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Clayton’s Baptism

25 May , 2015,
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Well, we did it.  I am so pooped. This week was one of the most stressful of my mish for sure.  Just stressing the whole week that Clayton would make it to his own baptism. We did the program, the treats, the setting up, all of it. But he came.  The program on Saturday went really well! It was awesome and we actually had a nice little turn out. He’s such a good guy! The bishop mixed up the water of the font and it was ice cold! I got in and got out pretty fast. And then Clayton came on Sunday and we confirmed him! It’s so funny, people come up to him and speak German and he just stares at them like “I don’t know what you’re saying” but they just keep talking to him.  It was really awesome. The day before the baptism we were just talking with him making sure everything was good to go and we were like “well, do you have any questions?” and he was like “ya…does the baptism come from God?” and we were just like “….ya” and he was like “then no I don’t have any questions” He is sooo sick! So strong in his faith! I’m really happy for Clayton. And he is really really wanting to pass the sacrament soon!

It’s funny cause like ya, I served in Bonn which is way sick and way fun. And now I’m in Unna which is not sick and not that fun. But when I think back to Bonn I think of the people, not the city. And I have met some way sweet peeps here in Unna. Like I just don’t really care about WHERE I serve, I just care about WHO I serve.

I am doing really great. The work is going forward so that’s all that matters.

I love you all. Have a great week!