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15 Feb , 2016,
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Lol I feel like I was just writing yesterday.  The days really do just blend together! So fast! Anyways this week was solid of course. I’m a happy boy.

From Tuesday to Wednesday I was on a split with an Elder in the district who is pretty new.  He’s a pretty interesting guy. I didn’t really know him too well and it was fun to work with one another. It was really weird though like he was kinda wanting to talk about just the most distracting things throughout the day lol. Like I’m all down for chatting it up about life at night, but I just found it so hard to talk about some of the stuff he wanted to talk about and try and listen to the spirit for any promptings He might be giving me. I read a little bit about “reverence” this week and what it is, and it talked a bit about being well mannered in thought, word, and action, then being able to hear the spirit the best. And it is too often a challenge to be “reverent” throughout the day. Definitely something I could improve on.

On Thursday we met with Torsten! He is such a good guy. He just talks a lot. Like a lot. We met with him at the church and he showed up and we started our lesson and he just always seems to get off topic. Like when we talk about spiritual stuff, the lesson is amazing and the spirit is way strong. But sometimes he just talks and talks and a few minutes later were talking about something completely different. Like at the beginning we asked him what his family means to him. Well he started out ok then 5 minutes later he’s talking about rivers in America! Lol idk how. So it is always a fight to get the lesson back on track. But he is definitely sincere in his search for truth and we are excited for him to make progress. Pray for him. He came to church yesterday and we had a sick lesson. He accepted a soft baptismal invite. He said when he finds out this is all true, he’ll gladly get baptized! Hehe yay!

On Saturday night we walked 4 miles to an appointment with Monday, and he wasn’t there so we had to walk the 4 miles back and it was just pouring rain. lol so bad. But it’s all just kinda part of the experience so it’s all good! Life goes on!

Haha UGH then ok so yesterday a talk fell out and the 1st counselor asked me to give a 5 minute talk like right before the meeting. So I was obviously way nervous and unprepared. I had huge butterflies in my tummy. So I thought I would start off my talk and break the ice so I said “ich habe Schmetterlinge im Bauch” which is just directly “I have butterflies in my stomach.” And it got way too big of laugh out of the ward like it wasn’t supposed to be that funny so I thought something might be up and it might mean something different in German lol. SO after the meeting I literally had 10 people come up to me and explain to me that in German, “butterflies in the stomach” means that someone is in love…I was mortified lol! So embarrassing. It probably doesn’t seem that bad but idk Germans are just very literal people and they were very confused. It was too perfect with valentines yesterday lol I was just so embarrassed.  But I guess it’s a good memory though lol just so bad!

Anyways life is great. I can’t ask for more than what I have right now. I am just happy happy happy. Thanks for all you guys do for me and the love I feel from home. I love you all!