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Life is Good in the Hood

27 Jul , 2015,
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What up what up

This week was pretty good. I just feel like I don’t have tons to report!

But ya, I found out my comp and I disagree on politics. On Tuesday night we were talking for like an hour and a half and it was just crazy some of the stuff he was saying. Wow. It was pretty memorable! Which made it especially great when I got a thing in the mail to vote for the mayor from dad. It was awesome!  Thanks dad made my week!

We met with a YSA kid this week who’s the sickest and he just like barely flipped his life around and is starting to do good and we were walking and talking with him and all the sudden this huge group of kids come up and stop us and their leaders and they ask us if we’re Russian and we said no but they said we looked Russian and so we told them we’re from America and they freaked out!! They took sooo many pics with/of us! Lolol the whole time they were just like “woahhh real Americans!!” It was way funny! Apparently they were some Christian youth group and it was actually kinda cool.  We talked to the leader about our religion n stuff.  It was pretty sweet. But it’s just so funny how much people love America over here lol.

Then on Thursday I was on a split and in the morning we went to a soup kitchen and served people their food! I was in charge of running around and pouring everybody their coffee. Lol It was sooo terrible. It was crazy how entitled these people felt. They were so rude and soooo bossy and I never once heard a thank you! They would literally yell at me. It got like way frustrating it was hard to keep on smiling. Like no one working there had to be there.  Everyone was volunteers and they were still sooo rude to everyone. Some people. Still good to help people though!

It was way sick on Friday we walked down around the main part of town to get to the place where Elder Ewing applies for his visa. Well it was closed and so we were waking back and I just felt like walking through the middle of town and so we were on our way to go drop by an investigator named Haggos but we didn’t know if he’d be home or not. So as we’re walking I just see this bald spot sitting on a bench and immediately I KNEW it was Haggos. His bald spot is unmistakable lol. And so we ran over and sat on a bench with him and had a really good talk with him!! It was soooo nuts! Idk how that happened but it all worked out so perfectly! It was so cool being reminded once again that this is God’s work and we’re just helping him out!

Life is good in the hood out here!!  Thank you all!


Henry and Elder Ewing Chowing Down

Henry and Elder Ewing Chowing Down

Back Cracking

Back Cracking