6 months ago and what I thought and now to just see the changes in myself.

Anyway, this week was sick. I love my comp so much. That guy is so sick. He’s so solid. Way deep thinker and way hard worker and I can totally be myself around him. It’s just way awesome I am way way happy with him.

This week we were walking by this park with some extra time and we saw these hoodrats playing some bball and he’s like c’mon elder lets go play. And I was like ugh. These guys were smoking and listening to Eminem and all this stuff and they had 5 and it was just us two and we played 5 vs 2 and we literally killed them. They couldn’t dribble or like anything. It was so much fun. They were kinda punks but we gave them all cards then one of them called us last night and wanted to play today so we went and played with him today. He was cool and pretty nice. Just like felt good to play some ball lol.

Then we met with David who’s getting baptized on April 4th last night and I was just  a little nervous that he might not be down for baptism and idk what he was gonna be like. Bit I was like “guess what’s onApril 4th??” and he’s like “MY BAPTISM!!” hahaha he is soooo sick.  I am so happy with him and him and Elder Brown like wrestled a little and it was just way funny. Awesome night.

Life here is just good. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

Oh ya lol and pres called me this past week just to congratulate me on breaking the record. Way unexpected but way funny. Good guy.

Love you all and I pray for you too. Thanks for praying for me.

Elder Morris