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Elder Brown

2 Mar , 2015,
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What up.

Not too much to report this week.

Monday thru Wednesday was basically spent preparing for Henderson to go home. Pretty boring but I stayed sane. Ha-ha

Then Thursday we took a bus from Bonn to Frankfurt and I picked up Elder Brown. What a guy. He’s so dope. I saw Ad there and we chatted and his new comp is German. His German will be getting pretty good I guess. Then we took a train from Frankfurt back to Bonn. Soooo sick. So scenic. Elliot would’ve died.

Then Friday and Saturday were spent just walking him around getting familiar to the area. He’s been in a car area his whole mission and he said he made a promise to God that if He sent him to a train area then he would talk to as many people as possible on the trains. So that’s what we’ve been doing. Pretty crazy. But lots of good convos that are pretty sweet.

Sunday was good too. Elder Brown made a good impression on everybody and I snagged a dinner appt with the Steins for tonight so I’m super pumped. And I bought Reese’s at this English shop in Bonn (all the kids LOVE Reese’s) and I bribed these three kids in our ward and said if they bore their testimony I would give my Reese’s to them. All their parents came up and thanked me after for getting them up there. So sweet.

Then ugh today this lady called and asked if we could go tear out some carpet for her. I was tempted to say no but it was whatevs. Our hands were bleeding and all cause it hurt so bad but it was all good.

I won’t be able to chat unfortunately because well have to go a little earlier today cause we have to shower before the Steins. So sorry about that.

phewpf. That is soooooo funny I was in the Desnews ad. lololol idk why those guys love me so much. especially form my junior year. Pretty bizarre.

But I really like Elder Brown. He’s chill but wants to work hard and isn’t afraid to talk to anyone. lol

Sorry this is short but I’m just like in a rush I got a ton of emails today for some reason. Not enough time in one day

Who talked about me in sacrament? dope.

Love you all thanks for everything. U guys are awesome.


Elder Morris