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29 Dec , 2014,
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So yeah not much to report this week. It was good to talk to everyone and wasn’t like as terrible as I thought it would be after saying goodbye. Hard, but I managed to keep it together.

On Saturday we felt kinda worthless and weren’t doing much but then we felt that we should go by on Asaad because he’s been way sketchy lately and wasn’t answering our calls. Then right as we ring the doorbell he just walks out the door and is on his way to the grocery store. (Keep in mind he’s supposed to be in Berlin right now) and we were just like holy cow what the crap are you doing here. Any way. His friends from Greece are like threatening him and stuff so we are just trying to get that all figured out. But the cool part is he takes us next door to this little family and apparently he had given them a Book of Mormon and right as we walked in one of the guys had the BoM in his hand and  they were talking about it. Just by chance when we showed up. So sick. So now we have 3 new investigators. Just in like 20 minutes. Miracle.

But, sickest part of the week. Ad came to Köln for Pday today so we went and met him up there. So much fun. He came down with his foursome and we went up with us four and the sisters. But then like my guys wanted to go do something and Ad’s guys wanted to go do something and we couldn’t split up and I was just like “listen, my bff is here let’s all just chill together.” So we did then it was sick.  Ad and I just talked a ton at the Dome. Every time I talk to him it just reminds me how alike we are. Everything that comes out of his mouth is just something that would come out of mine. Like we are just bffs. But yeah that was cool to spend a pday with him.

Anyway, nothing too much this week cause I just talked to you. I have the pics, but were at some bad internet cafe and can’t so I’ll just send them when I’m at the church next.

Love you all thanks for everything.