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Follow the Train Tracks Home

6 Apr , 2015,
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What a crazy week.  Holy cow.

So, on Tuesday, we are at the church and just finished a lesson. And we look to see when our train comes, and every single train all day is cancelled. The wind and the rain storms were so bad they didn’t want the trains to like tip over or something. And we live a good 50 mins away from the church by train. So, we have to take a bus to this faraway place, and by now it is pitch black outside. And we are about 5 miles from home. And we have no choice but to walk. We don’t know our way around, so we have to hop down on the tracks and just start walking. And I think that was the closest feeling I’ll have to experiencing hell lol. It was raining so hard and the wind was blowing so hard that when the rain hit my face it felt like sandpaper. It was so bad. We got home and we looked like we had just gotten out of a pool. We had to wring out our clothes and everything. And they weren’t dry till the next night. I did, however, learn a lesson. It’s that sometimes the surest way to get to where we want to go might not be too easy! We knew that the train tracks would get us home, but walking on the uneven train tracks instead of the nice paved road in a bruatal storm was not ideal. But in the end, we arrived home safe and didn’t get lost once, even though it felt like it sometimes. All we knew was to follow the train tracks home! And that’s all we gotta do!

Then the next day, we had to go up to Düsseldorf and had a conference. I gave my talk. And I told the story about me meeting Mitt Romney. It was so sweet. I didn’t have anything written down at all lol I just got up and talked. One elder said, “elder, don’t you want to rehearse it a few times before you give it?” I said “Elder you don’t understand, I’ve been practicing the past year and a half telling this story.” I just talked about that experience and related it to me reading the Book of Mormon and stuff. I think it turned out well!

Then Friday we had the baptism! It was one of the sweetest moments of my life. Stepping into the water was something I won’t ever forget! He’s such a shy kid but kinda a punk. Before he was baptized he was just like “whatever” but after he was just glowing! I gave him one of my ties cause he didn’t have one and he loved it! Not a brooks brothers one obviously lol. But ya everything went smooth and it was so sweet! Really happy time!

Then Saturday, was when we found out where I was going! They were going through all the areas and they announced that another missionary was replacing me, so then I was just on pins and needles waiting to hear my name called! Then they finally came to a city called Unna. (It’s like Tuna without the T) it is a city right next to Dortmund. To be honest when I heard I was going there I was pretty disappointed. All day I was pretty bummed. But then I sat down at my desk that night and I looked at my wall that has pics of people at home and my New Year’s Resolution for 2015 on it. And it’s “Be Happy” and I just started thinking about  how I have no reasons to be sad! I have just become really optimistic about the next adventure that awaits me up there in Unna! And I found out that I will have a car up there. I’m gonna be driving. That’s pretty scary. And I’ll be with a kid that is just barely getting finished with training and so he’s still really young so that should just be interesting. It’ll be good though!

Then conference was so awesome! I haven’t watched the Sunday afternoon session yet but the rest was really awesome. We watched the Sunday morning with the Familie Steins last night then we had dinner, then I had to say goodbye to them. That was one of the toughest things on my mission. I love that family so much! The daughter got all teary eyed. But I’ll be seeing them again someday! It’ll all work out!

I haven’t watched all of conference yet, but one of my favorite lines of the whole thing was

“T´was I, but Tís not I.”

That was awesome. Was really great to hear. It doesn’t matter who I was back in the day. I am just trying to be better!

Wow this was a really long email! I love you all! Thanks for the prayers and love! My last email from Bonn! Next week I’ll be up in Unna!