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11 Oct , 2014,
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BEDNAR. Holy cow. “And I invite you to come and see” *mic drop* *walks off stage* soo sick. That was probably my favorite talk. Did anyone else think some huge announcement was coming after that first session? I was freaking out it was so scary. And Monson didn’t crack one joke all weekend. Things were a little off it seemed. Hey, I wonder what political party Christopherson belongs too… (Wink wink) any way, still sick. it was all basically just like, “you’re all slacking and doing bad stuff and not trying, it’s time to follow the prophet and live up to the standards of the church and stop making sorry excuses for why you’re not doing what you’re supposed to” so ya, pretty weird seeing everyone at priesthood. Sorry if it didn’t look like I was excited, but they were super strict about us making gestures towards out family. But it was a little hard. I’ll be alright though. I knew dad would spot my pocket square. Some tool tried to tell me to take it off cause it would catch the cameras attention…..DUH. But it was a cool experience. My watch is sooo sic too! I love the rose gold and navy blue. And did you really think I was gonna throw myself a bday party at the MTC?? “Hey everyone come in my room and celebrate my bday with me!” I don’t think so. But I did, very  much appreciate the thought and effort, mom. I’m glad I at least got some camera time, I got totally screwed with the whole top row far right thing. And the kid next to me tried telling me I was flat. I didn’t even look at him. But we did eat the cake mom. Demass and Glissmeyer (the Alta kid) picked the lock to an empty room where no one is living and we call it “Babylon” cause its where we go to get way from everyone and talk about the outside world. Pretty fun stuff. Nice to have a few people that are similar to me. Anyway, it was a good week for sure. Love you all. I miss Elizabeth a ton.