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It’s Possible to be Happy in Hard Times

16 Nov , 2015,
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Thanks for the prayers, I need them. This week was decent and I’m just trying to make the most out of it!

On Tuesday was just great! I just loved it. I called the sisters on Monday night and I told them that tomorrow we’re gonna go talk to people! And we did!! It was so refreshing! The sisters didn’t have 1 investigator but as we all went out separately on the streets and we came back and they had found TWO potentials!! It was such a miracle! I know it sounds so tiny but that is just such a miracle. Then on Saturday the sisters were able to meet up with one of the ladies they found and they actually set a baptismal date with her! Ah it is just so sweet!! Elder Wiley didn’t talk to anybody but it was still good for him to see! We didn’t get any potentials that day but I knew that we were working hard and I was just happy. I loved it!

Friday was awesome! We had a zone training and I got to see Ad! We both gave little training lessons and it was just awesome to see each other in action. I love Ad.  Sunday we had stake conference and that was pretty normal. But I got to see Ad again so I mean no complaints!  It’s been funny these past few weeks lol. Like for some odd reason I kinda thought that the tough times of my mission were over. Like everything was going so well I just thought I had a smooth ride till the end. But these past few weeks have probably been the hardest weeks of my life. The beginning stages of my mission don’t really compare to this lol.  And every night I kinda lay down and look at the ceiling and recount the day and just think for a while. And a lot of the time I just kinda smile and realize how happy I am. I really am just a happy boy. I am so happy that I’m happy. It’s just such a relief! To just know that it is possible to be happy in hard times. And that is something I’m not really sure I knew before my mission. But it’s a great lesson to learn, and a lesson that can only be learned in hard times lol. So I am really grateful for this situation and now know even better that Heavenly Father knows me and what I need. He really does have a good sense of humor. Sometimes when Elder Wiley says something ridiculous, and I kinda smile/die inside I feel like He is just kinda grinning along with me lol

I listened to a talk this week a lot of you probably know called “Come what may, and love it” and it was so perfect for me to hear right now!
Learning to just love whatever comes my way has been such a blessing.
Just learning to laugh in tough situations and to stop asking “why me?” when I feel sad makes me so much happier. Time just goes by too fast to sit here and complain when it will all be over so soon. Cause I know that all of this is “but a small moment” and I just have to enjoy it till it’s over!

I am a really lucky boy.

Sorry there’s not much to report this week! Just lots of trying to get Elder Wiley talking to people and finding! I’ll have more next week!

So yes I’m all good I just need some extra prayers out here lol I’ll survive

Love you guys so much!