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Music to My Ears

27 Jan , 2015,
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What up. This week was good.  I’m good out here. No worries.  Anyway yeah, good week. We had some good lessons with our investigators. There is one like 86 year old lady and her son was baptized like 5 years ago or something.  Anyway we eat at her house and teach her once a week and it’s been going good with her. She is kinda talking about baptism. Elders have been teaching her for like 5 years but I think we’re getting close with her.

Then we talked with Willy the priest and he said he believes in the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. Man, hearing those words was just music to my ears. So hopefully we’ll progress towards baptism soon. He’s awesome.

I had a split in Aachen, with the district leader who was in the office being tech elder for the last 6 transfers.  Anyway, he’s super intense. And we were talking about the BoM one morning and he kept on bringing stuff up that I had no idea what it was or whatever. But it’s all good. I’m learning.

Talked to Ad last night. He’s doing good.

I’m doing good. Hope this transfer goes by fast.

Love you all. Thanks for writing and prayers.

Love, Elder Morris