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Hot Hot Hot

6 Jul , 2015,
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IT’S HOTTTTTT. I am just wet allll day. Just soaking wet! I feel like I’m back in Brazil. Like literally just damp all day. Crazy.

K first off sick story of the week. So, last Friday we drive to this guy’s apartment to meet him and hopefully give his friend a Book of Mormon. So as we pull up, across the street I see his friend riding by on his bike. I thought to stop him, but just let him go by. Then we went and knocked on the door and he wasn’t even there. I didn’t tell Elder Ewing what I saw. I felt so terrible for not stopping him.  It was eating at me for a while. Such a missed opportunity. Then, it happened. On Monday night after P day we wanted to go by him again and see if he was there. So, we drive over there and guys it was déjà vu. Right as we pull up, that guy was riding by in the exact same spot wearing the same thing. I turned to Elder Ewing and was like “you’re seeing a miracle right now, you’re seeing a miracle right now!” So I hopped out of the car, flagged him down and we went inside, gave him his Book of Mormon, had a really good lesson.  Then the first guy we were trying to go by on showed up and he came in for the lesson! It was crazy! It was literally a second chance! And it all worked out so perfectly! It was such a great testimony builder that I really am in the service of the Lord and this is His work! And when we need to do something he needs done, he will give us the opportunity to do it, even if he needs to do it twice! LOL their names are Ephrem and Haggos!!

On Tuesday, we were driving home from an appointment out in the middle of nowhere and I had a great moment. The view was amazing, driving on the autobahn with just ginormous open fields with big wind towers, sun shining way bright, windows down, I’m wearing my Brooks Brothers Ray Bans, our EFY music is blasting, and a phrase just kept running through my mind. As I looked out the window I just kept on thinking, “I am so lucky” I had the best feeling of love and peace in that moment. I felt so good. Such a great feeling.

On Thursday, we did a lot of driving! We were on our way to go by a less active and I got this feeling to go by the Family Maloku. They’re from Albania. I argued with myself for a little cause they live 80 mins away, but I just wanted to follow that prompting. So I did. We drove all the way down there and I get up to the door, and I ring the doorbell. At least 5 times. Just waiting praying praying that I didn’t just waste that much of the Lord’s time. Well, I rang it one more time. No answer. I started to walk back to the car. I hop in and put it in reverse and I just looked back at the house one more time. And there she was! The daughter Ana was standing at the door! I slammed it in park and ran up. Apparently I was ringing the wrong doorbell. I was ringing the one under them but they could hear it form up stairs and she said she just felt like she should go down. It turns out just a few days ago they were praying that the missionaries would come by and pray with them! They are so faithful!! We had a short lesson and prayed with them and are going by to eat with them on Thursday. It’ll be great!!

On Friday we had a great meeting with Clayton. He is having a rough time, but he shared with us a story. He had just barely gotten back from telling a guy, who was willing to pay him 100 euros on Sundays, to come and fix watches(apparently he’s good at fixing watches) and keep in mind that literally the only reason Clayton is here in the first place is to get money for his family. Clayton told the guy he had to say no, because he would not work on Sundays because it would interfere with church. It was so cool to hear him tell that story. Then he said a great line that I wrote down. He said “today was not my day, but maybe tomorrow is.” WOW!! What a great attitude to have!! He just had such a crappy day, but he has the faith that everything will work out! It was awesome to promise him the blessings that will surely come from this great trial!!

Then on Saturday we mowed a lawn and the grass was literally up to my shoulders. And all we had was normal lawn mowers and a HUGE lawn. Like farmland type stuff. It was awesome!! It took us all morning and I haven’t sweated so much in a long time but my watch tan line is getting pretty good lol! Then Saturday night the Famile Lipke invited us over for the 4th of July!!! Soooo cool. We had apple strudel and sang “proud to be an American” people love America so much it’s crazy. The dad got kinda teary eyed saying how cool it would be to say he was born in America. He looked at us and said “you don’t know, how lucky you are” in broken English lol. Then we had a few fireworks!! It was a great night!! Made me miss home and the CC and all of you!!

Then yesterday was a great day! It’s been sooo hot and the buildings are sooo warm inside that they cut church to only an hour. And we didn’t have to wear suits lol. It’s that humid. Anyway, Clayton got the priesthood yesterday!! It was so great!! Really awesome experience to see someone keep growing in the gospel! Then last night we had a great lesson with our investigator Kai with the family Lipke!! Really spiritual lesson and I just loved it!!

Anyway I’m all good in the hood over here! No worries just keep me in your prayers! Love you all so much!