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Frozen for Christmas

28 Dec , 2015,
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What a perfect week! Literally everything went so perfect I am so happy! Christmas is the best!

K so I’ll just give you guys a recap of the 3 days of Christmas. In Germany the 24th, 25th and 26th are all “Christmas” and it’s sick.  24th is the main day though, like every body opens presents on what would be our Christmas Eve. Pretty weird but cool.  So on the 24th, we got invited by a member to meet him at the church for a little lunch! His name is Bruder Bopp. I had always seen him at church and nobody ever really seemed to talk to him. And so Elder Vorimo and I went by his apartment earlier last week and I gave him a little tie that plays music. He wasn’t there but I just put it in his mail box. He showed up to church last Sunday and was just holding the tie in his hands and was like “I can’t tie a tie, will you tie it for me?” But anyway, then Thursday he invited us to the church and we ate with him! Then afterwards we had a little Christmas program at the church and that was great I loved it! The spirit was mega strong. Then my fav part of the day was going over to a member family’s house for the night! Their name is the Schwabs and they are so great! We had an amazing dinner and then we watched them open up presents! But the BEST part was after. So for the Christmas days our president said that we could watch a movie with a family…so we watched FROZEN!! I was SO pumped it was amazing. Easily my fav Disney movie it was just so sick. Then after we left their house, we just went back to the apartment and had a sleepover in our living room lol it was pretty funny.

Then Christmas Day was so much fun! We woke up and immediately just opened up our presents! Mom came through so clutch this year! Also dad did great at picking a Brooks tie. Then we went to a member’s house and he is from Salt Lake and she is German and they are one of my fav families out here for sure. We had some enchiladas and ice cream and had just great convos.  Then skyping was sweet! Ugh the time just flew by wayyy too fast I felt like it was like 10 minutes long. I could have just chatted with all of you for an hour each. I think it’s a dumb rule that it has to be so short. But it was so great just to see everyone I love you all so much! Then we hung out with the the family a little bit more then came home! Just a perfect Christmas Day!

The last day of Christmas was again just perfect. We went over to one of my fav members house and we watched 17 miracles with their whole family! It’s actually not a bad film.  I thought it was pretty good. It is so nice to be thousands of miles away from home and still have a home somewhere. People here are so kind!

So ya this week was awesome. And this upcoming week will be amazing again! New Years here is just wild we have to be inside our apartment at 6:00 lol cause the streets just blow up with drunk people and fireworks even in like the small neighborhoods. Way fun! It’s crazy  2015 is over and now it’s almost 2016! So weird to think all of 2015 I was on my mission. What a roller coaster year lol it was so fun

Well that’s it from me this week. I love all of you and hope you are all happy.