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8 Dec , 2014,
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OK week. Again nothing too bad.

We set another baptismal date with the pro soccer player which was dope. We’ll see how committed he is.

But the biggest part of the week was when I went on a split to Aachen. I was with this kid who’s been out 3 months longer than me and thinks he’s all knowing. First of all, we freeze for like 3 hours while he goes and gets rejected by 300 people trying to pass out DVDs.  Then we get back to the apartment and he starts asking all these MTC questions like “why are you out here?” and “where do you want to be spiritually in 2 years?” and I’m just like bro, knock it off. I just kept on being nice and giving him short answers with a little smile. Then I was just like “I’m content” talking about being on a mission. And he was just saying how the Lord doesn’t like that and I need to repent and all this baloney. All this stuff that I was nice enough to answer and he thought he could just flip it on me. He is one of the robot missionaries that walks a block away from any underwear store so he won’t be around it. Idk he was just killing me and made me way grateful to get the heck out of Aachen.

But like it didn’t really affect me. He’s just an idiot, and there are plenty of them out here.

Our bishop had a cool quote. It was “As in nature, if you’re not growing, you’re dead.” and like idk I just liked that.

I’m fine out here. Love you all and I can feel all your prayers. Thanks for everything.  Love, Henry