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I Want Heaven Again

18 Jan , 2016,
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Lol this week was so sick again! We got DUMPED on with snow it makes says so much better

K story time so on Monday we were waking to the train station from our church and we were just chatting and we pass this guy and he’s like “hey, we’re in Germany. We speak German here.” And I was just like “ok sweet we’ll talk in German” and anyway we just talked to him and eventually gave him a Book of Mormon and he invited us over the next day! During that appointment he smoked 5 cigarettes and downed a bottle and a half of beer. He said “I’ve experienced heaven and hell. I want heaven again” he talked about his addiction to smoking and alcohol and how he wants out. Well a few days pass and we were walking to the church and I just felt like we should stop by and see what’s up. We did and he was home and he tells us to come in and he was just sitting in the kitchen with like a way dim light it was way sad there was a bottle of vodka, three beers and two packs of cigs on his table and he was just sitting there in the dark. We start talking to him asking what we can do to help, and he was like “absolutely nothing. I have cancer. I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna live.” The air in the room was literally just sucked out as he said this.  My jaw was just to the floor. He was saying how he doesn’t wanna drink or smoke but it helps with the pain n stuff. Holy cow it was so sad he just needs some light in his life! I’ll keep you guys updated in him! We’re going by tonight!

Then ok crazy story. So I have these elders in my district in a city called Regensburg and they are teaching this guy named Mirako (not sure on the spelling) from Africa. He is getting baptized on the 30th he’s way legit! Anyways I was on a split there and we went to go teach him and I was just getting to know him and he said that he knew the missionaries in Ingolstadt. Well of course I knew my bff CROFT served in Ingolstadt like a year ago and I was like “did one of the missionaries you knew have flaming red hair?” And he was like “Ya!”  And I pulled out a pic of Croft on my iPad and it was so him! Lol so cool to know somebody good old Croft taught out here. Such a small world lol

And this week I found out I’m staying in Feucht for another 6 weeks!  Such a relief! And Adam is staying too so we’ll get to chill for another 6 at least! It has been sick to see the work grow in the past 12 weeks! When I got here we didn’t have an investigator but it has just totally taken off we are seeing daily miracles that make life so fun! We’re meeting the coolest people with so much potential! I am way excited to see what happens in the near future!

Thanks for the prayers! I love you all a lot and am grateful you’re all my friends! I’m praying for you all!