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3 Nov , 2014,
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Bonn! Way sick and way lucky. This place is awesome. I’ll tell you guys all about that later. But first I have an awesome experience that happened 5 minutes into Germany. K so I just got off the plane and am waiting for baggage claim. So as I got off the phone before takeoff I said goodbye to Mom and I was just super scared and sad and all that stuff. So I just said a prayer and like had tears down my face and everything. Anyways, so, no big deal right? Wrong. At baggage claim this girl who looked to be in her upper thirties comes up and taps me on my shoulder and hands me a little note. I won’t type the whole thing, but she was like “hey young guy. You really inspire me. I saw you praying and wanted to let you know that God is going to help you.” Then she gave me a few scriptures then her email and said that if I’m ever in Leipzig(Berlin mission) that she would love to sit down and chat and she gave me her email. I literally almost passed out I was so dead. That was so freaking sick. All it took was saying a little prayer in public to let the Holy Ghost touch someone. Anyway, that was just awesome and a huge confidence booster for the rest of the day.

But ya, Bonn is way sick. No one has been there for like a whole year so I and Elder Henderson have to like re-open it. Elder Henderson is a good guy. Everyone talks about Divver here lol. I’m actually serving where Divver did for a long time, so all the ward members know him and loooove him. But ya my trainer is a really good guy. He is just coming off being ZL in Heidelberg. And that is like the dream zone of the mission. He was there for 9 months and really had a home there. So I feel for him. He has a good attitude though and speaks really good German. We have quite a task at hand here in Bonn though. We are supposed to get enough people to make two wards. We are actually living in Euskirchen right now, which is like a half hour train ride from Bonn, while they look for an apartment for us. And it’s nice because a sister in my district is also serving in Bonn with me so I have a familiar face. So I’m living in a foursome, but we don’t know how much longer. We are pretty crammed. So ya I have been pretty lucky with everything so far. I’m in the zone next to Adam, and around Christmas time our Zones are having a Zone conference so I’ll see him soon I hope! I think I know why God sent us to the same mission. Because I couldn’t do it if I didn’t know Adam was doing literally the exact same thing that I am. Seriously, every day I’ll just get a little sad and I’ll just think of Adam and realize that he is right there with me. Really great.

Another cool experience, so there is this really awesome family named the Titz. And they’re this old guy and his wife in the basement, and their inactive daughter and her nonmember husband upstairs. So we went over to their house to eat on Friday and we have to prepare a spiritual thought afterwards. So Henderson gives this awesome thought (he just told me before that he was gonna talk about faith) so I couldn’t understand anything at all. Then he just looks at me and I just got the gist that he wanted me to bear my testimony. So I just opened up to Alma 32:21 and blacked out. Literally couldn’t tell you one thing I said. I have no memory. The spirit completely took over. And Bruder Titz was just like crying afterwards hugging me and stuff and saying stuff that I couldn’t understand but I think he liked it. So then on Sunday, we all had to get up in front of the ward (probably like 150 members) and we had to bear our testimonies. And I got up there and was like “I’m new in Germany and I don’t really know what I’m saying” then just a few things about like why I love missionary work. Then Bruder Titz got up and all I heard throughout was Elder Morris. So afterwards I asked Henderson what he said and the guy basically talked about me the whole time. The Holy Ghost really is so cool and what it can do.
But ya our ward is wayyy sick. The kids loves us. Go on Instagram and look at this kids Instagram “JonnyBolte” I’m his first post lol. He has like no followers, but everyone was like coming up to us inviting us for dinner so I’m way excited!

Now I know that I will definitely have some unhappy times ahead of me, but so far I’ve mainly been all smiles. Of course I have had my lows throughout the day, but mainly I’m happy. I can’t understand anything, but I know it will come. I don’t get too discouraged. We are getting handed over SEVEN investigators. SEVEN. Crazy. The elder before us did a really good job of doing double duty, so they’re really happy to have us. But ya there are quite a few Divver stories lol. Everybody loves him though. He was just super crazy. But ya I’m living in the same apartment he did in Euskirchen, then I will be also in Bonn when we move. Pretty cool. That’s about it for now. Pretty exciting first weekend. This Elder Livig with us from Arizona ate something terrible earlier on Saturday and literally about broke the toilet. We all have to share one bathroom and I could hear him from like 2 rooms over. It sounded so gruesome I almost like busted down the door to see if he was ok. Then on Saturday morning, we had breakfast at the Titz and they served blood sausage. Well, there is not a chance I was eating that, so I put it in my sweatshirt pocket when they went to the kitchen, and they came back and thought I liked it so much that they gave me another one. Great stuff. So far it is pretty sick. Happy to be here!