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8 Jun , 2015,
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Yo yo yo

This week really really flew by! Pretty great!

Sadly, I just don’t think there’s much to report!

Nothing crazy exciting happened this week. Elder Watts and I are just kinda pushin along!

Clayton is still doing well, but he is just like kinda depressed. He has no job and no friends and every day his family calls him getting mad at him because he isn’t sending enough money back to Nigeria! Crazy- he is literally out here just to support his fam. Way sad stuff. And on Wednesday we were just chilling in his one room apartment with no furniture and he was just sitting there on the verge of tears just telling us how hard life is. I almost cried with him! I just wish there was more I could do to help him! But still, every time we talk to him he thanks God for everything he has, even though it is so little! So inspiring!

Then on Friday we were at this family’s house and this punk inactive 17 yr old starts talking about how he was at the mall and saw a teenage boy shopping with his mom and he was just making fun of him saying how dumb it is a boy that age still wants to spend time with his mom and saying how gay the kid was. Finally I just had so much built up steam listening to it.  I was just like “you’re so dumb! That’s the last thing I am embarrassed about!! You’re so dumb!!!” I was so mad! And this whole time this kid’s mom was just right there listening to him talk about how dumb loving moms is! UGH! I wanted to slap him!

Then on Sunday we went to an Albanian ladies house and she always insists on feeding us tonnssssss of food. Well, she gave us like these lamb hot dog type things and for a side dish, she gave us a whole stick of butter! Crazy! Like idk what she expected us to do with it! I couldn’t handle it. So I waited till she went to get us some drink and I tossed that thing right out the window. But, then I heard a splat that was too loud. Well I look down, and there was a car parked right outside the two story window and the butter landed flat on the windshield. I was so scared. But nothing happened! We just hurried and got out of there. Lol

I’m doing pretty good! I talked to Ad for like and hour last night. Having him in the mish is the best. Love it so much. It’s crazy just to think how long we have been out. I’ve been out for 9 months now! So wild. 9 whole months.

Well I’m all good. I love you all. I’m praying for Will and for dad. And I guess the rest of you too lol.

Have a great week!