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Broken Window

1 Jun , 2015,
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This week was pretty alright!

I have been able to laugh a little here and there and it feels pretty good.

So, on Thursday we are just studying and our apartment is on the first floor and our windows are right next to the sidewalk n stuff. Well, this group of like 6th graders n stuff is just walking by on their way to school or something and Elder Watts wants to scare them. So, he’s like I’m just gonna slap the window. And I’m like “you’re wearing a ring, (promise ring from his GF) it’s gonna shatter the window.” Well, he didn’t believe me. So as the kids are walking by he just reaches back and smacks the window wayyy hard and BOOMM just shattered lololololol. I haven’t laughed that hard in soooo long it felt sooo great! There was glass everywhere and we just heard screams of kids and running! Lololol it was sooo classic. Elder Watts was so worried n stuff and he had to call the office and explain what happened. (He lied and made up some story). But oh man. It was awesome.

But other than that this week was kinda slow. I was kinda struggling a little. I just didn’t have a good feeling. Like kinda just a feeling of like not good enough and all that stuff. It’s pretty scary knowing that any mistakes I make have an effect on other people’s lives. And certainly I have made a lot of mistakes out here. And this week all of them just seemed to come rushing back! But then, I was reading in the BoM. And I read two verses that hit me harder than almost any other verse ever. I legit felt like it was talking directly to Henry. I read Alma 42:30-31. It was crazy. I feel so much better now. I’ve just been reading lately to try and get that solid testimony I want really bad and that helped so much! It was like a burden being lifted right off my shoulders! Really a crazy experience. So nice to know that God has my back!

Ooh ya and on Friday our investigator invited us to his taekwondo class that he teaches. Well, holy crap! He didn’t even invite us to like a beginner’s class. I had to fight these like 25 yr olds and just got the crap kicked out of me. It was crazy. People were like trying round house kicks and tried sweeping my feet. Then he finally paired me with a 13 yr old and that was closer to even. Got in a few good kicks to the ribs!

But ya other than that this week was kinda boring. We didn’t have any outstanding lessons or anything. I’m doing better though! Trying to be happy in unhappy circumstances! Can’t get better than that!

I’m alll gooood!!! All sounds better at home n stuff. We’re getting iPads next Tuesdayayyy!! Gonna be dope as.

Well I love you all and I sure do love being a missionary!

PS today I found a sale on deutscher fußball jerseys so I’ll be buying one. That’ll be sick.

Love you

Be careful, it’s a jungle out there.