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I Bought Some Lederhosen

21 Dec , 2015,
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Wowww I can’t believe Christmas is on Friday!! It has come SO fast!  But this week was sweet!

Last Monday I bought some Lederhosen and they are so sick! We are all wearing them to the Christmas market today so I’ll make sure to send some pics! Then Tuesday I was on a split with another Elder! It is always great just to work with someone else for a day! I always learn so much and feel like I walk away a better missionary.

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Then Wednesday we had our Zone Conference and that was awesome! The spirit was really strong all day! We had Elder Johnson from the Europe Area Presidency come and talk to us! Way cool! We talked about blessings, faith, and obedience. I heard some stuff that I really need! Then that night a ton of missionaries and YSA kids went caroling in the city and that was soooo fun!! We got some good crowds haha.  Towards the end we were singing and I just saw this guy out of the corner of my eye and I just got a feeling I needed to talk to him. I tried to deny it cause we were in the middle of a song but he started to walk away and I got an even stronger impression so I just walked away from the choir and caught up with him. He was SO sick! It turns out he is originally from Finland, but has lived in Germany for almost his whole life. He has been to SLC before and he actually lives in Feucht! So crazy! We talked a little and he was really friendly. He wouldn’t give up any of his info unfortunately,  but he knows where our church is and has our number! He said he might come by on Sunday sometime. I was so grateful that I was able to receive a spiritual prompting and follow it then have it turn out so perfect! No such thing as coincidences in missionary work! Lol

On Friday we had a really sweet member lesson with one of my fav families here! We talked about families and why they’re so important and the member said the main reason is “Teamwork” and that made so much sense to me! Families really are exactly like a team. Just always covering for each other and supporting each other and everyone doing their part to make something great! It just rang really true to me as he said that and I am just so grateful for the solid team I have!

Saturday we had a street display! It was pretty sweet I got to talk to a lot of people! I even talked to this one lady who said she could totally see herself being Mormon but just like won’t meet with us or anything like that…UGH. It has definitely been hard this past little while. I feel like I am pushing harder than ever to find investigators and talk to people but we are just seeing next to no success. But I mean the only thing that would make it worse would be to stop lol.

And yesterday was one of my favorite days in Feucht!! We had a ward eating party (I have zero idea what that’s called in English) after church and then after that we went to a member’s house and talked a ton about missionary work and what they think we can do to gain trust in the ward! We are way pumped to work here and do our best! It’ll be a great time!

I hope you all have such a Merry Christmas! It’s the best time of year! Just enjoy every second of it. It is always a hard time of year to be away from home but it there is nothing like feeling the love from home out here! I am grateful for family and friends that I miss!  And I am so happy that I miss you guys cause it just shows how wonderful you all are. I am grateful for the love I get to feel every day from heaven. I’m grateful for the birth of Christ and all the miracles that followed!

I love you all with my heart!

See you all on Xmas!