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Leaving Unna

26 Oct , 2015,
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I have some good news and some bad news..the bad news is..I’m leaving Unna! I have met such life changing people here and will never forget my 7 months here. I made a lot of growth here and will always be grateful for ugly old Unna! But the good news is…I’m leaving!  I am going to a city called Feucht. (Foycht).  It means “moist” isn’t that terrible? And it is in southern Germany!! Sooo sick! I have heard nothing but great things about it! But the best part is…my area and Adam’s area are touching!! Adam got transferred to Nuremberg! Our areas are right next to each other and because he got called as a zone leader and I’m gonna be the district leader, we will be going on splits together!! Ahhh and we have to call each other every Sunday and talk about missionary stuff. Like we HAVE to, it’s a rule. And hopefully we will be spending plenty of P days together!!!!  I am so excited.  Just couldn’t be more excited!! Life is amazing!! Of course there will be new trials in my next area, but everything will all work out!! Just pray for me!!

So on Tuesday I was on a split with an elder who just talks about himself soo openly being way sick it’s really mind boggling to listen to. Anyways we went and had a lesson with a member family who can basically only speak Spanish but the spirit was still mega strong even as they struggled to express themselves in German. Their little apartment was so sad. I know no one thinks of Germany as a poor country of course, but some of the circumstances that people live in out here are so sad! Like the worst I’ve seen! All this family eats is this little marmalade on white bread. Like all day. But they are still way faithful and make it to church when they can! So many great examples of faith around me!

On Saturday we got the news I was leaving, so we went and mowed the Lipke’s lawn one last time before I left. I mowed a ginormous heart shape in their backyard. Then after that it was one of their kids’ birthdays and all the sudden these other Germans kids just show up at their house and like we had a little party and ate cake and played some games. It all just worked out so perfectly.

Then yesterday was really weird. My last Sunday here. It was hard telling the members I was leaving but it was really heart warming to see how sad some of them were. We have TONS of eating appointment tomorrow and Wednesday! But two of the sons of one of my favorite families here got the priesthood!! After almost 7 months of working with the dad and the kids, yesterday I was finally able to take part in them receiving the priesthood! So sweet! But the plan is I leave on Thursday for my new area, so shoot me some extra prayers this weekend!!

The main focus of my studies lately has again, been Love! Christ-like love is the most powerful tool humans can have. I have been reading so much from the scriptures, general conference talks, books from prophets and tons more. Christ-like love is so pure and so perfect! No one needs to earn His love, it’s just always there no matter the circumstance. Christ-like love doesn’t need a reason to love somebody or be kind, it is just pure love. And that’s what I’m trying to do.  Just love everybody because I should love everybody.

I was just looking through old letters this week and I found this Bday card from last year that the sisters in my MTC group gave me lol. It is a “Frozen” themed card and says “Happy Birthday Princess! Today is your day!” And has a pic of Elsa on it. Anyway it has some stickers in it and I found such a great one. It is a picture of a castle and says “Enjoy today and love!” That just so got me.  That is such a true and simple way to live and be happy.

I love you all and hope your week is great!

Enjoy today and Love!