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A Mom in Germany

1 Apr , 2015,
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Things are just rolling right long here!

So last Monday after emailing we had probably one of my fav appts of my mission. It was this black fam of just this mom and daughter. The daughter is like 20 and we go over there and they were super nice and all and we just start into the lesson and stuff. The mom is “African Muslim” and she said that means they’re a lot more lax. lol. Anyway with Muslims they usually always disagree that there are prophets on the earth today, but with her she like brought it up and is like “why would God stop sending prophets?” it was soooo sick. Anyway she about cried when we gave her our Book of Mormon she was so touched. Then she said that since our families are in America, that she is our Mom over here! She said if you ever need food or a place to stay or literally anything that she would do it for us. It was sooo sick. She really touched my heart how welcoming she was to us. And now were going to meet with the again tonight!

Oh ya and ya know how last week there was that guy who just came up and talked to me? Ya he’s getting baptized on April 10th! He’s sooo sick! He is just loving the gospel and all of it! He came to all 3 hours of church and loved it! Which is rare, and he can’t wait to get baptized! His name is Julian!

AND I get to baptize David this Friday! It was supposed to be on Saturday but he couldn’t then, so the ward wanted to move it to next week, but there’s a high chance that I won’t be in Bonn then so he said that he wanted to do it on Friday so that I could do it! I’m soo pumped! I can’t believe it’s actually happening. And last night we met with him and we were talking about baptisms for the dead and the temple and stuff and he’s wayyy excited for that and he even brought up the idea of a mission. We’ll see how that goes but that would really be something else if he ended up serving a mission! Wow.

Things are just like so sick right now. Everything is just like going so well!

We find out on Saturday what is happening so we’ll see where I’m going. Pretty nervous. Just have no idea what president is thinking.

Anyway not much else to report on. The work is just really picking up here. We’ve even had a few peeps call us back from handing out cards, and that’s just nuts. I’m just pretty happy. Still miss home obviously, but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy to be here.

Love you all so much! Have a great week