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Luckiest Boy in the Whole World

27 Apr , 2015,
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Well first off, I’m not writing this on an iPad. The shipment was late, and we won’t be receiving them for a few weeks. Just not surprised. But that’s not the important part.

Oh man. Elder Bednar. Soooo dope!!! That guy is so awesome. Friday was one of my favorite days of my mission. We had to wake up at 3:30(and we even went on a run because he wanted to keep our regular missionary schedule.) ME on a run at 3:30. Crazy stuff. Anyway, then we drove down to Frankfurt. Then I was just waiting and waiting and waiting and then Ad showed up. And it was awesome. We literally just got to spend all day together. We sat front row right in front of Elder Bednar. And so before the meeting started, Ad and I were just kinda bitter. Just didn’t really love our situation and we were just complaining to each other and all this stuff. Then we had to be quiet for like 15 minutes before Bednar walked in and during this time, Adam turned to me, put his arm around me and smiled and leaned over and said “ya know, we’re sitting here in Frankfurt Germany, on our missions, together. I’m not sure we should be complaining too much” and we both just couldn’t stop smiling after that. It was really great. When he said those words a huge burden was just like lifted off my shoulders. I wasn’t filled with all this negativity and stuff. And that has really changed my outlook on stuff in the past few days. I’m the luckiest boy in the whole world. I should be complaining A LOT less than I do.

But ya Bednar was sick. He didn’t have anything scripted. He just would talk with us and he had such great answers for everything. Really cool. I turned to Adam during the middle of all this and I said, “Just listening to him, how could all this not be true?” like just the spirit that was there as he simply talked to us was nuts.

But anyway, this week was another busy one. I’m just trying to stay busy lol cause I hate being in the apartment. Oh man drives me nuts. I just wanna be out doing stuff.

We had a few rough spots throughout the week and stuff but that’s life. I had a really profound experience, that was really unexpected and taught me a great lesson. I just had to realize that I make mistakes too and that everything I do isn’t “the right way” to do things. I’m still learning.

I did have like a mini miracle on Saturday. The clouds were like pitch black and just like soo threatening to thunder storm. And we didn’t pack our coats or anything and we parked like a mile away from where we needed to be and we had to walk back. And this whole time were just thinking “how is it not raining?” like it just looked like it was about to pour down, and we didn’t have any rain coats. Then, we finally get to the car, and literally the second we get in the car, the down pour just starts. Like crazy. Could hardly see it was raining so hard. And that was such a miracle. That that storm waited for us to get back inside our car. It was way cool. Cause that would’ve made that day so much worse lol.

Ah. I’m good out here. Life is life. Happens. We’re already in week 4 of the transfer so that’s nice. Time is moving. Just nervous to see if were together for another. We’ll see I guess. The only way out, is through.

I love you all and hope you have a great time at the wedding. Should be tons of fun. Really sad to be missing out. But I send my love from Deutschland!   Elder Morris