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20 Jul , 2015,
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Man the weeks just fly by so fast! Like we’re already in week five out of six of the transfer! Woah! Crazy stuff.

Anyways, this week was awesome of course!

I had a crazy experience on Wednesday. So, every Wednesday night we have an English class. This one guy named Herr Schneider always shows up. He was an investigator. We taught him the first lesson and have him a BoM then he told us he didn’t want to learn anymore. But we kept on seeing him and all that stuff. So, Wednesday night he was the only one who showed up to English class. Normally we play card games and just talk English with these people and answer their questions. Well, we were considering leaving but then Herr Schneider asked if we wanted to stay and play a few rounds with him. I was hesitant cause I didn’t want to just waste time, but I got the feeling we should. Another thing about Herr Schneider is he hated lesson situations where he feels like he’s being taught. So we start playing cards and after a while I just finally asked “so have you read anymore in the Book of Mormon?” And he’s like “Ja the whole thing.” I kinda thought I must have not understood his German. I was like “Nayyy you mean 1 Nephi to Moroni?” And he’s like “ja” I was sooo speechless!! I asked him why he read in it. He said “cause you guys interest me. I wasn’t very nice to you and every time I saw you guys you still came up and smiled and greeted me. I just want to know what this church is about.” LOL We starting talking more and he said he didn’t tell us because he knows he’ll never be Mormon. He said he totally believes it could be true but he said he read on the internet that we can’t drink coffee. And he said he CANNOT give that up. So I committed him to pray and ask God if it’s true and then we’ll start from there on the whole coffee thing. But wow that was something I’ve never experienced before!! Lol

Ha, then on Thursday since we might lose our car, we wanted to get familiar with the public transpo here so we went on an assignment from bishop to a less active fam that took us 3 hours to get to. It took a train ride then a 6 kilometer walk there through like this forest road that was nuts and had tons of bugs and stuff. Then we had the appointment and walked the 6 kilometers back and missed a train then waited and got home at 8:30. Our whole day was taken up by one appointment! Crazy. It took soooo long and the walk was soooo hot! I did a lot of pondering n stuff but in the way back Elder Ewing got into a good convo about what we’ll do differently when we get home. Ah man I went on forever. He didn’t say as much but I just told him that’ll change for sure the longer he is out here. It’s crazy thinking so differently now than I did before my mission!

On Saturday we had another cool experience! So we had a white day and so we started to do some doors! The funniest part was when we knocked on this door and this lady opened and Elder Ewing was so nervous he accidentally said “hey, we are two missionaries and we believe that we can live with YOUR family forever” lolol the lady just slammed that door sooo fast!! Anyway after a while I could tell Ewing was hating life. So I stopped after the next slam and was just like “alright well that’s enough of that” so we started walking back to the car not really knowing what we were doing for the rest of the day. Just as we get to the car another set of elders call us with a referral!! They met a guy who just gave them his address and he has a BoM already and said he would read!! We are really pumped to meet him! We are going by him tomorrow! We had to spend the rest of the night looking through phone books for his number lol! Still a great experience!!

Man the Autobahn is such a treat to drive on I don’t think I’ve been appreciating it as much as I should! I don’t think too many missionaries get to say they can do that! Like the other day we got going soooo fast we were up at like 175 kmph which is like 110 mph lolol and cars were still flying past us! Way crazy. It’s so fun!!

All in all I’m doing alright. I got no major complaints. Way jealous you’re all in Newport obviously that kinda stinks to miss out on. Great memories. Especially Disneyland. #DrakeBell

Well that’s it for this week! Enjoy the sun! And pray for me

I’m in right now but just to send this email I’ll be on later

Viel SpaƟ mit alles!!



Elder Morris and Elder Tanner

Elder Morris and Elder Tanner