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I Really Do Love Life Right Now

13 Jul , 2015,
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Another solid week over here! Things just seem to be rolling right along!

On Wednesday night I was on a split and we were with Clayton. So every month he gets 300 something euro from the government, he told us the his sister needed to get to school and had no money so he sent her ALL his money. He had nothing to his name. I asked him if he had ANY money and he showed a little plastic plate with pennies on it. So we taught him and while he was praying I slipped out $20 and silently placed it on the plate behind him and then we left. I felt so bad. He literally had nothing for food at all. He was eating his roommates food without them knowing lol. He is such an inspiration. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to meet with him and be his friend and learn from him!!

The stress of training is slowly taking its toll on me. I know plenty of people go through it and I’m no different of course, but boy am I tired. All day just answering questions and translating. And I mean none of it is his fault, he’s been in Germany for 3 weeks it’s hard for him too. But wow I’m just pooped! Lol

Elder Ewing was sick two days this week so I did a lot of studying, cleaning, and pondering lol. It was great but kinda frustrating cause I hate just sitting there all day knowing there’s so much to be done. So it’s all good.

Then Saturday was a great day! We had no appointments, no nothing. It was a completely empty day. So we’re sitting there after studies and so our phone has like 100 contacts in it of people that either were investigators or potential investigators. And so I just pulled out the phone and started going down the list. It was great practice for Elder Ewings German and we only got through about half the list but we got 6 appointments laid out for these next two week!!! SIX! 6 out of 50 might not seem that good, but out here that’s literally amazing. Usually when a German can’t understand you on the phone they just tell you you’re an idiot an hang up. But oh man it was soooo sweet!! Then after that we went and met with an investigator named Ephrem and another guy just happened to be there and as we were teaching Ephrem his friend asked questions and now we’re giving him a BoM tomorrow!! Just a day filled with miracles!!

Then yesterday was just such a wonderful day. We spent the afternoon with our bishop and his family. He lives in such a beautiful part of Germany!! I love going down there! The whole afternoon we chatted and ate and played UNO and just had a great time together. Really awesome family and just really relaxed!!

I think it is sooo cool how every mission is so different. Like I read my other friends emails and it’s awesome to see the success they have and the frequency of baptisms in other parts of the world and how many people my friends find and teach. I know Germany isn’t “harder” but it just crazy how different peoples missions can be! Really amazing!!

All in all, I really do love life right now. Words do fail me to explain how much I love my mission. Heavenly Father is far too nice to me and feeling his love every single day is something I couldn’t be more grateful for!

Keep me in your prayers please! We all know I need them!!

Love you all with everything I have!!



Elder Ewing Knocking his First Door in Germany

Elder Ewing Knocking his First Door in Germany