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Grateful for Second Chances

23 Nov , 2015,
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Another week gone. I can’t believe November is coming to an end soon! Time has been so weird lately. Like my days feel really long but the weeks just fly by. Idk but ya this week was another solid one!  Just like trying to smile everyday and be happy.

On Tuesday I got to go on a split with an Elder that I used to live with like a year ago! It was pretty cool! Especially cause back then I like couldn’t speak and now we were just like walking around on the streets chatting with people it was pretty great! It also was cool to me just cause like I hadn’t seen him forever and now he’s in my district and I totally had an enjoyable time with him! It was cool for once just to love him for who he is!

Then on Wednesday we had our district meeting and this Elder was like way into karate and he had this analogy lesson with breaking wood boards. So I told him he could do it and so he brought these boards and we talked about our limits and where we are and where we wanna be and like lolol.. our sisters were crying and stuff it was awesome we just like punched these boards and snapped them.  I’ll send you guys the vids. It was way funny! Hanging with missionaries 24/7 kinda dulls my sense of how weird some people are but sometimes like I just think about how odd some of the people I am around are and it is just so great! There are some really sweet people out there.

Saturday was just another fun day! There was a street display in a town called Ansbach and we went and Adam and his comp went too!! So Ad and I just got spend some more time together talking to people! We actually found this guy and we literally were talking to him for like an hour he was so interesting he had so many questions! It was just another indescribable feeling I just like took a step back and realized that I was sitting there in a random town in Germany with my bff talking about the gospel in German. Just like the coolest thing I can ask for. Another bonus of the week, I contacted this guy on the street last week on the way to visit a less active, and he said we could come by. Well we found out later that it is in Adam’s area so I gave Ad a call and Ad went by and taught him and his wife and now they are Ads investigators!! Soooo cool I really really hope they can progress! I trust them in his hands though.

Oh ya and the sisters set a solid baptismal date with a lady named Tina for December 5th! Way soon I know but she is way prepared! She’s the one we found when we were out and talking to people! I am soooooo happy I can’t even describe it! Just like such immediate success and blessings for this area!! We had church yesterday and we picked her up at the train station and rode with her and walked with her! She’s so legit! I am really excited to see her be baptized! Everyone keep Tina in your prayers! Ps her son is named “Marvelous” isn’t that sick?

And the best news of the day is……TODAY I’M GOING ON MY SPLIT WITH AD. I am so pumped! We are splitting around 5:00 then he’ll come to my area and we have a member appointment and then we’ll go try and find some people to baptize then we’ll wake up and go try and find more people! Ahhh I am just too excited we’re gonna have a blast together!! And this Thursday we get to spend Thanksgiving together too!! I am just smiling really big.

And since thanksgiving is this week, I’ve been thinking about what I’m grateful for. Of course I’m grateful for family and friends but I’ve been trying to think of something not too obvious. And I thought a lot about how grateful I am for second chances. I have just had an endless supply of second chances in my life. And I think I take it for granted a lot which is bad lol. Like for all the mistakes I’ve made I have always just been given another shot. And that makes me happy. I hope you all have such a happy Thanksgiving this year. You’re all great so I already know you’ll be gr(e)ateful (yes!) for what you have!

I love you all dearly and pray for you sincerely. Just always remember at around like 2 or 2:30 pm (10:30 here) that someone is praying for you to be happy.

Bye until next week!