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4 Jan , 2016,
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Such a sick week life is too good!

On Tuesday I was on a split with an Elder and we went to a far away place called Teuchlingen and it is about an hour away but we had nothing planned and I felt good about going exploring a little bit. So we did. We started walking away from the train station and we were just talking with one another and we literally did not pass a single person it was like a ghost town or something. Anyway before we knew it we were walking down this street and we came to a dead end with this apartment building. We just kinda realized it was an ordinary apartment building and just turned around to go out and find some people to talk to. But as we had started walking away from the train station, I had simply said a little prayer for Heavenly Father to guide us. So as we walked away from the apartment building, I probably got like 50 feet away I remembered the prayer I said, and thought how random it was we ended up in front of that apartment building and I just immediately knew I had to go ring that doorbell. I so didn’t want to I just wanted to keep on walking but the guilt was getting at me lol. So we stopped in our tracks and we went and rang the first doorbell we saw. Well we met this guy and we started talking and he was totally nice but kinda bugged we had disturbed him, but then we said we were Mormons and it turns out that his 3rd cousins are from Utah and Mormon! Haha it was crazy! He was really busy at the time, but he said to come by this week! So we are just mega pumped about that!

K then New Years Eve was crazy! All day you just see people gearing up for a party that night lol. But we had such a sick opportunity earlier that day! So the old mission president of the Frankfurt Mission lives in this ward his name is President Schwartz! He is now the Nurnberg stake president! He is one of the most spiritual people I have ever met in my life! He literally glows with the spirit! So he invited my district (and Adam and his comp) over to his house and we had a little district meeting and he just talked to us and pumped us up a little! It was so cool! Then that night, our president gave people permission to stay out till midnight if they were at a members house! It was so dope! But we had to leave earlier so I actually ended up standing on a train platform as the clock struck¬†midnight so that was pretty exciting lol. There was a huge ice storm though and so everything was just covered in ice. And so on the platform, there was not a soul there cause everybody was somewhere partying, so we were having competitions to see who could run and slide the furthest on the ice. We started going and I was up and I was getting at the end and only needed a few more feet and I started leaning forward and just biffed it SO hard my whole left hip is a little bruised lol I’ll send you all the vid. But we ended up home safe and sound among thousands of fireworks! Way sick!

Then New Year’s Day we had a zone training with everybody and that was cool as usual! Everybody’s was a little tired but it ended up being a sick meeting! Then after that we were invited over to a members house for the third time in a week and half lol they really like the Elders and we just have so much fun with them! Way blessed to be here!

Miracle of the week was on Sunday when this random 4 member family showed up to church! It is a mom and a dad and two little girls! They are baptists and they just wanted to come check us out! We were so pumped!!! We are praying this will work out! We have been talking to so many people and working our guts out and we are hoping this is the success we’ve been waiting for! Pray for the Mohr family!

For the past month or so I have just been thinking about an appropriate New Years Resolution and it was hard at first but I finally came up with one that I think is just perfect for me. My goal for 2015 was to just “Be Happy” and I think for the most part I did an ok job at that lol I just had it taped up on my wall and I saw it everyday and was reminded to be happy. This year my goal is just “Love.” I just feel like in all aspects of my life I can be a more loving person! Love is the most powerful gift God has given us and it changes lives! I feel like if I try and just love more, then I will be more able to leave behind my old self and move on to who I wanna be. ¬†So I am pumped for this year and to try my best to love the best days as well as the not best days lol.

And tonight I am going on my split with Ad! I am going to his area so it should just be a blast! Way pumped! More vids and pics to come next week!

Well that’s it from me. I’m a happy boy, I hope you’re a happy family.