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Making the Decision to Be Happy

16 Mar , 2015,
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Sweet week!

We’ve been doing a lot of contacting lately just cause we want more investies and stuff. I just hate talking to people. But like I know I have to. So all week I’ve just been struggling just cause like Elder Brown is wayyy good at talking to peeps and I just like don’t. So then we set a goal on Saturday for me just to hand out 5 cards. Which is not extremely hard, but harder than it sounds. No one here wants to take anything. Anyway, so we are like on foot all day and just trying to talk to people. And we’re walking over by the University and Elder Brown is just like “go talk to that guy” and this is just some like middle aged guy who looked weird and wouldn’t be interested. And I’m just like crap. Anyway we’re getting closer and I have like huge butterflies n stuff but I finally make the step towards him and I’m like “excuse me? We’re missionaries and bla bla bla” that whole thing. and he’s like “ya I’ve heard of you guys” and that was crazy and he’s like “you guys read the book of Nephi right?” lol and luckily I took a BoM with me that day and so I pulled it out and I was like no it’s this and we explained it and I was like “ya know, I wasn’t gonna bring this out today, but now I know why I did. This book is for you.” and he just got a smile and he just took it and was like way happy and then he said he’s gonna read it. And ya know idk if that guy will ever even open the book. But it was still such a blessing to like have that experience given to me form Heavenly Father. I just want to make Him proud!

My fav part of the week was last night when we met with the Famile Stein last night. These people have legit changed my life. I have never felt so much love from a family! Every night here is my fav night on my mission.

But anyway we played UNO and all that stuff and obviously had a way fun time. But after we had a spiritual thought, and we talked about making the decision to be happy. And we just asked them why they were always so happy and all that. Then it was my turn to bear my testimony, and I had one of those feelings I’ve only ever heard about from other people. As I was talking I felt like someone’s arms were just wrapped around me and I got wayy warm and I just got such a feeling of love and peace. It was one of my favorite moments of my mission.

It’s not always easy to be happy out here! I promise! But it is such a blessing to be able to make that choice. It is completely up to us! NO ONE can change that ever. I get to wake up every day and just make the decision that I’m gonna be happy. And that one thing has blessed me in more ways that I thought possible. I mean it. 2 Nephi 2:27

I also listened to a talk by Mitt given at a BYU devotional. Luckily my comp likes him too and has the talk on his iPod. And he talks about having Heroes. That is so cool. Kinda random but I just think it is so important to have someone to look up to and try and be like! I think we all need more Heroes!

I love you all.  Life is good here in Germany. Keep praying.

Elder Morris