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Happy Easter

28 Mar , 2016,
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On Monday we had another lesson with Rick and Thomas! We mainly talked about smoking and how we can help him quit before the baptism. He is so determined! It’s so hard though cause he’s trying to quit but his wife won’t quit and she smokes in the house so he is just smelling it all day…but he is so legit! He has gone from 45 cigs a day, to 5!!  (Or so we thought lol) Crazy! I know he can do it by the 5th of April!  Teaching those two has been so inspiring! They just take the gospel head on and accept it. They ask questions with real intent to learn, not to prove wrong. And because they are real, they get answers and their testimonies are growing stronger and stronger!  On Tuesday we had our Zone Conference and everything went great! I’m so glad to have it over with. It took a bit of preparation but everything turned out great! The whole conference was just on the German language and how to study and learn it better. And also at the end we just talked about Christ and Easter. It was great to kinda set the mood for the rest of the week and think about Christ a lot!  Then Wednesday it was way interesting I got to go on a split with a missionary who only has two weeks left! He’s just about to go home and it was awesome just to talk to him about his mission and stuff! We were talking and I asked him what his biggest regret is, and his answer taught me a lesson! He said “I wish I would have allowed my self to have a better attitude.” And idk why that just really struck me! Just to hear a missionary say that that is his #1 regret. A good attitude really does help someone be so much happier. Some missionaries get so absorbed in themselves and their own bad situation and they’re never happy! I’ve noticed that the missionaries who care more about the happiness of others than their own are the happiest missionaries!  On Friday we got to go to Frankfurt for a big meeting with other missionaries and I got to see Ad! I’ll send a pic. It’ll be nice to see him once a month till he goes home though!

Easter was just a really special day for me. The list is too long but I just had a lot of little things happen yesterday that really built my faith on Christ! Yesterday Rick and Thomas showed up to church and before we even said hello Rick goes “I haven’t smoked in 2 days. I quit” LOL we are SO HAPPY. He is the man! He was so chill about it too lol like it wasn’t a big deal. Thank you all for the prayers! Keep praying he certainly needs help to keep going! And yesterday evening we visited  African family and they fed us some FuFu! Some of you probably know what that is, and it was so gross! Lol it was made with like this fish paste and stuff it was bad. But the whole experience was awesome. The family was so loving and idk it was such a loving home I really enjoyed it! I love Easter!

Ps bonus best news of the week: the Feucht elders called me and said that Bruder Mohr called and……HE HAS A TESTIMONY OF JOSPEH SMITH AND THE BOOK OF MORMON. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Seriously one of the happiest moments of my mission! He said “I believed since the first time you guys told me Joseph Smith was a prophet.” OH MAN I am so happy!  They are meeting on Friday to maybe pick a date for baptism. They still gotta move slow but it’s all good!

Life is amazing! My faith in Christ and His forgiveness have effected me a lot this week! I have thought a lot about Him and His love for everybody and it has made my week so much better! I’m so grateful for Him and His love!

I love you all so much! Stay safe and have a wonderful week!