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German New Years

5 Jan , 2015,
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What up.  So this week was just pretty good. German New Year’s literally kills Americans. Fireworks were going off straight from 12 to probably about 230. Just nonstop. The next day the streets are just black with powder and everything is dead because everyone is asleep. Pretty crazy.  But the rest of the week was ok, too.

Worst part was when we met up with Asaad on Saturday.  He is the one that was begging to get baptized a month ago then went on vacation and now we just met up with him and he said he doesn’t wanna talk to us anymore. Seriously just was dead. After we just kinda sat on the curb looking at the sky like “what just happened.” I don’t know if I was mad or sad or both. But I was just in shock. Just don’t really know where we went wrong. So we’ll see if anything changes. But for now it just kinda sucks. Bad. Just kinda like a different heart break than the other ones, you know. Just really hit me when he said that. My stomach just kinda dropped.

But anyway, it’s all good. I guess that stuff just happens.

Today we went bowling and it was awesome. I bowled a strike. And tonight we’re having an American night at my fav family’s house so that’ll be fun. Spoke a ton of German on Sunday. Like all day I was talking German. So that was good. Transfers are on Saturday, and danger day is on Friday. The first time where I’m actually nervous to see if I’m leaving. Cause this one will determine my next two transfers. So I’m excited. But nervous. I’m happy to be with Elder Henderson, and could for sure do one more. But yeah I’m all good. Thanks for the prayers. And all that stuff. Love you all.  Be safe, and have a good week.

Love, Henry