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MTC Week #3

1 Oct , 2014,
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Another week in the books! So crazy it’s been 3 weeks. And really? Lip syncing dad? My voice was made for bass. Our choir sounds so good, and our main song is gonna melt the faces of everyone at Priesthood, it’s so sick. This week went by pretty fast actually. We fasted on Sunday and it was the first time I fasted for a whole 24 hours. Pretty awesome and definitely received answers to my prayers. DeMass is the man. Sometimes he gets super homesick and misses his “wife” but it’s all good. We’re like the only ones in the zone that don’t have a problem with each other. I love the mail! The dear elders are awesome and I love the packages. (So do my roommates).  Keep them coming! Every time I get down I just think of how awesome Germany is gonna be and I can’t wait to see Adam. My German is coming along. We’re now teaching lessons without any notes. It’s pretty cool. I still obviously miss home a ton and basically everything about it. But what can I do? Priesthood session is gonna be soooooo sicky. Seriously. And GC this weekend is gonna be awesome. I can’t wait to actually listen. Praying is also awesome. I made a goal to pray once an hour and I love it. So many blessings are being poured on me and I can’t be grateful enough.

Love, Henry