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25 Jan , 2016,
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Lolol what a funny week. But I’ll get to that part later lol

Actually this week we had TONS of appointments fall out it was so frustrating! Like freal Monday-Wednesday every single one of our appointments fell out! But that’s just how it goes sometimes I guess.  Made some great time to go out and find! On Tuesday night we stopped this lady named Carmen. As we stopped her she didn’t take her eyes off my name tag for like 45 seconds lol it was a little awkward but she was dope. She was unusually open about how she wants peace and happiness and God in her life. She talked about how she wants a husband and family. She’s about 40 or so. Then she said she’d come to church and she actually did! She showed up towards the end of sacrament meeting and then we had an investigator class. She has such a desire to know the truth and find out if God is there. She was crying a bit and was just totally feeling the spirit as she was being taught. She said she’ll come no matter what this Sunday!! Such a miracle I am so pumped! Just love it when people give us a chance to talk! It makes me so grateful when I meet people like Carmen to have such wonderful family and friends that bless my life in all ways!

But the Familie Mohr is doing so sick! They just finished reading Mosiah and are loving it! Unfortunately they didn’t have time to meet this week just cause he’s mega busy and her mom was visiting last weekend but we’re seeing them on Wednesday!

Ok ok then Thursday I had my doctors appointment lolol.  The doc came in and again didn’t speak English at all.  It was so bad my terminology of the midsection in German just isn’t good lol so that was a struggle to explain my pain.  He told me I look great and there’s no problems he can see. So that was a HUGE relief. But I’m still in discomfort. He said if it gets worse or doesn’t go away after a month or two then call him again. But ugh after that a nurse came in and drew my blood out of my arm and that hurt SO bad I wanted to cry. She took so much like 5 tubes full. Crazy stuff. So ya I hope this whole thing is all behind me it has been so funny and random I guess it’s all just making memories lol.

We also met with Monday and his fam on Saturday and they are doing great. Kinda. They are reading in the Book of Mormon but he lost his job which was a huge bummer..but he’s a hopeful guy and we just need to keep them progressing!

Life is so good right now! I’m just having a blast out here it is such a good time. Just enjoying everyday!

Love you all thanks for being so nice to me