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Good Timber Does Not Grow in Ease

10 Nov , 2014,
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Another good week. Nothing to complain about really. Kind of. So on Tuesday we had a zone meeting and we needed BoMs and so they gave us a box of some that weighed 40 lbs. Freaking ridiculous. And that was at like 12:00. So for the rest of the day I was stuck carrying this stupid box all over Germany. Then on our walk home I was about to pass out and it started raining. So crazy. I was just dying. For real. I just sat there the whole 10 minute walk home thinking to myself why the heck am I here? Anyway, it was windy and freezing and raining. I came home and I set down the box and just went and sat in my chair for a solid 15 minutes staring at the wall. But then I remembered, “The stronger wind, the stronger trees. Good timber does not grow in ease.” Maybe, for whatever reason, I just needed that experience or whatever. Just be miserable for a second or two. You know, keep me humble. Anyway. Things are good. Elder Henderson is a good guy and Bonn is just so ready to be baptized. We are meeting people every week. On Wednesday we were on this bus and we started talking to this guy from Nigeria and it turns out that he’s a pro soccer player for a German team. Kinda big deal I guess. Anyway, we told him we wanted to play soccer and talk about Jesus. So he gave us his number and we’re gonna call him soon. Pretty fun.  Probably the coolest story of the week, though, is this. So we have this appointment set up with this married couple for Saturday at 3. And they called us on Friday night and elder Henderson was in the bathroom so I had to answer. Needless to say, I had no idea what they were saying. I was just like “ya….ya…ya. See ya.” I just assumed they were saying how excited they were. So then, we show up on Saturday to their apartment, and they’re super surpised to see us. Apparently, they called to cancel with us because her brother was coming to visit. So they felt bad and we had the lesson with the brother there real quick. ANYWAY, we get through the lesson and Elder Henderson gave me that look again. He had done basically all the talking. So I was just like “look, I literally have no idea what you all have been saying. But I felt the spirit when he read that scripture. and I know that it’s true, whatever it said.” Then Henderson said some more stuff and now the couple came to church on Sunday and the brother (who thought we were JW’s till like half way through our lesson) wanted a Book of Mormon and is gonna meet with the other elders. Pretty cool. All because of my handicap and inability to speak or understand German, a guy is now interested. God really does work in mysterious ways, lol. That’s about all that happened this week though. We have tons of meetings this week though so I’m pretty pumped. I’m gonna get Ad’s number and start calling him.

I lucked out with ton of stuff so far. We had a street display and this guy came up to me and was talking to me and apparently I agreed that I’m a freaking idiot and going to hell, because I was just nodding my head with a huge smile and saying “ya ya ya”. Oh well. It’ll come.  Love, Henry.