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First Week in Nürnberg

7 Mar , 2016,
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What a busy week lol. So much to do and just like never enough time.  But I am really happy hear it is great I’m loving life!  So last Tuesday I took the 20 minute train ride with my suitcases and then went and said bye to Ad at the train station :( then we came home and had to help a few other elders and sisters get situated. So we had like an hour where we could just go do some finding. We went to this one apartment building and picked a floor and just doored the whole floor. Like 3 out of 30 doors answered and it was kinda sad lol, but on the very last one before we had to go, we knocked on this one door and this guy opened up and he was so sick! His name is Tobias. We taught him on the doorstep lol it was so cool!  He had some good questions and gladly took the Book of Mormon. I’m pumped to see if that goes anywhere.

Wednesday we met up with a referral from missionaries in the Netherlands. His name is Vinnay and he’s Indian. He was in the Netherlands for vacation and some missionaries contacted him up there.  He was so sick it was awesome to teach him. We just taught the first lesson and he just accepted everything with very few questions. He was really curious and really honest. So cool! I’m really excited to continue meeting with him.  On Saturday we went to a place in the zone called Ansbach and they had a street display. It was so great to do one again lol we just get the chance to talk to so many different people. It’s crazy to hear so many different beliefs and opinions all in a matter of a few hours. And one of the elders in our zone is a brand new missionary and it was so funny just to see how nervous he was, and how nervous I used to be. He reminded me a lot of me at the beginning of my mission. Just nervous and quiet and didn’t really talk to many people. So funny. It was great to try and help him out and just have fun with it!

Then yesterday was my first Sunday in the ward. It was pretty weird just cause I had met a few of them before and a few of them just thought I was still serving in Feucht but just in Nürnberg for the day. But this ward is so cool! I couldn’t be more excited to go and work with them. There is such a feeling of love with them it is hard not to be happy around them.  So ya things out here are sweet I’m loving it! We are going to Frankfurt this Friday to do a split with the AP’s so that’ll be sick.  I haven’t spent like anytime in Frankfurt on my mission so I’m just happy to be able to spend a day there.  Life is getting busier and busier and time is just going faster and faster. Wild stuff but I’m loving every second!  I love you all a lot and am so happy we are friends. Thanks for being so nice to me all the time. Have such a great week!



P.S. Saturday is Mitt’s birthday so please pray for him to have a happy birthday lol