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4 May , 2015,
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Well another week down. Not much else to say.

This week was busy and filled with some cool stuff I guess. Probably my favorite miracle of the week was on Friday though. So we get this referral for this guy named Clayton. He comes out of Nigeria. He is so sick. But his English is just like hard to understand. Anyway, I’m calling him n stuff and he’s giving us street addresses and all this crap and it’s just killing me.  We’re driving around like crazy and we can’t find this guy. Eventually, we find him. He’s so sick. We go into his apartment and we start talking and actually his whole fam is members back in Nigeria. He knows a lot about the church and his faith is sooo strong in Jesus Christ. And he was just saying how much he loves this church. and so finally I was like “well how bout you get baptized on the 16th of May!” and he was like “that would be wonderful” so I’m just on a high walking out of there. so pumped. then I’m like “Elder do you wanna call pres or should I?” and he’s like “I don’t think we know enough about him to have an actual date”  It’s nuts. But that’s not the end of the story.  Then Saturday we went to bishop’s house and did garden work for like 3 hrs. Oh man my knees were numb it was crazy. So dead. Just like pulling weeds for hours. So fun. Then I held their turtle and that was kinda cool.  Then on Sunday, I wanna go by Clayton again and set another date. Then we show up and his roommate is there named Jo. Well, we start talking to him and he’s like wayyyy faithful in Jesus. And now like has so much interest to hear what we have to say. And we talked to Clayton more and now he’s getting baptized May 16th!! YES. IT’S HAPPENING. And I know that his friend Jo will follow shortly after.

So that was a big blessing.

So that’s life over here right now. Nothing too exciting.

It was kinda sad this weekend not being there for the wedding I’ll admit. I thought about it a lot. But it happens. What can I do?

I love you all. Transfers are in two weeks, but I think we’re staying together for another. Just keep praying for me, that should be enough.

I started this new thing. We’ve been having a ton of random rain storms lately. Like it’ll be all sunny then boom just like downpour. So I went and bought like 5 umbrellas and now when we’re driving and I see a person who doesn’t have anything and is just getting soaked I pull over jump out and run it up to them. I wish I had a pic of all their faces. So priceless. Good stuff.

Well I’ll catch ya next week I guess.


PS no pics from the wedding? are you all high??

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