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Have You Ever Heard of Mitt Romney? LOL

23 May , 2016,
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This week was amazing! The Mohrs were baptized!! It was so great I wish I could describe it lol

But first omg Tuesday was so dope we had such a miracle! So we got a referral for some guy and we call him and he was down to meet us at the church on Tuesday night! So I was on an exchange with a brand new missionary and I just thought this would be a good opportunity to help him have a great experience. So before he was planned to come, we said a prayer together and asked for a miracle to happen and expressed that we believed it could happen. Then as we finish we heard some voices walking up to the door and we open it and there were TWO guys! He brought his friend!! MIRACLE. And omg these two guys were so classy it was amazing. Their names are Adrian and Max! They just dressed so nice and were so polite. Anyway I just knew it would be a great lesson from the start. I was just asking Adrian how he found the church and he said he had just heard about it through different things. But he’s in to American politics and he was like “have you ever heard of Mitt Romney?” 😏😏😏  lolol and he said he just knew he was a Mormon. But ya the lesson was amazing! They had so many questions and just were way sincere! They’re 23 and 25 and they’re coming to institute on Wednesday! Pray 4 them please!

On Thursday we went down to go do the baptismal interview for Tim! So last week Silke(the wife) had decided that she didn’t want to be baptized which was a huge bummer. But on our way down there the elders called us and told us that Silke changed her mind! I was freaking out I was so pumped! I asked Tim why she finally changed her mind and he said it’s because she was reading in D&C 40 about a man who knew the church was true and didn’t get baptized and she said she did not want that lol you should all go read D&C chp. 40 it is only 3 verses and is awesome how just that changed her mind!

And Saturday was the day. It honestly changed my life. I feel like all my wildest dreams of a mission came true. I got to the church early and Tim and Silke showed up shortly after and we talked for a just a little and then we got dressed! It was so amazing to see them in their white clothes! They were already shining before they even were baptized! We took some amazing pics. I can’t help but feel like crying every time I look at the picture of us and them and their kids. Their kids names are Johanna and Samuel. They are so cute! But the baptism was so beautiful I wish I could just describe it! There was a great talk on the baptism and then we all went and did the baptism! An Elder named Elder Summerhays baptized Silke and I baptized Tim! I was so excited I really slammed him in the water it made quite a splash but it turned out great I loved it! We were all changing in the bathroom after and we were like “how do you feel?” And he was just like “just like new” lol and then we were straightening our ties in the mirror and he was like “so, when you first met me did you know I’d be baptized?” And I just smiled and was like “I knew eventually it would happen…eventually.” Lol then there was a talk on the Holy Ghost and we wrapped up the service! The whole thing was just incredible I am so so happy.


Tim Mohr Baptism

I have thought a little bit about what makes the Mohrs so special the last week or so. I thought a lot about the concept of seeing people not as they are, but as they may become. I just think back to when we very first met the Mohrs and how excited we were. Elder Vorimo and I would just always talk about them in their future callings in the church and them giving talks in sacrament meeting and most importantly, getting sealed in the temple. We taught them and treated them with all of that in mind. I know the ward was doing the same and that increased our love for them so much which only helped us teach them effectively. And I know that the Mohrs really do have such a bright successful future in the church. Their faith and kindness and example have changed my life! I love them with all my heart! I feel like the luckiest boy in the world for the opportunity I had to witness their solid conversion to the gospel. I am so grateful for those times when I do look at people not as they are, but as they may become. When I remember that people can change and that no one has to be tied to their previous mistakes it gives me such a feeling of freedom I just feel light and happy.  I’m so grateful for the changing effect of the gospel and the happiness it has brought into my life!

I love you all so much! Thanks for the love and support. It’s way crazy this past week I hit my 3 month mark till home! I have 12 weeks left so I’m just trying to enjoy everyday!

Have a wonderful week!