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Just Be His Friend

9 Nov , 2015,
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I’m losing my mind lol. Like I think I really am. My companion apparently has nightmares. One night I was just dying and was praying to know what I can do to make things better. And the answer that kept comin’ was “just be his friend” and then two days later after we were talking in companionship study and he kinda opened up and said how he hasn’t really found a real friend in his mission and he is happy that we’re comps. I felt the spirit really strong it was such a testimony builder that the Holy Ghost is real and gives us answers when we listen. As long as I keep on doing what I’m supposed to I gotta believe that it’ll all work out lol. Tough times are always great opportunities to learn and love! I hope one day to be able to look back at this time and laugh, but it might just take a while for me to find all of this funny lol

But actually this week was….good! So basically I came into an area where the work was nonexistent. Which is a shame cause this ward is way sick and wants to help, but the missionaries here have been pretty sloppy. Ugh. This week was a lot of member appointments just because I wanna get to know the ward. And now I don’t have a car so getting place to place takes A LOT more time so we accomplish less in a day but it’s all great.

On Last Monday night we went to a Ukrainian families house for family home evening! It was awesome. They are so sweet! But they live kinda far away and it gets way dark way early here now so after our appointment with them Elder Wiley and I had to ride back to the train station in like this pitch Black Forest omg I was dying. It was such a perfect set up for a horror film lol and it is so cold over here now it was pretty terrible lol. But way worth it cause that family was so cool and I just love meeting all these great peeps!

Thursday it was so sweet! So every Thursday our ward has a sport night and like half of the ward shows up and we play volleyball and just have a great time! We had an investigator come too! It was just so nice to finally do something sporty again lol and this ward actually keeps score and gets kinda competitive so it makes it even better lol!

On Friday night I was reading from the Book of Mormon right before bed cause I’ve started to try and go to bed with a nice mindset n stuff, and it was at the end of kind of a rough day lol. Just no success and I didn’t want to be there and idk I just felt like burdened down! But right before bed I read Alma 34:41. I’ll let you guys look it up. It struck me so hard I had to read it like 15 times over, just pure peace and comfort! I went to bed that night and for the first time since I’ve been here, I slept through the whole night without waking up! Lol I was so happy. Such an answer to my prayers and just another testimony builder that God cares and has my back lol.

On Saturday night Elder Wiley made dinner for 50 minutes lol and we only had like 10 minutes to hurry and eat and he just assumed that we would take like an extra half hour to eat and he was like mega mad we left but like c’mon that sounds terrible just to sit there and eat in guilt lol. But anyway ya I told him we should probably just leave and we went and tried to find some people and saw 0 results, but I totally felt at peace the whole time just cause I knew I was out working on time instead of eating pasta lol.

Then yesterday was actually just great no downsides lol. The ward had a primary program and they killed it! This ward actually has a pretty big primary and I just loved it! Made me just smile so big the whole time! Then after we had a potluck lunch that they do every month and it was just great! This ward is so loving it is awesome! They make me feel right at home.

But ya idk guys it’s a little tough right now, but I guess I just need some tough times to learn something! The opportunity of a life time lies in these next weeks of the transfer and I really don’t wanna miss it by having a sour attitude lol. So times will get better! They always do!

Thanks for the prayers, I can literally feel them over here. Love you all!