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And like I try but ugh

14 Sep , 2015,
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Well, another 6 weeks…at least. Elder Ewing and I are staying together. I’m petty happy about it. Things are going well. I’m happy to be here. It’s just weird I’ve been here since April.

Life is just sweet! That was so sick to see that pic of Dad and the Lipkes. He saw them right before they left and we were at their house waiting for them when they got home! Way way special. I love those people so much! They said he looks like Elder Uchtdorf which actually kinda is true once I think about it.  LOL

On Wednesday Elder Ewing and I actually had a really long good convo. Probs like one of the best of our time together. We just talked about basically what I talked about a week or two ago. Like how we both have this person in our heads that we want to be. And we try and get there, yet we keep messing up along the way. And some times like I don’t get why! We talked about how things that seemed important to us before, aren’t as important now. We talked about how we just want to be known as a nice guy. Like really if I had one wish it would just be like when people think of me they would think like “hey Henry is a nice kid” like literally I don’t want anything more. And like I try but ugh. Anyway sorry to rant but I just think a lot.

Anyway on Thursday was my year mark!! Soooo sweet! We went over to a members house and the parents were gone and it was so sweet! The parents asked us to go over and see what was up! They have these 2 less active kids and they’re always quiet around missionaries. But we just sent him a text and asked if we could come over. He said ya and at first it was a little weird but it ended up being so sick!! He like totally came out of his shell. He had an American football and we were just bombing it in the backyard. It’s so funny how impressed Germans are if you can like throw a football. We played some UNO and then we even finished up with a little spiritual thought. It was so great!

Oooook then Friday was dope as. We met with this guy. He’s a referral from other sisters near us. His name is Alex. He’s black. He has a job. He has a car. He speaks German. He has a wife and 4 kids. And we set a baptismal date for the 17th of October! He’s soooo cool! We didn’t get to meet with his wife or kids yet, but we will! He said he just feels a light when he talks to us and there just isn’t that light in any of the other church’s! He’s so legit. He works some Sunday’s which will be a bump to get over but I know he’ll be blessed!

Then ugh Saturday we went on a go-by to this inactive member and he let us in and immediately asked for our help to leave the church. There’s a specific term for it in English but I forget the phrase. Like he doesn’t wanna be a member anymore. It was way sad. Like we tried talking to him about it but he was just like “nope decisions is already made” :////// ugh so that was sad. But that’s just how it goes sometimes!

Haha oh ya and this week I saw an interesting looking guy and I just decided I’d go talk to him and lol he recognized us immediately the first and only this he said was “you guys are the ones who can’t have sex! I’d rather have sex with a dog than no sex at all!” Lol I just kinda stood there in awe for a few moments. Some people are so peculiar.

Thanks for the love everyone. Love you so much.

I know Christ can make us who we need to be! Matthew 4:19!

Ich bin sehr froh, dass ihr meine Familie seid und dass wir für immer mit einander Leben Können. Wie schön ist das??

Viele liebe Grüße


Ps we built a fort in our room with sheets and tape