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Forgiveness is so Crucial to Living a Happy Life

14 Mar , 2016,
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Omg my body is so beat up.  The other day I was getting in the shower and another elder had already gone before me so the ground was already wet, and as I took a step to get in my knee banged the door SO HARD I thought my kneecap was broken. It just has this weird little purple line in my knee now idk but then that night my companion tossed a grocery bag and it nailed me right underneath my eye and just cut me!  UGH. I look so dumb lol but felt even more dumb. But it’s all good lol life is going so well! This week was another BUSY week just packed with random fun stuff!

On Monday night we met with our investigators Rick and Thomas! Adam actually taught them 2 times, and now I’ve taught them 2 times and Rick is going to be baptized on the 9th of April!! And probably Thomas too but he hasn’t decided!! SO PUMPED! We taught the plan of salvation to them on Monday and it was amazing to see them just accept it! They ate it all up! They were so ready to learn and the spirit was so present as the lesson went on. It was really cool, just like right before the lesson started I didn’t really feel ready, like I couldn’t feel the spirit too much. And it was the coolest experience ever, at the very beginning I simply just said a prayer asking for the spirit and I immediately felt it SO strong and it gave me so much confidence going into the lesson. Idk it’s hard to describe but it was such a great feeling just being reassured that the spirit would be there while we were teaching!

On Wednesday we were just riding a tram train thing idk what they’re called in English but I saw this guy wearing an Ole Miss sweatshirt but we didn’t get a chance to talk on the train. Well he ended up getting off at the same stop and so my companion talked to him and he walked with us for a bit to our church and at the end this brand new sister missionary just invited him to institute that night! We definitely didn’t plan on him coming but sure enough he came! He really loved it! He is originally from Texas, but has lived here for the past 7 years. He is 19 and his name is Adrian. Way sick guy!  Institute is one of my favorite parts of serving here in Nürnberg!  Lots of young spiritual people! My type of crowd lol it is so fun!

On Friday to Saturday we were on our split in Frankfurt! It was a ton of fun! We just talked with everybody and taught some awesome people! We also taught this new investigator at a way nice restaurant with some way yummy schnitzel! Lol but the whole time I just was thinking like my whole mission I just thought that Frankfurt was the city I wanted to serve in and everything. But the whole split I was just missing Nürnberg SO much! I really do love it here. It’s like a whole different country. I am so blessed to serve here and have the opportunity to be as happy as I am!

I have thought a lot lately about Christ lately, and how simply forgiving he was. Forgiveness my whole life has never been something I thought was important or even wanted to do. But forgiveness is so crucial to living a happy life! Holding grudges and hating on people just isn’t something that makes anyone happy! And I think that’s a part of why I’m so happy at this time in my life, is I really don’t think I can say I “hate” anyone for probably the first time ever lol.  And I just feel good! I’m glad that Christ is the perfect example of forgiving and is always a reminder that I need to forgive too!

Well that’s it from me! Congrats Will and Paris! I love you guys so much! I hope everything went according to plan and everything turned out perfect! I only saw like 5 pics so everyone keep on sending pics!!

I love you all! Pray for me!