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Follow Your Heart’s Desires

22 Feb , 2016,
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Ok so last pday I was just chilling and emailing and I got an email from another missionary up near Unna where I served last. So idk if you guys remember but back like 7 months ago I was on a split in Dortmund and I contacted this guy named Richmond. Then they thought he lived in our area so we went and taught him but then we found out he didn’t live in our area and so we handed him off to the other elders.  But on Monday I just got an email from this other elder saying that Richmond was baptized!  I couldn’t stop smiling all day! I had no idea they were still meeting with him! I am just so happy! That is the first time my whole mission that I have just simply stopped someone on the street and they ended up getting baptized. Out of the thousands and thousands over the past year and a half that I have talked to, he is the one who made it!  Such a miracle that really just makes it all worth it! Best feeling in the world!

Then Tuesday was just so solid we got some way solid work done! We started out teaching Torsten and we had a member present with us. Well the lesson was ok. We had a nice lesson planned out but then at the very beginning when we asked if he had any questions about what he’s read so far, he brought up how he doesn’t believe the story of Nephi killing Laban. Ugh. We literally went through dozens of scrips and the whole story and just explained and explained why it was necessary, but he just was stuck. We came to the conclusion that he just needs to keep on reading. Then we ate lunch with the lady that helped us teach him. Her name is Schwester Brosch! What a spiritual lady with a hard life! She said something that got me though! She was like “if you guys remember me for something, remember me for this: Follow your heart’s desires. Make sure that they are always good, cause God knows them. He will always help you.” Idk why I felt the spirit so strong when she said that! I think that’s something that can hit home for everybody. Just to chase what our heart wants. I love the thought of that. Cause I gotta believe if it’s righteous, I’ll have some help along the way! Then after that we went and helped the Mohrs! They are so great! We moved some furniture for them then ate with them and taught them a little. They are so loving and so ready. They just need a testimony lol. We just need them to finish reading! He just finished Alma! Keep praying!

On Thursday we were able to meet with Torsten again! This lesson went so much better! It started off a little rough but he just kept on talking about how he hasn’t received an answer yet. And Alma 32 came immediately to mind! It wasn’t at all on our lesson plan but I had a good feeling to read it with him. So we did and it was amazing to see his countenance change. That chapter is so perfect for anyone searching for an answer! Just reading that chapter brought the spirit so strong he was able just to listen to the rest of the lesson as we presented the plan of salvation he totally loved it. He said it makes total sense. It was just so cool! The scrips are SO powerful! It was another testimony builder that when we follow promptings from the spirit, we are given heavenly help! I actually had a scripture sent to me at the beginning of my mission that has been so sick to have in my mind on my mission. It’s D&C 24:12! Motivation!

I love Alma 32 and the lesson it teaches us! If we just live the gospel, we will see all the happiness and love it brings into our lives! All we have to do is take care of our seed with “diligence and patience” and we will become more of who God wants us to be! Mom sent a great quote this week from Elder Oaks. It says, “testimony is to know and to feel; conversion is to do and to become.” Gosh that got me good! I never really thought of testimony and conversion as two different things. It kind of makes me take a look at myself and see how strongly converted I am. I just wanna walk a righteous path and be a good boy lol. Although it is definitely easier said than done, it is definitely worth it!

Ugh we find out this Saturday if I’m staying here for another 6 weeks or if I’m bouncing. I’m way nervous I just wanna stay so we’ll see what happens! And tonight I’m going on my split with Ad!! Yayyyyy more pics to come next week!

I love life! Everything is great. Still just a happy boy. Probably never been happier lol. Like this and meeting Mitt (Oct. 28 2013) are just like neck and neck lol jk but freal I just can’t remember being happier! I feel more myself than ever. I feel more honest and true to who I wanna be and it just feels good! Thanks for all the love and happiness you bring into my life!