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15 Dec , 2014,
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I had a good week this week.  But yeah on Tuesday I played the violin for an hour cause I found out I’m playing it on Christmas Eve for the whole ward party in a duet with a girl in the ward. We’re playing Greensleeves. I actually kinda got the hang of it again. The note reading came back quickly, then I got used to moving and laying and all that stuff. So it was good.

Then yeah I found out I’m sleeping at Adam’s apartment in Oberhausen tonight. We talked last night and man it is just gonna be so much fun. Idk how much sleep we’ll get.

Anyway, our baptism fell through. But hopefully it’ll happen next week. His friends from Greece came and took him to Berlin and he can’t tell them he has to come back for his baptism or else they’ll hurt him. So were just waiting till they leave.  Then the other guy we had a date with texted us on Tuesday saying to leave him for eternity and he was turning himself into the cops. So idk what happened there. He’s just a little mental. Then the saddest part of the week was when our pro soccer player is like running from the government cause his Visa papers got lost or something, so they’re looking for him and he can’t go back to his house cause he’s afraid they’re gonna be there. So he’s just like hiding out and last night he didn’t have anywhere to go so he asked if he could sleep at our place. We were way close to saying yeah but then we thought about getting caught and getting into trouble with the law and that stuff. So we were calling all around and knocking on doors just looking for a place for him. Finally he called one of his friends and is staying at his house. But I just wanted to cry he was so scared. We were out till like11:30 looking for him. We had to take like 3 trains and 2 buses just to meet up with him way late at night. And we were with him and he was just like “this is love” and gave us some hugs. Such an awesome guy. Pray for Lyke.

Probably best story of the week is when we got caught in a monsoon. Seriously we missed our bus and holy cow we had to walk forever just to check out this apartment we might wanna get, and it was pouring. So bad. Like we looked like we had just gotten out of a pool and had to hang dry our clothes when we got home. So then we finally get back to Bonn after that like took up our whole day, and its late n stuff. And were just starving and cold and miserable. And we’re near this apartment of this referral guy that we have literally tried to go by on 14 times. And he’s neveeeer been there. But we were just walking to this restaurant and it just popped into my mind that we should go by on it. But I was just like “no, no way, this sucks. I’m not going” but it just kept on coming back and I was like “fine” so I told Henderson that we should go and on my way I said a prayer and was like “look, Heavenly Father. You and I both know this situation is terrible. but if you want me to go by on him so badly, please just make it worth it.” So I went and rang his doorbell and he let us up and said that he lost our info from and we showed him ‘He is the Gift‘ and went and ate with him, taught him the first lesson over some Italian dinner and gave him a B of M and now he’s our new investigator.  He’s from Louisiana.  He’s studying at Bonn U. but his bff is on a mission in SLC.  So like that was a nice little tender mercy just to help me feel better.

So yeah, I’m all good.  Just pumped to see Ad in a few hours.  Many pics will be coming next week.  Thanks for everything.

Love, Elder Morris